Feels A Little Like Cheating


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Scene Title Feels A Little Like Cheating
Synopsis Kaylee approaches Quinn and Delilah about the dream of the future.
Date January 28, 2011

Recording Studio

She has never been here before, like ever. So Kaylee Thatcher seems to be looking at everything, when she steps inside. "You know… you always see them on television, but never been in a recording studio in person." The telepath actually reaches out to touch the walls. "This is pretty cool."

Blonde hair drapes over her back, over the knit of her dark blue scarf. Kaylee's worn leather jacket, is already open in the heated room showing the dark red turtle neck under it. Moving to drop into one of the chairs she relaxes there, crossing jean clad legs and working to pull off her gloves.

She's there are the request of Quinn, seeing it as a better place to meet then just someone's home. Something about people listening? Who was Kaylee to argue.

The door to one of the soundproof studio rooms is open, Quinn sitting inside with a bass guitar held across her lap as she idly plucks at thick strings. "Yeah, I love it up here. It was teh first place Cat showed me the first time I came here. Part a' why I moved in." She snickers, rising up from ehr seat, guitar still in hand. "Sorry t' make you come all the way up here, but it's really not much more than goin' t' my place. I've just been kinda worried about what goes on there ever since Magnes ran his mouth. Here, there's plenty a' ways t' make noise and disrupt things. Plus, sound proof rooms!"

Smirking, Quinn steps out and flashes a grin at Kaylee. "So, thanks for indulging me. What's up?" Quinn's skirt swishes at her ankles as she adds a bit of a flourish to her step, mostly just because sje's in a good mood. The T-shirt she wears is a boring and bland plain white shrt, her black hair a bit longer since the last time she saw Kaylee.

Delilah has Walter cradled in her arms when Kaylee comes into the studio; all she knew was that Kaylee got ahold of her and Quinn set something up- not much to go on, but knowing Kaylee it is probably worth the effort. She's there with Quinn when the initial greetings go down, flitting right up to Kay to show off her prize(again), smiling at Quinn's words as the older girl speaks.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? Too much hiding I think." And she plops down in the chair beside the blonde woman, her own hair pulled back and her dress simple and tan brown. "I think Quinn thinks people believe the shit that comes out of Magnes' mouth. Don't be cruel to her." Dee doesn't sound as worried.

There is a chuckle from Kaylee. "It's alright. I could use the exercise," she says as she pats a hip, but the grin that follows shows that she's clearly joking.

Spotting Walter — cause seriously how can you miss him ? — Kaylee is on her feet again, drawn to chubby cheeks and red hair. "Look how big he's getting." Reaching out, the telepath tickles at the little guy's tummy.

Then it's business, so even as she coos over the baby she says, "I've had some interesting things brought to my attention. Yes I have, Walter." That last said in that voice all adults get with babies. Even tho she's not talking to him, her tone is and that sing song voice. "Abby told me she had a dream."

That should be a clue to both. "A dream about me and Joseph…"

Kaylee glances up finally from the tiny figure to level a look at both woman, "A dream about Joseph's funeral sometime in the future. I was ready to write it off, but strangely enough this morning… Griffin. I don't know if either of you remember him? He said the same thing to me."

With another glance to the baby, the telepath straightens and adds, "I never had it."

Quinn leans against the doorframe, watching Kaylee as she approaches Walter. She laughs when she tickles him, shaking her head. "Walter's already growing up too fast. He needs t' stay small and adorable forever. I doubt Delilah agrees, though!"

The laughing tapers off quickly when the dream is mentioned, and Kaylee begins to give mentions of a dream, one Abby and Griffin had about Kaylee and Joseph, wrinkling her nose. "I had- a dream with you in it," she replies with curiosity, quirking an eyebrow. "But I- it was weird. Not idea if it's the same one they had but that would be… really weird, right?" Not impossible, Quinn's learned that lesson well enough. But certainly unlikely, right? There's another moment of pause, before QUinn looks over to Delilah. "Actually… Abby was in it too. So were you, Delilah. Colette, few other people I didn't recognise…"

Walter is still in arms-flaily gurgling mode, but enough awareness to smile and watch Kaylee and her hand. Hello~. Delilah is more than willing to let Kaylee poke and prod and delight. His hair is bright against his head, blue eyes clear as his cheeks dimple up. If she gets mental feedback from Walter, it is more like a series of raw reactions than thoughts- more fit for an empath to look at. He doesn't have words, so it just ends up as a jumble of noise.

Delilah listens, her curiosity and recall silently aware of what the telepath goes on to say. She tenses just a little bit, looking guilty about something or other. Several things. "…I had it too."

"I remember everyone in it, somehow, it's weird. Lots of us, our circle- and-" The young mother subconsciously draws Walter closer to her. "Kids. I didn't recognize… most of them. I didn't think anything of it before now." Which means it meant something more, didn't it? Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

There is no resisting a baby, so Kaylee lingers near Delilah and lets Walter play with a finger as she talks to his mother and Quinn. "The dream was from their perspective. Very clear like a memory, not a dream" A small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, no humor behind it. "I got a look at theirs."

Swallowing, Kaylee glances at the baby. "I am pretty sure that the girl in the dream is Joseph's. I — I know he has a daughter from his previous marriage." Her head shakes slowly. "And… you both had the same dream?" The smile falls away completely. Four people… the same dream. That means something.

"I was really hoping it was isolated." Kaylee pales a little, but she tries to look on the bright side, "If it's that many years, we have time right? To… to figure it out?"

"Yeah…" Quinn looks distant for a moment, before closing her eyes. "I remember the whole thing clear as day. Elaine convinced me it was nothin' when I told her about it, but if a buncha people are havin' the same dream…" This idea doesn't look terribly thrilling to her, the bass hanging by it's strap as she crosses her arms.

"The things I remember clearest are the outburst the girl had an' Colette… bein' all sad. An' bein' sad m'self, but… the whole thing still feels really fresh." ROlling her shoulders, Quinn pushes off the doorframe, moving to join the other two. "When did you have it, Delilah? I mean… did we all have it at the same time?" A pause, and Quinn looks over at Kaylee. "An' wait, you didn't? That's- so weird…"

"It seemed real. A memory, yeah. It looked like it was forever from now. I mean, Raith looked like he was sixty. If it was that far away, we have time, but- I want to know why we saw it now." Delilah gets this out before she adjusts the baby so that he sits in her lap, back against her stomach. "If you want, you can look at mine. It was about you, so- maybe if you can see it from the different angles? And there was a boy in mine…" Something about her quivers then, her own mind racing around and enveloping the more curious things. Swords and Grays and Dreams and Men who know her name… the usual. Not that she's really explained much of it to anyone.

"Last Saturday. Sunday morning? I dunno. I just remember waking up because- Walter was crying." That itself isn't rare, no, but as people that were in it also remember it, she's suddenly starting to wonder if babies can dream as complex as adults.

The slow shake of Kaylee's head affirms that she did not have the dream. "Not at all."A part of her is thankful for that, but at the same time… she's seen it in two people's heads. "I haven't check with everyone in the dream, but…" She trails off, something in her expression says that she might be reluctant.

The offer from Delilah, gets a soft smile from the younger woman, hand shifting to set on her shoulder. "I wouldn't want to impose… but… I feel sort of like I need to know all side of the same scene." It is after all her and Joseph's future together… or the end of it.

"Feels like cheating, knowing what is going to happen, but now that I am in the thick of it…" … no reason to quit. Not that Kaylee purposely put herself there, but as long as she's swimming in the deep end.

"You're welcome t' take a look, I don't mind, but…" Quinn exhales sharply, shaking her head. "Are you so sure this is somethin' like that? Not.. some sorta bizarre metaphor or somethin'?" Again, Quinn doesn't sound terribly pleased. "I got my fill of time related bullshit in June and October. If this is… somethin' like that…" she grimaces again, tapping her foot. "Well, if it's somethin' like that, why are we even worried about it? It looked… Jesus, forever and a half in the future, from how old folks looked. I hate knowing how things go down, the flashes were… frustrating."

"That's why I offered." Delilah laughs a little, breath coming out in a sigh and trying to put her mind to the dream. "There was a boy there, you'll see him, I looked right at him…" She grinds her jaw, tucking her chin and holding her son there on her lap. Kaylee will see it, when she decides to look in there. Delilah offers up the dream- the memories of it- on a silver platter. She'll see the events- the people, the familar ones, the unfamiliar ones-

Including the redheaded teenage boy that looks askance to Delilah when she goes over to the girl that was shouting. It doesn't take a genius.

"If anyone is sick of time related BS it's me," Kaylee states firmly, tone flat as she reminds at least Quinn of where she was not too long ago. "But… I…" The words stutter to the stop, lips pressed tight as she considers her words. "If this is a look into our future, there must be a reason for it.

"And I hate it just as much as you do. I hate knowing that.. I won't really get to grow old with Joseph. There is an expiration date on my life with him." Kaylee looks sad for a long moment before the thoughts in Delilah's head distract her.

After a moment, fingers tips of one hand move to touch the redhead's temple. Eyes unfocus as she turns her attention inward to the memory of Delilah's version. Her whole body goes still as if bracing herself for what she's going to watch.

Silence reigns for a long moment before finger tip lift from Dee's temple and squeeze her shoulder affectionatly. "He's gonna be a good looking boy." Kaylee murmurs, with a soft smile to the baby.

Quinn's eyes close for a moment, and her shoulders slump a bit. "Sorry, Kaylee. I- didn't meant t' be insensative," is offered apologetically. She remains silent for a moment, not wanting to put her foot in her mouth again, but something Kaylee says has her speaking up again.

"See… that's the feckin' problem. The Flashes taught me that the whole expiration date thing is BS. I mean… I dunno. If this was some sorta vision, it's a long way off, but that doesn't have t' mean that there's anythin' like an expration date, you know? I mean… I heard a lot of people's flashes were totalyl different from what happened. Mine didn't play out the same. Shit changes, I guess."

Falling silent so that Kaylee can get Delilah's version of things, when Kaylee speaks up again, Quinn looks a bit thoughtful. "Wait… the redheaded boy?" It doesn't take a genius, but Quinn didn't really think about it that hard when the actual dream occured. "Huh… But, I mean…" She rubs her chin, and there's a question inmind, but she holds on to it for now.

It doesn't feel as weird as Dee thought that it might. But then she has to rerun the sequence with Kaylee's help, and that is a little weird. When the older girl pulls away again, Delilah lets out a breath that she wasn't aware that she was holding in. Ah. She glances up to Quinn, and back to Kaylee, a faint smile on her lips. "Yeah, if it was real. He will."

"He was right there, and with us, and if Raith was sixty or so, that would make the boy the right age." Dee isn't sure if she wants to look away from them or right at them now, hovering between doing either one. Her palm rubs soft on the baby's belly, as he tries to reach for the rest of Kaylee. "I feel like I'm cheating too, all of a sudden."

"My vision was… different, but the results the same. I was still injured and dying on the 8th, but it was Joseph's name I spoke and not Peter's…" Kaylee offers, it's not unknown that she dated the Messiah leader for a time. "I'm not saying this will happen. Not at all, but trust me… it's going to be in my head for years to come. Back of my mind, reminding me."

Walter draws Kaylee's attention and she smiles softly. "If it was the right age for Walter, it was for Joseph's little girl. She turned a year in December." Fingers move to tickle under the baby's chin, affectionately.

"So we'll call it a possible expiration date." Kaylee amends for Quinn. "You can't tell me though, that it's not weird that four people now had the same dream. The flash gave us a warning… and this might be in a much more distant future… but what if the beginning of all that starts as far back as now?" Brows lift questioningly at Quinn.

"I just… I can't not believe there is a reason for this," Kaylee says softly, brushing a hand gently over Walter's head.

"I didn't say it wasn't weird…" Quinn shakes her head, pulling the bass guitar from around her shoulders. She moves back into the studio room and sets it on a stand, continuing to speak as she does. "And I believe there's a reason, defintiely. I gues I just don't want t' believe that we're bein' shown somethin' like that again. Particularly since… why us? At least with the FLashes, it was most a' the city. But a handfull a' people havin' the same dream? If I didn't know better, I'd point out how crazy that sounds."

Unable to find pockets to slide her hands into, instead she wraps her arms aroumd her midsection, leaning back against the doorframe. "But you're right. A lotta this adds up right. Which makes me a bit more worried about people who weren't there too…" She closes her eyes for a moment. "But I guess there's no way of knowin' anythin' about that." She turns to look at the others, sighing.

"It was too personal. It didn't feel like just a vision, it felt like I was there. That I knew what was going on, and everything." Delilah allows Kaylee her baby time, of course. "Would you like to hold him for a little?" The offer is as open as it always was- she trusts Kaylee. Like most everyone else. "I didn't expect it to be like this, I thought it was just me. So should we tell someone else? Maybe someone in charge of more? Or should we wait until something else comes up?"

While putting up caution, Delilah is still wondering if this was too important to be quiet about. "And if it happens again? What then?"

Oh that makes the telepath brighten, "Can I?" Good thing Joseph isn't hear to see her face as she reaches down to pick the tiny gentleman up, it's a dangerous look. Kaylee gives Walter a bright smile. "Why hello there, young man, " is spoken just as brightly, before Walter gets a kiss on the cheek. "You are going to be a heart stealer… mark my word."

The baby gets lightly bounced, while she looks at the other two ladies. "I'm not sure. I'm thinking about asking Eileen if she had that dream." The smaller, younger woman makes Kaylee nervous… but…

"See what she thinks of it all. I think we need to keep our ears to the ground to see if any other shared dreams come up," Kaylee manages to sound serious while making faces at the little guy, occasionally. "And your right," she glances at Quinn, "It worries me how few were standing there, people you know would be."

There is a pause, expression thoughtful. "Also the fact that we are still on the island."

"I hadn't even considered that…" That they'd still be on the island. Quinn's expression sours a bit. "Well, though… Maybe we'll always have the island. That doesn't have to be some kind of ill omen." It doesn't bode well, though.

"I'd love t' ask Colette, but… lord knows where she is. I could ask Nicole, see if she's heard from her." Quinn shrugs a bit. "I didn't know a bunch of the people there, though. Dunno how much help I can be. LIke I said, I told Elaine, but… she wasn't in the dream at all. Not that I'd really expect her t' be, she only just joined the Ferry." Her foot still tapping, Quinn looks over at Kaylee and Walter, smiling. It's hard not to, really, it's adorable to see. "Oh, well, I did recognise Delia an' her dad, but that's really about it. I haven't seen either a' them in forever, though."

"That might be the smart thing to do. She was in it, and she always seems to have a discerning eye when it comes to things like this." Delilah is not as close as uneasy as Kaylee might be about Eileen. Maybe because she has never been at odds with her, or ever has had to fear her. "The island is owned by us, effectively, I think. So Quinn's right." Walter seems to like Kaylee's play; he doesn't know her, but goodness knows that he likes to meet people.

"Anyway, I do think that if we were to tell anyone, it could be Eileen. Or maybe someone that knows about precognition? The kind like this might be?"

The telepath and baby swing around lazily in a dance, that is strangely graceful… after all Kaylee is a dancer, even if she doesn't to a whole lot of it anymore. The blonde seems to delight in the joy that her play gets from the baby, even if she has an audience.

The slow dance stops, midstep and Kaylee looks back at Delilah. "I — I guess I could talk to Joseph. Before the Institute blew out his ability he was a precognative." Had she even planned too? "It… feels weird telling him about it… He deserves to know, especially where his daughter is concerned." And if she does talk to him, she will spill the beans. She's kinda helpless against him like that.

The slow gentle dance begins again, "It is owned by us, but it also says how bad things are… especially with the jet fights going over head in the end." Kaylee stops and holds the baby close. "Colette last I heard was at the Terminal. Saw Tasha there." And where one is… "Same with Ryans, I saw him in one of the halls. I'm guessing cause of the robots in Midtown. I sent a message to Richard Cardinal to ask Elisabeth if she witnessed it too."

"Colette was at The Garden for a while, an' I heard from Sable they abandoned it. Haven't heard anythin' about her since. Or Tasha, for that matter." Quinn shrugs a bit, and then wrinkles her nose at the mention of Cardinal. She keeps those thoughts to herself, though.

"At this point, I just want t' know what hell's up with all a' this, then? I mean… I know I'm not a precog. Only one I've ever known was Tamara, and she's…" With the institute, but QUinn refrains, unsure of how well that news has spread. Shaking her head again, Quinn rubs her chin a bit. "It's just so… random. An' yet it wasn't, I guess. We're all friends, or involved with the Ferry I guess. I just… don't get it."

Delilah seems to be making some mental notes, going a bit silent while she watches Kaylee sway around with Walter. He may have his fits, but he is a very gregarious little thing otherwise, giggling and smiling and winding his limbs around. "Maybe that's why we saw it, Kaylee. So that we would tell Joseph." It is a tentative idea that comes from Dee now, and she doesn't sound terribly convinced of it herself.

"There had to be a reason, right? It's stupid if there wasn't, what was the point? That's the only thing I can think of."

"I don't know." Her voice in that high sing song voice again, since Walter is enjoying it. It reminds her of another baby, a blonde girl back in Victorian New York. That may be where she learned all this. "But he is our best hope right now, to decided… and it's his life." That last seems to be a sudden realization.

Blue eyes study the little man in the room, a slow smile crawls across her lips. "Are you going to be someone that Joseph is going to have to worry about?" Kaylee teases the boy, even if he doesn't understand a word of it. If the vision is correct, then it won't just be a worry for Joseph. "Hmm? Are you?" Fingers tickle again, before she moves to hand the baby back to his momma, with a gentle and playful dip and swoop into her arms.

"I'm still of two minds as to whether to tell him." Kaylee admits finally, with a sigh. "Let me think over it… make sure this is the right choice?"

"I think he'd appreciate it, for what it's worth. Could be a sign, you know? Divine, Evolved, or otherwise." Quinn smirks a bit - she's not making fun of Joseph's faith, actually reinforcing it herself. She laughs a bit at Walter and Kaylee, moving over cloer to the other two women.

"I guess we just gotta… talk t' people. Keep an ear out for anyone else havin' dreams like this, then? I dunno really what t' do about somethin' like this. I'm still new to this whole crazy shit happening with time thing."

"He's gonna be someone we'll all have to worry about, I bet." Delilah teases, drawing Walter back to her with a kiss to his cheek and a firm hold. "A total ladykiller." She can imagine that, especially if that dream was right- that boy seemed in the middle of a growth spurt, his frame hinting at someone tall, and the bones of his face high in the cheek and square in the jaw. "It depends how he feels about things like fate. If he seems the type to want to know…" Tell the poor bastard.

"I think we should wait a few more days, and if nothing else happens we can try telling Eileen?"

"Yeah." Kaylee relents with a sigh. Yeah okay, she'll do it. Digging a cellphone out of her pocket she check the time. "Speaking of… I should start back. I don't want to end up in Midtown after dark." That's when the governments metallic pets come out to play. "I really don't want to meet one of those robots in person. Joseph might have words about that."

There is a wrinkle of her nose and a sigh. "I appreciate you talking to me… it's been insightful." Kaylee also takes a moment to tap the little boy's nose gently. "And for a chance to see this important young man, again."

"Only do what you're comfortable with, Kaylee," Quinn offers with a smile, making her way back into the studio room, this time to retrieve an electic guitar. "I heard about thsoe robots, though. Sounds like nasty shit. You don't have t' go, but if you're going t' take off, that's a good reason…" She strums lightly, though there's no sound given that it's not plugged in at the moment.

"An' I'm sorry if Iw as rude earlier," she adds, before looking at Walter and laughing. "If you want t' talk more about it, or anythin' else, though, just give me a call, okay?" A pause. "Or if you hear anythin' else about this. I'm dreadfully curious now…"

Delilah brushes back his tuft of ginger hair, smiling up at Kaylee. "Keep us posted if you decide to tell anyone on your own? Just in case." She looks over to Quinn a moment, nodding. "Gotta avoid that, yeah. No matter how interesting running into one would be, probably good to save yourself the trouble." She chuckles dryly.

"If you find any more of us- people that have those dreams- let us know about that too, will you? I can't keep as posted as others when it comes to what's going on with us."

"Of course, I will ladies." Kaylee says with a slightly upward tilt of her chin, more at home on a Victorian woman. The telepath is only missing the outfit. "I would stick around longer, but I am staying in midtown with Joseph." Fairly safe for now there. "Tonight is my turn to cook and I'm totally making him do the dishes."

She makes sure to offer each woman a hug, they are after all her friends. Walter gets a peck on the top of his wispy orange hair. "Both of you take care and keep safe," Kaylee says before ducking out of there with a wiggle of long fingers goodbye.

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