Michelle Cardinal

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Name Michelle Rianna Cardinal Aliases Michelle Cranston (Prime Timeline Alias)
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Mental) (COM) Ability Hypercognition
Gender Female
Birthdate July 28, 1959 Age 62
Height 5' 7" Build Average
Eyes Green Hair Blonde (naturally brunette)
Residence Raytech NYCSZ Corporate Housing
Employment Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse, Research Director
Parents Miranda LeRoux (mother; deceased)
Daniel LeRoux (father; deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status David Cardinal [Flood Timeline] (husband; deceased) Children Richard Cardinal (son)
Rianna Cardinal (daughter)
First Scene Humble Beginnings Last Scene
Profile Michelle Cranston is a refugee from another timeline stranded in a world she does not know.
Michelle Cardinal
portrayed by
Jodie Foster
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