Basil Tierney Mas

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Basil Tierney Mas Aliases "Agent Castle" (in Prime)
Status Evolved Ability Unmanifested at Death
Gender Male
Birthdate 1990 Age 20
Height 6'0" Build Slender
Eyes Green Hair Dark
Residence n/a
Employment n/a
Parents Eve Mas Siblings Saffron Mas
Marital Status n/a Children n/a
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Eve's youngest. Drowned in January 2010 as the flood took the world. He had never manifested in his short life. His sister absorbed his memory and essence and kept it alive inside her until they crossed timelines at the Ark in January 2019 where they swapped places and he became the age he would have been if he had survived the Flood.
Basil Tierney Mas
portrayed by

Robert Sheehan
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