Feed The Poor



Scene Title Feed The Poor
Synopsis Sometimes you do the wrong thing for the right reason.
Date August 09, 2019

Bay Ridge

People in the Safe Zone are in need. He knows this. He teaches them in school. He lives next door to them. He sees them in the marketplace. It's enough to break a heart, seeing a child go hungry. More than enough to spur him into action. And yet, he's in the minority. Even with that heartbreak outside their windows, there are plenty in the Safe Zone who don't seem compelled to help at all.

Which is the line of thinking that has brought Jonathan into the home of a stranger, lurking in the dark, filling a pack with all the valuables he can find. There's an alarm ringing, but he knows there's time. The NYPD is still new, still as thinly spread as the MP were, still as hampered by the spotty signal. So his movements are hurried only in an effort to make the most of what time he does have. This home has more than they need to thrive, and he'll be redistributing some of that wealth to those who need it more. Gloves protect his fingerprints, a mask protects his face, and a growing sense of righteousness protects his moral center.

It's only later, after he's left his donations with Ezra at the Hands of Mary, that it occurs to him that he should be bothered by what he did. That he should be worried about being found out. But he isn't. He feels only a surge of pride in a job well done and a warmth when they're able to give that donation back to the community. Sometimes someone will shake his hand and thank him and in those moments, he can't feel anything but good.

Doubts don't set in until he's alone in his bed, staring into the dark.

He should feel bad about it… shouldn't he?

But all there is in his heart is a thrum of wicked satisfaction.

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