Ferry/Endgame Meeting


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Scene Title Ferry/Endgame Meeting
Synopsis Ryans brings a couple of spare sets of hands to pick up the gear that Endgame is throwing into the pot for the assault on the Institute.
Date October 22, 2011

Abandoned Subway

It’s time. The attacks are coming up soon, and some details need to be shared in person. The two groups haven’t had a lot of luck in meeting, but it’s a necessity — and it takes a lot of finagling to manage to find a secure location that can be used, what with soldiers, FRONTLINE, and robots all over the damn place.

The catacombs of New York are lovely, dark, and deep. Abandoned subway stations work very nicely for such meetings, and it is in one such location that finally some of the leadership manages to bring their plans to the table.

When traversing the underworld, there is a great deal to be said for having a pet gravity-cheat to bring along. Especially one who has spent so much of this year actively exploring and training in the forgotten portions of the city-beneath-the-city.

The journey to the meeting-point also serves as an opportunity for Ygraine to demonstrate a few aspects of her powers in extended detail, from the ease with which she can move herself from surface to surface; to the only marginally greater difficulty she has in transferring others; to the oh-so-delightful experience of the effects of having one’s gravity reoriented repeatedly. Every single transfer results in everything within the recipient’s body and worn on their person changing orientation with a sudden lurch. Vulnerability to motion-sickness would not make for a good combination with being subject to Ygraine’s power, even when she is taking care to have her colleagues brace and position themselves appropriately before each shift. It does, at least, provide some insight into the effects she might have on opponents in combat….

Still, however confident Ygraine is in the use of her talents and the navigation of the tunnels, she’s clearly somewhat apprehensive with regard to the meeting - her first chance, after so many years of trying to help the Evolved underground, to actually participate in this kind of planning. She is, at least, managing to avoid asking Elisabeth if she’s sure she wants her along for it….

Lashirah is not prone to motion sickness, thank gods. The Ex-company forensics scientist turned Ferry brains in the field is following along to the meeting. No evolved special tricks for her, just her wits, a good set of boots, pants, and jacket. And a will to try to make things right. Whatever that might mean.

Standing on the platform, Elisabeth is wrapped in a heavy jacket with both her hands shoved deep in the pockets. Her blonde hair is caught back in a braid that hangs clear down her back, and she has a fleece winter headband holding her hair back and keeping her ears warm. Her expression is a little strained. Her ability is in use to keep tabs on the number of heartbeats in their vicinity, footsteps and directionality, and – although she’s doing her level best to keep it contained – it is also feeding the buzz along her skin that is the outward sign of emotional stress. Her tone, however, is calm as she speaks quietly to the assembling people.

“Glad you guys made it all right.” The ingress to this place is not simple, but at least it’s not (so far) patrolled by robots. Looking to Ryans, she greets him briefly with a smile. The man got her out when she needed an evacuation, and she likes him. “Got a few surprises for you. Good ones, I promise.”

When addressed, he shifts slightly, feet scraping softly on the cement, so that he can look at her. “I hope so. We could use something good.” He deep voice is bland and flat. He won't speak of Ferry business, but clearly things are not all hunky-dory. “Hopefully, some advantage, too? I hope.”

With the collar of his long coat turned up against the cold, Benjamin Ryans stands not too far from Liz, only having recently arrived. Blue eyes watch the entrances, thoughtful… waiting. He returns her smile, with a ghosts of one and he informs her, “It has been decided, that I will be heading up to Alaska with you all.” Which means his partner in Special Activities will be hitting the Ark.

Being able to leap and move on walls with gravity has Lucille Ryans excited, it leaves her with memories of rides she use to ride on Coney Island as a kid. Rides she rode with her father, who has just arrived. The younger women sits on a large fallen rock her auburn hair hangs free eyes taking on a striking mix of green and gray. She came without her father’s consent. She’s going to Alaska without his consent as well.

The nerves she feels as her father arrives makes her feet tap excessively trying her hardest to blend in with the crowd. This is a ballsy move but the blood that runs through her veins directs her to this decision. People need help. Their are people who want to destroy the world. She can’t allow that.

Elisabeth nods slightly at the news that Ryans himself will be making the trip north. “All right. Well, in some ways that makes things simpler.” Glancing at him, she pulls a thumb drive from her pocket and hands that to him. “I know you’ve got people inside up there ” though she has no idea who it is, “ But I thought the full schematics of the electrical systems might be useful to the plan for whoever’s heading up there. We obtained them from another source who’s been in there and was specifically looking for it. It should, although I’m not versed enough in this kind of reading to be sure, have the security systems on it as well.” Surprise Number One, apparently.

Gesturing for the rest of them to follow her back toward where the old benches sit against a back wall, she tells Ryans, “These are why you needed extra hands. They’re not as heavy as my gear, but it’s still a bit bulky. And I’d be more comfortable if you have them already in the transports early, in case getting them out of here has to be done in stages.” Biting her lip, she turns to look at Ben Ryans and informs him, “There are three liquid-metal armored exoskeletons in there. Think of them as scaled-down versions of Horizon gear.” Surprise Number Two.

Ygraine is at least somewhat known to Ryans and the other Ferry big-wigs, having first been attached to a joint operation with the Ferrymen back when destroying ConEd was an heroic endeavour, and having long served as a courier and handywoman for various ‘Sailing Club’ safe-houses and bases. Still, this is the first real planning mission she’s been part of, and she can’t help but nervously clear her throat before speaking up - her accent most likely instantly identifying her to anyone who has not yet done so. Eileen, she certainly isn’t, and there are a limited number of British women involved in the Evolved resistance.

“And I’m, ahh, hopefully another one of the good surprises. Even if I make things more complex to figure out.” She offers an apologetic little shrug. “To put it crudely, I can walk on walls and ceilings - which is what I suspect most people in the Ferry know about my ability, if they’ve heard anything at all. In truth, I can actually share it with other people. It’s how we” - she nods to the others in her party - “got down here. For accessing or breaking into places, it makes me better than anyone who can’t simply teleport or phase through obstacles. If either site has, say, ventilation or cooling shafts, I can literally run a team of people down them. Or evacuate rescued people up them. Whatever their angle, however often they twist and turn. Or walk people along wires or pipes, with no risk of falling off. If somewhere has security at ground-level but not at ceiling-height, I can walk people past it. And so on.

“Simply put, I can bypass large sections of almost any conventionally-designed security system, and get people into places that humans by instinct do not look. Whether that’s posting a sniper and spotter team on the underside of something solid, or taking a team into the heart of the enemy’s power supply system… I can give it a shot. Especially if we have someone who can open physical barriers for us.

“So… I offer some pretty unconventional tactical options, alongside those the armour opens up. Just make sure I’m with anyone you don’t want to have fall off whatever they went climbing on, ten minutes or so after I leave them. I could get teams into several different entry-points at roughly the same time… but I’d only be able to change things around, or keep things going, for whichever group I was with.”

The Briton shrugs, looking a little sheepish. “Hopefully, at least one of the sites will have vulnerabilities I can help you to exploit in ways their designers and defenders won’t have thought of.”

Lashirah makes a soft hmmm sound. Unusual entry directions apparently has her thinking many different directions. “HORIZON armors… those are not exactly easy to come by and I doubt easy to use.” She notes with a thought. “Took me forever to get used to wearing this vest as often as I do.” She chuckles. “And that skill… oh there are times I wish I would have had that in the past. But what is, is.” The punky scientist type nods thoughtfully, letting her thoughts spin off in her head a bit more.

There’s a thing about being late - it happens sometimes. It’s a thing that people do when they don’t plan things, or when things get out of hand or, in Jaiden’s case, when you’re a fairly large man that needs to get across the city to a well-hidden subway station undetected.

That, friends, takes time.

Still, he does manage to follow the footprints on the walls and the ceiling more or less that were left by Ygraine and her charges, making it in enough time to hear of Elisabeth’s handoff of the electrical schematics and Ygraine’s humble bragging about being able to bypass most security systems. It’s not bragging if it’s true, after all.

Clearing his throat, the large Australian steps into the station, giving plenty of warning that someone’s coming before actually emerging into the light, looking at the gathered familiar faces. “Hey there, y’all.” His australian accent is muted, pushed down over the past few months to make himself a little more indistinct, his hair cut short and dyed a dark brown - a marked change from the sandy blonde that it was.

“Jus’ let me know what you guys need and I’ll come along with. I’ve got a few stashes scattered here and there, and it might be good to have me around with the snow up there. Water’s water, pretty much anywhere.”

The appearance of her sister’s ex boyfriend almost makes Lucille squeak in excitement. Jaiden let her lay low at his apartment countless nights even after his relationship with Delia ended. She's been able to call the man a close friend and his sudden appearance feels her with confidence. Here is an ally.

Afraid of really grabbing her father’s attention she resigns herself to watch from her perch. In plain sight but still in the back. She holds her breath as she take a peek over in her father’s direction.

The thumb drive is taken delicately from her, with two of Ryans fingers. “Very useful. Thank you, Harrison.” He considers it for moment, before handing it over to Lashirah for safe keeping; moving to follow Liz. A huge sign of trust; knowing she’ll be able to take care of it for him.
He hasn’t failed to notice the appearance of his daughter, a glance is spared her direction as he passes, may tell her that. He doesn’t linger, however, does not question her being there. Things like that can be dealt with later. Her arrival is not the only ones noticed, both Ygraine and Jaiden get an incline of the Co-leader of Special Activities and a ghost of a smile.

He approached the benches, eyeing the bags with suspicion and listening to Lashirah’s assessment of what EndGame is bringing to the table. Hmmm. Reaching out carefully, Ryans lifts on the bags checking the weight. Brows lift a little in surprise as he was expecting it to be heavier. “I think we can do that for you.” Transport it, that is.

Lashirah frowns. “I’m assuming someone is offering to teach them on the run how to use the stuff?” Lashirah asks this rather flatly. “MOstly because I doubt you’ll pin him down long enough otherwise.” There’s mischief in that tone of voice. It seems Lash, for once, seems rather hopeful at their chances.

Elisabeth nods slightly to Lashirah. “I’ll run a training course when we sort out who will be in them,” she tells the woman. She’s glad to see Jaiden make his appearance, as well. Turning to look toward Ryans, she says, “And I have one last small… well, two last small possibly shocks instead of surprise, I don’t know. I have one additional team member who’ll be arriving at our meet point separately from the rest of us. He’s going to have to make sure he’s not tailed…” She hesitates. “One of the future kids was on my FRONTLINE squad. The original one that I headed. He’s going to be detached by the squad leader there to help us.”

This one, she’s not sure how he’s going to take. “And an ice … dragon. Or something.”

Ygraine responded to Ryans’s acknowledgement with a similar gesture of her own - the old spook is one of a number of Ferry operatives whom she has been given good reason to respect. The unexpected enthusiasm from Lashirah earned her a startled, bashful grin. But the smile offered to Jaiden upon his arrival was unreservedly warm, the Briton visibly relaxing a little once the big Aussie was there to provide moral support. There’s something about spending hours being punched in the head by someone, and just as frequently bouncing them off walls and ceilings, that forms a bond of trust… or at least that’s what she’s found. It might just be mutual brain-damage on both their parts.

Word of a FRONTLINE future-kid doesn’t appear to be a surprise, but mention of an ice dragon does - earning Liz a startled look, followed by a wry grin.

“I wonder if I could get that to wall-walk,” the woman with the dragon tattoos muses aloud. “But more immediately, I might be worth bearing in mind as an outrider for one group or another, if on-the-road transport is to be used. I was a professional racer before my ability gave me the ability to cheat. Attack drones and some Evolved will outrun me, but there’s nothing on the road that’s likely to keep up with me if I’m on a motorcycle and need to go flat-out in an emergency. And I stand more chance of escaping trouble than most people.”

She shrugs again, venturing a quick, lopsided smile. “Sorry. I’ll let everyone go back to thinking about ice dragons and time travellers in power armour now.”

Wasn’t that one of the plot points in the new Dr. Who revival?” Jaiden asks with a grin. “It seems like it would be - after all, time travel and armoured suits are kind of the show’s bread and butter - why not throw an ice dragon into it all?”

There isn’t really a chance for Ryans to react to the mention of FRONTLINE, before the mention of… “An ice… dragon?” He tone is bland as if he isn’t sure whether to believe that or not. Brows furrow and there is only a hint of amusement, while he settles the bag he is holding to the ground again; using more care then he really needed.

He doesn’t linger on the subject of the dragon, choosing to come back around to… “So, one of those kids ended up in FRONTLINE? By design, I imagine.” Ryans turns his attention to the gear again. “Are you positive you can trust him?” The kid might be there to do something, but that does not mean it is for a good reason.

Elisabeth nods immediately. “This kid has saved my life more times than I care to admit. So yes… I trust him. His parents I also trust with my life.” She pauses, a brief pang of regret slipping across her face for a split second. She perhaps wishes she could say the same for her own son. But that’s pushed off as soon as it occurs to her. “And yes… a friggin’ ice dragon. I don’t know if you know the man, but Dr. Bao-Wei used to actually be a physician. His ability is… mutated, I guess? And he has a serious hard-on for destroying the Institute. They took something from him. He’ll be joining the team in Cambridge.”

Lashirah chuckles. “I recommend Ryans for one of the suits.” She states it flat out. “Other then that, I … that’s a lot of tactical info to try to deal with.” She then pauses. “An ice dragon. You know, I’m suddenly so glad I'm not going to be the one trying to figure this one out from the aftermath for once?” The forensics specialist in a past life actually smiles. “I’ll even bring the coffee for the trip north.”

Ygraine fails to stifle an amused snort, flashing a grin at both Jaiden and Lashirah… before clearing her throat and nodding. “The future-child in FRONTLINE was actually one of my sources of information inside the Dome, and was one of the best people in there,” she tells Ryans - trusting her fellow survivor of that place to put some value in such a declaration. “The kidnapping you were working on in there: he was trying to solve that himself, until he got hit hard in the attack on the Suresh Center. He’s got a good heart and steady nerves - and paranoid nutter though I am, I’d be glad to have him watching my back.”

She shrugs sheepishly once more, darting a glance to Jaiden and Liz. “I admit that I want to stake a claim to one of the suits of armour: I was offered one, back when we thought they’d just be for Endgame’s own use in smaller operations. And from the sound of it, it should do a lot to enhance my close-quarters abilities, and give me more chance of getting close to opponents. I’m no ice dragon, but I’d be seriously dangerous in one of those suits.

“But…. I know that even with the past year spent training with Jaiden, I don’t have the combination of skills and experience of some of you guys. And if my best role’s, say, moving groups of people around in three-dimensions rather than frontline combat….” She spreads her hands. “I promised to back Liz against Ezekiel. But if there’re other people better-suited to running into a hail of bullets, then put me somewhere I can do most good. Among other things, I’ve field-experience of shuttling a load of people at speed out of a blazing, collapsing building in the middle of fighting - which might be all too relevant if we’re trying to rescue people from one or both sites. So however much I’d love a set of power-armour, I’ll absolutely back it being on whoever’s most likely to get shot at.”

A flat look is cut in Lashirah’s direction at her suggestion. Lips press into a line, probably at the mental image that creates in the old man’s skull. “I don’t think so,” he finally grunts out with a small shake of his head. “Besides, it is not up to us to decide.” He gives a slow incline of respect in Elisabeth’s way. “I am sure Harrison will know who is best suited.” No pun intended.

Reaching into an inner pocket, Ryans extracts a small packet of paper, folded in half. Unfortunately, the Ferrymen do not have the same stuff as End Game, especially, out on the Island. These are offered to Elisabeth. “This is what we have managed to bring together and a list of personnel who have volunteered or asked to join in based on what they can do.” Glancing at the information scrawled in pen.

“It is not much, but we have been taking some serious hits from the government,” his voice has a light edge to it, as the co-head of Special Activities sees these losses as failures on his part.

Taking the list from him, Elisabeth nods slightly. “None of us have much to give… we’re all giving it everything we can,” she tells him simply. Remembering her dream where the island was being bombed, the blonde hesitates but asks, “Are… will you be evacuating the Ferry location ahead of the attacks? They … I know the dreams that people had aren’t exactly correct, but I watched someplace up the river get bombed in one of mine,” she admits quietly. “I would really like to not see that happen, but… heads up.”

Lucille’s eyebrows raise as a future kid with FRONTLINE is talked about. Possibly a friend of her nephew Kincaid. Where is her nephew?

The woman with green-blue eyes gapes then at the news of an ice dragon? “Where the fuck did we get one of those?” Her tone quiet but she does still speak. With a light look towards Elisabeth and her father she listens to the group. She's here to hear the plan and whoa does it sound like it's gonna be a scary party of doom coming up. Lucille doesn't know if she likes doom but she does like fighting so.

Ice dragon? Sure, why not? It’s not the oddest thing Jaiden’s seen in his time around the evolved. It’s only been a few years but he’s moved from businessman and Australian ex-pat to wanted fugitive about to assault a base in the middle of nowhere to save the world.
“I’d prefer this doesn’t become a usual occurrence.” Jaiden murmurs, more to himself than anyone, shaking his head in the negative, his eyes closing for a moment as he thinks. Lifting a hand to squeeze Ygraine’s shoulder, he looks to Ryans, Elisabeth, and the gathered group. “You know me. You know I’ll be with you until the end. My resources aren’t much, but they’re yours if you need them. Safe houses off the grid, a few vehicles here and there, some army surplus, some guns. It may be tilting at windmills, but it’s better going with something than without.”

Ygraine leans into Jaiden’s shoulder-squeeze a little, flashing him another quick smile, before her eyes widen a little and she looks back to Liz and Ryans - waiting to hear if there’s anything more to follow about Pollepel being bombed, or an evacuation of the refugees. “If there’s any help needed moving people around before these, ahh, missions…. Of course, some of us might just draw attention you don’t need. But I’m sure we’ll all help if you can make use of us.”

The question from Liz catches Ryans off guard, his shoulders stiffen, face becoming unreadable as he tries to read something in the woman’s face. “We have a plan in place,” is all he offers, in a soft rumble. Now whether they do or not, is between him, his partner in the SA, and a few of the council.

“Is that all, Harrison?” Fingers reach for the bag he had lifted earlier, swinging it up on his shoulder. He turns and motions to the other Ferrymen operatives to help with the cargo. “We will get these up to the rendezvous point.”

He shifts the weight of the duffle bag and offers Elisabeth a hand to shake and a faint smile, “Till Alaska, then?”

Elisabeth meets Ryans’s gaze with hers straight on; there is nothing in them but a genuine worry. His answer makes her merely nod, taking him at his word that he’s got it covered. “Until Alaska,” she agrees, shaking his hand.

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