Few Leads In Stabbing Murder Of Students

New York, NEW YORK - Investigators are trying to piece together what led to the fatal stabbings of two college students at home in their apartment in Morningside Heights.

The victims were stabbed to death on the third floor of the Dovestone Apartment building on Saturday at about 10:30 p.m. The building is just two miles from Colombia University, where they had been enrolled in classes since the Fall semester after graduating from Washington Irving High School last summer.

Police believe the suspect gained entry through an unlocked window, attacking Stephanie Lowe in the kitchen. Brock Johnston was killed when he came to the aid of his girlfriend, who authorities said had to have died quickly, with "very little room to struggle." The scuffle with Brock was more of an ordeal, which has lead investigators to believe they are looking for a suspect that shows signs of having been in a recent fight.

A neighbor that was home during the attack reportedly heard sounds of a disturbance, but declined to call police because "the noise died down quickly" and he did not hear any cries for help.

Police said the suspect may have been wearing a tall man wearing a dark jacket at the time of the attack.

Neighbors said they were a happy couple, and there were no signs of trouble before the incident.

"They were just really nice people," said neighbor Rachel Mathers. "It's a real shame. Especially so close to spring break."

Neighbors are worried because they do not know if the murders were random or if the couple was targeted.

Authorities have no motive at this time, though they have not ruled out robbery. Rumors that one or both of the bodies were partially dissected are unverified, but one crime scene photographer drew comparisons to the recent discovery of a homeless man in Chelsea with a mutilated leg.

Anyone with information about the murders is urged to call the New York City Police Department at…

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