Feeling Sick


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Scene Title Feeling Sick
Synopsis Temporary lodgers and visitors to the Sweat Lodge meet up and requests for medication on most fronts.
Date August 27, 2010

Sweat Lodge

Evening has fallen on the sweat lodge, out in Staten Island. Bennet and Beauchamp arrived in the drive from Buffalo after the various skips and jumps from Estonia back to their native land. Bennet's going to keep his arm thanks to communal effort and antibiotics. Even before she'd hit town, there'd been a call to Liz to go raid her apartment, or send Cardinal in - he wouldn't be seen - and gather some things for her. She's discovered an unfortunate side effect to having stopped negation drugs cold turkey and not by choice.

Which would be why when she's squirreled away in the sweat lodge, opting to lay low for a few days at McRae's hidey hole because of Jericho's ability and her newfound knowledge that a pyro can control her. A dark room, a cold cloth, Abigail's miserable. Miserable, worried and wanting very much to be in familiar clothes, and familiar people. hear Pila chirping and Rhett chasing scarlett. Peter grumping about the coffee not being hot enough. Part of her knows she would be justified in begging Melissa to come over, but it's a ferry safehouse and McRae, she won't try to offend his hospitality. She's already traded working in the garden for her stay here.

Elisabeth didn't know where the Sweat Lodge was until the call came in, but she found out in a right damn hurry. Picking up clothes and sundries for Abigail was simple enough, and the blonde is carrying a full duffel bag when they let her in the door at the safehouse. She is beyond tired in spite of actually sleeping each night, but it's the worry in her gaze that is perhaps more prevalent than even the blue shadows under her eyes at this moment. The faces in the Sweat Lodge aren't grim, though, when she asks to see Abby, so that gives her hope. When she knocks on the door to the room that the ex-healer is laying in, Liz calls quietly, "Abby? It's me. Can I come in?"

In the safehouse, there's a new face around. A young, frail thing that seems to catch sight of Liz heading to Abby's room. She hasn't bothered Abby since she came in, but this time, the so called 'Katya' approaches Elizabeth as she knocks. "Ah, I hope it is not rude," she says gently, though her words are laced with a thick Russian accent, "but if there is a way I can help…"

"You can come in, if you brought my stuff and bring news that Parkman is not parked at my front door with handcuffs" Abigail speaks up, loud enough to be heard by Liz and Tania both, though the blonde on the bed doesn't strain to hear the Russian woman, oblivious to the fact that Katya was present when the other part of team Russian 2.0 went to liberate some paintings. So it is, they have express permission to enter.

"Please, please tell me, you brought it all" A whine to Abby's voice that speaks volumes to her discomfort.

The worried, tired blonde offers a small smile. "Honestly, I don't know. I just got here myself. I dont' even know what happened," Elisabeth admits. "I'm Liz," she offers by way of introduction. And then she winces at the sound of Abby's voice and moves to open the door a crack. "I brought all your stuff except critters ,and Parkman, so far as I know, is down in DC somewhere. What the hell you been up to, lady?" Her tone is quiet and gentle, hoping that whatever is wrong with Abby, the girl's going to be okay.

There's a brief pause before Tania replies, "Katya," to Liz's introduction. She's still practicing the new name, after all. But Abby's voice draws her attention, too, and she frowns gently. She doesn't know the girl inside, but she seems worried all the same. "Are you sick? I know a… very good soup for sickness. My mother used to make this everytime."

Katya. "Could say I'm sick, I'm… without some medicines that I take, and just stopping them wasn't the greatest thing but it's not really like I had a choice" Katya could commiserate. Only Katya's drugs she needs on a permanent basis and without them, it's more than just headaches and sweating and what Bennet told her was a .. brain zap?

"Soup… soup sounds.. good actually" The cloth moved out from over her eyes so she can squint at the Russian woman and at Liz. "Abigail, Abby, normally, I promise, I'm a lot better than this. I just got back from a trip" A glance to Liz. "Was back in Russia" Which should say a great deal. "Less Russians trying to kill us this time" Abby drags herself up into sitting, a glance to the duffel bag. "Y'all both can come in if you like, don't gotta hover none at the door like you're afraid to come in. I won't burst into flames" Literally.

"Nice to meet you," she says to Katya briefly, but Elisabeth tenses slightly at the 'back in Russia' part. Oh shit. Seriously?? Once the invitation is extended for them to come farther in, Liz does so immediately, heading over to set Abby's duffel on the end of the bed and sit down gingerly. "You okay?" Because that is her primary concern. It's dark enough that she's not sure exactly what's wrong. "You having a migraine or something else?"

There's a lot in what Abby says that Tania can commiserate with and it's with a bit of a curious gaze that the girl slips in with Liz. "I will make sure you get some soon. Soup is good… ah, comfort, yes?" She moves over to Abby's side though, her thin, delicate hands patting her arm comfortingly. "It is hard, not to have what you need. I am out of my medicine, too. Must be very easy, very calm without it. Seems you, too?" Katya smiles down at Abby, perhaps trying to make sure that Russian accent doesn't worry her too much. "You will have to visit Russia sometime, with less excitement. I fear you have… bad impression," she says, her voice just trying to be soothing. Poor thing.

"Can I just have my bloody medicine" Abby snaps at Liz, shuddering as Tanya does what Abby doesn't like and that's touching her. More so right now than any other time. "It's withdrawal Liz. Anti-depressants and negation medication. That's all. I've been without it for five days okay, tucked away in Estonia while we made sure Mister Bennet kept his arm. It's not like you can just get Negation medication in the corner store, or Anti-depressants so can I please have my zoloft? Or do I need to give you a request in writi-"

Abby snaps her mouth shut, a flush coming over her even visible in the dim light of the room, and the heat that ripples off her as she clamps her eyes shut. Warm, high fever warm where Tanya's hand rests on Abby's arm. "Sorry. Lord, I'm so sorry, I'm just done snapping at the both of you and you've done nothing. McCrae is gonna have my hide. What medicine do you need Tanya?" Latching onto something she can do, does best. Getting people what they need. "I'm, one of the folks in charge of the medical side of this operation." Breathe in through the nose, then out, work at getting calm even with the brass band in her head that feels like it touches a nerve at times. Noooo comment about Russia.

Elisabeth winces visibly — primarily because the Russian picked up on it before Liz herself, and she's lived it. "Shit, I'm sorry." She digs into the bag and immediately pulls out the small case that she packed all Abby's meds into, holding it out to the blonde. She takes zero offense at what's happened.

Tania takes no offense, either. Heck, she's played out this exact scene any number of times. "There is no need for sorries," she says softly. Moving to sit down, the little Russian frowns at Abby's temperature, although she seems less worried about the implication of negation medication. "Oh… I have to take hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone, for chronic adrenal insufficiency." And she must, too, because the youth rattles it all off easily. "I carried a card to say so, but it is in Russian. Not so useful here," she says with a spread of her hands.

Give Abby a minute, she'll chug those medications through her mind and figure out what they're used for. An apologetically grateful look for the little beauty case with it's myriad of bottles in it, going through each one and dumping out a pill. Blue and white, red and white, blue, it goes on till there's six pills that she's tilting her head back so she can just dry swallow them. Negation will come soon enough, get rid of one worry and the rest will dissipate over a day or so, maybe a little more.

"Thank you, lord thank you Liz" Blue case zipped up and put to the side so she can bury her head in her arms leaning over with a sigh. "We can make you a new card, get you the drugs. Get you… what do you have?" Muffled into the medic's palms. She'll have to ask Megan, she's doubtful that those drugs are in Ferry stock. Maybe ask Robert.

"Anytime, Abby," Elisabeth says softly. She drops a soft kiss onto the crown of the other girl's head, and though she'd like to hug Abby tightly, she refrains. Sometimes the withdrawal just makes your skin feel like it wants to crawl off. She glances at the other two and comments softly, "If you tell the person who runs the safehouse, they'll get you what you need." Assuming it's not an illegal substance. "There are enough medical personnel to make it happen." Usually.

"Yes, Mister McRae said he would send the word out. It is not illegal," Katya says with a chuckle. "It is for Addison's. I have Addison's Disease," she notes for Abby's benefit, although the note seems to make her tuck her hands under her legs for the moment. She is, perhaps, a little self-conscious about the darkened skin here and there that her condition gives her. "I had to leave my medicine… ah… behind when I came to America." Which is dangerous, if something happens to trigger an adrenal crisis in the girl in the meantime. But she seems to be handling the prospect gracefully.

"Addison's" There's a careful nod, a glance in the dim lighted room doesn't quite give away the state of the skin on her hands. "Probably being filled, find someone who can access the drugs and get a prescription filled for you. I'll check with Megan, she's the other head of the medical division, when I'm feeling a bit better. If you need it sooner, don't hesitate to tell people." Aww, Lizzy kisses. She's used to those. "When did you get here? Where are you from?" Quiet questions, no expectation of an answer really.

Elisabeth sits quietly right in that spot, where she can put her head atop Abby's lightly if the girl seems to need the contact or she can just be a warm, comfortable presence close enough to touch if she needs that. She's going to simply listen for now.

"I need it… as soon as someone can arrange. It has never gone very well, without it." Tania lifts her eyebrows at the questions about her, though, and she mentally runs over Katya's story for a moment before she lets out a sigh. "Earlier in this week, I arrive. I was to go to a school in… Vermont. For girls. Exchange. But things did not go as planned. I am here now, instead. Ah, from… Moscow." That's a nice, easy to remember city.

"Moscow. Never been there. Just Ryazan and St. Petersburg. Maybe some day I'll actually go there for delightful things" But here's a native Russian. «It is beautiful country» Abby's russian slowly and carefully pronounced so she can work around her own southern accent and make it understandable.

"Oh, St. Petersburg is… very nice, too." Tania smiles a bit when Abby gives her Russian a go, and she nods. "«It is. Very… rich in history.» I had a friend who would say… it is why Russia cannot make bad vodka. But America-" the girl shakes her head there, "The number of castles, you see?" Apparently, this is meant to be taken as a joke, by the girl's little smile.

"There's a few. Oheka isn't far from here and it's a sprawling one." Castles that is. Liz touches Abigail's arm before heading out at the mention of her name outside the room. The temperature rolling off abby is starting it's decline too as she straightens, fishing for the cool cloth so she can lay back and drape it over he eye's. "But not so many as out there, no. And probably a sight more beautiful in their dis-repair"

"That is Russia for you. Beautiful as it falls apart. It has seen… much disrepair over the years," Katya says with genuine sorrow there. Someone who cares about her country. Or, at the very least, the people within that country. "I will have to find a way to go see your Oheka. I am very much interested. My favorite… it is Spain. You can see you ruled in the layers of architecture there. It is interesting to see. I do not know much about American, but I am here now and it is everywhere, no?"

"I'll take you. Maybe in a few days when I'm not.." There's a twitch, hitched exhale. "Not feeling like the back end of an ass. I've never been either. Maybe we can bring some of the kids with us" Spain though. Palm pressed over the cloth drawing knee's up, careful not to bump Tania. "It's hard to adjust to staying in a safehouse. Can get a little claustraphobic at times and stir crazy. But McRae has a garden, it's really beautiful" But then again, the woman has likely been there already. «My Russian is bad. Sorry»

"That would be very nice. The kids, they would like to get out, I think, very much." Tania smiles as she goes on, a light, almost tired chuckle coming from her. "It is not so bad, I am used to… overprotective mother. I did not ever go very far, except for music lessons. Very closed in. Not so bad here." She, in fact, feels like she has plenty of room to breathe. Those last words get a more gentle smile, understanding. "Is okay. I speak English not so bad. I have learned from books and American news. And the BBC, I would be able to watch sometimes."

'Music lessons. What instrument? We can can have something brought for you, make your stay more comfortable. Do you know how long you'll be staying here?" Quiet voices, doesn't irritate her head, even as abigail shifts in the bed to curl up and face Tania. "Folks here will surely help you refine your english. Accents are a dead giveaway, if you're trying to hide"

"I play the piano the best. But have been taking lessons on the violin. I was doing so when I left." Literally! Tania looks a little embarrassed at the mention of her accent, a gentle blush on otherwise pale cheeks. "Ah, I will work on it. It is hard, remembering everything."

"If you have a hankering to play, I think I still have my portable keyboard at home that I could send your way," Elisabeth offers as she slips back into Abby's room. She moves to resume her seat on the bottom of the bed.

"It's hard, you should hear me speak italian" Liz is back, one hand creeping out to touch and rest her hand on the other womans knee. "Spektor passed" Odds of Tania knowing who it is, is very low. She's from Moscow after all. "I don't know what happened to Katarina. I thought you might want to know given that you stayed with him too" Quiet, oh so quiet. no threatening of tears. "I'm going to try to attend the service that Pastor Sumter is having, pray for him" For Ivan that is.

"I would enjoy that very much, thank you," Katya says to Liz with a genuinely grateful smile. Music, it seems, is somewhat important to the girl. However, it is not Katya who reacts to the news about Ivan and the lack of news about Katarina, it's Tania. The girl takes in a light, but shocked gasp that unfortunately cuts through the quiet of the room with ease. A hand comes up to cover her mouth, but surely that's just the nausea from the untreated Addison's kicking in, right?

When Abby's hand creeps over to settle on Liz's knee, the blonde reaches down and twines her fingers into the other girl's. True regret colors her expression. "Damn," she says quietly. "I'm sorry." She genuinely liked the Spektors. "I'll say a prayer of my own .. for both of them. Maybe she got away." She can only hope so. Worry is still evident as she asks quietly, "Did you guys go back to take out the local cell or something else?" She had no idea they were taking off to go do whatever they were doing.

"No, just went back at a request. For something else. Ferry matters" Liz isn't per se, Ferry, but is. A glance from beneath the washcloth, Abigail looks to Tania. "Are you okay? Does Liz need to get anyone?"

"I…" Tania closes her eyes for a moment, shaking her head a bit, "I am just feeling very sick. I apologize." She can't manage a smile there, the girl just isn't that great an actress. "Is very hard without the medicine. I think… I need to lay down." Only, standing up from her chair seems to be… something of a challenge just now. She does try, though.

Elisabeth looks up sharply at the gasp, her eyes narrowing a bit. She lets loose of Abby's hand to jump to her feet and help Katya gently. "Easy," she says quietly. "Move slowly. Let me grab someone and see if they can do something to expedite the meds for you."

"Help her liz, i'll be fine" The heats gone, that blanket of coolness that the negation drugs carry with it suffusing throughout her. No fear of blowing up and bringing down the Sweat Lodge to embers. "Tell them to call Megan. She's got connections. She can probably get something by tomorrow morning I'm sure" The blonde medic murmurs, watching with concern.

Tania leans on Liz, but she hides her face a bit. Because there's a few tears sneaking out. "I am sorry. I just need rest… Abigail needs company." More than she does, is the implication. "I will make sure there's soup," she says, back in Abby's direction. But probably it will be Felicity making it.

Wrapping her arm around Katya, Elisabeth's brows pull together. She might be tired and somewhat out of sorts, but she recognizes the signs of grief when they slap her in the face. And Richard's rubbed off enough on her that she doesn't really believe in coincidence anymore. But she won't bring it up for now. It's Ferry business and perhaps not Elisabeth's. "C'mon," she says gently. "Let's get you settled in, okay?" Glancing at Abby, Liz forces a small smile. "I'll let them know, and I'll be back to check on you tomorrow, okay?"

"Shoo" Go take care of Tania, of the puzzling situation. "Close the door behind you" It's dark, and she wants to rest and hope things will be better tomorrow.

Hopefully… A lot more things might be better tomorrow. Or maybe for Tania, they won't.

Tania nods her head to Liz, because frankly, she's a little too weak to fight her off. "I am sorry. Such a fuss. It…" Well, it isn't nothing, which is obvious, so the girl sighs and just takes her careful steps out of the room. "My room is just there," she says, pointing the way.

Elisabeth walks the seemingly frail girl to her own room, shutting Abby's door behind her. As she helps Katya lay down, she says simply, softly, "I don't know who they were to you. But I'm sorry you had to find out like that." She forces a small smile. "If you need to talk to someone, Abby keeps a secret like no one's business." Because Katya has no reason to really trust Elisabeth much.

When she's laying down, Tania seems reluctant to reply there, and when she does, the lie is fairly obvious. She's not very good at this. But then, she is very young. "I am just feeling very sick," she says softly, which is partly true, it just isn't everything. "But thank you."

Placing a sheet over the other girl, Elisabeth says simply, "I'll make sure someone gets your meds by the morning." And she slips out, closing the door behind her.

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