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Scene Title Ferry And Family
Synopsis Kaylee (dragging Joseph with her) spends some time in Boston on Ferrymen business. In her spare time, she seeks to attempt to find answers about her heritage. It gets her mixed results and more questions.
Date July 4, 2010

June 25th, 2010

Wee Hours of the Morning on the Highway

When traveling along the highway at night the world is a different place. The black wraps around you in a thick blanket, hiding the word around you, only cut by the headlights of you and others. You feel almost isolated when your the only car on the road. Alone.

There is also a peace to it.

An old, four door, boat of a town car, travels down that practically empty highway, in the wee hours of the morning. There is no air conditioner on the old rusty thing so the windows are open, filling the car with a loud roar.

Kaylee Thatcher pulls a hand off the wheel so she can wipe the back of her wrist at a bit of sweat gathering on her forehead. Even tho she wore a tank top and shorts, it's hot! It doesn't help that Missy is sprawled half in her lap, back half resting on the center console. The blonde furred head is perched on the door, nose hanging out a little, enjoying the rush of air as it ruffles through her long fur.

A green and white sign suddenly looms out of the darkness, illuminated by the shining light of headlights.

Boston…. 30 miles.

Pulling her eyes off the road, the telepath glances to the man sitting in the passenger seat, the dogs slightly curled tail lays on his lap. The man is hidden mostly in the shadows of the car, only a hint of light from the headlights of other cars, shows the outline of his features. A small smile touches her lips as his head bobs forward and then jerks up as he dozes.

When she had been asked to take this assignment for the Ferrymen, on a whim, she asked the Pastor Joseph Sumter to go with her to “Get out of the city.” Imagine the young woman's surprise when he agreed to go. Now she was traveling in a car with him, on business of course, even though having his company is nice, though it's been mostly silent.

A soft sneeze draws her attention to the rear view mirror and the back seat reflected in it. Their assignment is seated back there. A family of three, all unregistered and evolved. While the two larger figures sleep, a little girl tucked between them meets her gaze through the mirror. In the light, the tiny figure has a halo of blonde curls and large blue eyes. In the darkness, all those lovely colors are washed out. Those cherub lips curl up in a smiles and the girl waves shyly at Kaylee. Prompting the woman to return the wave with a wiggle of fingers over her shoulder.

Kaylee and Joseph were ferrying them to Boston where they would be pulled into the network and found a new identity and life. With the volatile nature of New York it was no place for a small potentially evolved child.

This wasn't the only other reason, Kaylee Anne Thatcher took this assignment, it was an excuse to dig around for some information on her father. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

She could only hope that she'd find something.

June 28th, 2010

Boston City Hall

Kaylee told the pastor she'd be right back. She didn't hide what she was doing from him. Why? It is no secret that the telepath wants to know more about the family that has been absent in her life and since they had a bit of down time, she might as well use it.

The blocky structure of Boston's city hall, which was built in the 60's, looms over the telepath as she hurries up the stairs and through the door. The hum of mental voices assault her as soon as she steps in, something Kaylee doesn't exactly enjoy. It's like wearing a set of earphones and listening to static, make it a little tougher to hear at times, especially in a busy place like this.

Taking a moment she consults the directory, nail sliding over the slick glass pane covering the letters. Her finger hovers above the words, Registry Office, gives it a tap and hurries off at a brisk pace. Luck is not really with her today, as she steps into the office only to find it stuffed with people.

With a heavy sigh she joins the line, there was no going back, as this is one of a few chances she has. If Kaylee had truly been Edward Ray's daughter, then it stands to reason that she was born here in Boston, not New York.

Which means they may have a birth certificate on file.

It takes an hour or two for the line to shuffle forward one person at a time. She does her best not to think about the thoughts around her, focusing on a clipboard and paperwork she was handed to work on. Most bitch about how it takes these people too long to do anything.

Kaylee silently agreed.

When she does finally leave, it's with her birth certificate in hand… or at least a copy of it. The telepath can't help but stare at it. There was the proof…

Father's Name: Edward Ray

The certificate also held a surprise, her gaze involuntarily moving to the line above, to stare at the name there.

Name: Kaylee Anne Ray

When she was first had seen it, the telepath had grimaced, a lingering result of years of her mothers ranting about that bastard Ray. The revelation brought with it new questions.

Had her parents been married at some point? Or thinking about it? It was obvious that when she had been born, there was no bad blood between her folks.

What had changed? And why?

June 30th, 2010

Condemned Apartment Building

When the taxi had passed the condemned building, Kaylee was overwhelmed with a feeling of deja-vu. This was the building from her memories.

Leaving the taxi behind, the telepath slips down the narrow alley til she finds a door covered in old faded yellow tape, pulled down in places and shredded in others. The police tape doesn't stop her from forcing her way in. When she shoves the door open, it gives a squeal of protest on long neglected hinges, opening into fire blackened world within.

It doesn't take her long to reach forth floor of the building, feet stepping carefully through fired charred remains of the apartment building. Kaylee finds herself in front of a equally familiar door, which only takes a gentle push – the door knob ruined from forced entry, maybe from the firefighters – before the smoke blackened door swings open slowly with a long drawn out 'skreeeee'.

Turning to look behind her, after taking that first step in, a portion of her nightmare drifts through her mind. The moment when her mother was screaming at her father to leave and pushing him out of the door, briefcase clutched in his arms and his eyes bright with tears.

It was a memory that stuck with her now. It changed everything she thought she knew about her and her father. It didn't bring about her forgiveness at his absence or the lies, but it softened the edges.

Brows furrow a little in thought and she turns to move deeper into the apartment. It's empty of most of the furniture, probably cleared out by cleaning crews. There is a hole in the center of the living room, which is skirted slowly. The telepath can't help but glance down to the apartment below, hair sliding over her shoulder as she leans over a bit. Despite all the destruction from the fire, Kaylee could recognize the apartment as the one from her dream.

Her path of travel takes her to the window in the dining room, all broken and hazy from the smoke, sounds of the city drifting through. Kaylee Thatcher, ducks her head a little and angles it so that she can look out at the city beyond the jagged shards. Her younger years are full of missing moments and gaps. It makes her wonder — as she looks at the buildings beyond — how much is just the fact she was young… and how much was taken from her by other people?

With a soft sigh, Kaylee turns slowly so her blue gaze can travel over what remained of her former home. A part of her wonders if this mess was a result of who she is.

A soon as the thought crosses her mind, a small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth showing her amusement and she shakes her head. It's a silly thought, not everything is about her after all. It was probably just a fire that ripped through there at some point. Nothing more.

Pausing at the door intent on leaving again, Kaylee twists a little to look back into the apartment, a silent farewell is given before she takes that final step out of the door. As she leaves, the young woman is already making plans to drag Joseph out to find a place that sells really good Boston Cream Pie.

It's Boston! It has to be a staple around these parts.


July 2nd, 2010

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Front Office

“I'm sorry ma'am, I can not give out that information.” The nasally voice of the gray haired woman behind the desk is starting to grate on Kaylee's nerves. She looks like an old grade school teacher with her bifocals and hair pulled into a severe bun on the back of her head.

“He was my father, there has to be some colleagues that are still here that would be willing to talk to his daughter.” The irritation is showing in Kaylee's tone as she leans on the counter, looking down at the gray haired woman sitting behind it.

The older woman's eyes narrow, revealing more of the purple eyeshadow she's wearing. “And I'm telling you, that our records do not show Dr. Edward Ray having any children.” Her chin jerks up again in a smug display. “That birth certificate could be a fake for all we know.”

Kaylee gives a heavy sigh and pushes back from the counter, her head turns to where she can look at the campus full of students outside. “It's not fake.” She grouses softly, but her shoulders slump in defeat.

But then she has a thought, gaze drifting back to the woman who has gone back to her typing. Kaylee's eyes narrow as temptation whispers softly in the back of her head. She could make the woman tell her where to find these people… get the last recorded address her father lived.

Her cellphone suddenly goes off, making her jump. Guilt settles on her shoulders as she dips her hand into the pocket of her jeans and fishes out her cellphone. A glance at the screen tells her it's Joseph, making her guilt weigh even heavier in her stomach. Turning her back on the woman, Kaylee slides her thumb across the screen of the cellphone while lifting it to her ear.

“I'm sorry. Took a detour…” She twists a bit to look at the woman behind the desk again. “but I'm headed back. Does anyone need anything from the store?” While Joseph talks to her about what she might need to get on her way back, Kaylee snags a piece of paper and a pencil and starts to jot some stuff down.

“Okay. I'll see you when I get back.” The telepath offers brightly, even though her expression is intense, the lead scratching over the surface. Call done, she tucks the phone away and pushes the paper across the desk. “If anyone wants to talk to me, please… give them this number.”

July 4th, 2010

The Drive Home

They woke up early this morning, hoping to get home quickly, Kaylee wanted to drag some of the kids to watch fireworks. It's only really a three hour drive, but with the traffic, it could take much longer. Their work in Boston is done, the family was on it's way to Canada. A fresh start for the family of three and hopefully the little girl can grow up being just a little girl.

Kaylee glances over at the pastor sitting in the passenger's seat. A dog curled up sleepily between them, not even minding the close proximity of Joseph, her back pressed along the side of his leg. Missy doesn't really like most people, but maybe she sees something in him like Kaylee does. That or the puppy doesn't view him as a threat… much like Eric Doyle.

When he glances her way, she gives him a rueful smile and turns back to the road ahead of her, her wrist resting on the top of the wheel, the other hand gripping the side and steering the car.

On Kaylee's end of things, the trip was slightly frustrating. She didn't find much of anything, only her real birth certificate and a whole lot more questions. A bit of nervousness flutters at her stomach.

Kaylee Thatcher has roughly four months to find out what she can about her father's side of the family before her world goes black.

That's not a lot of time.

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