Destiny Mas

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Destiny Mas Price Aliases Destiny Ruiz
Status Evolved Ability Temporal Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate April 8, 1984 Age Mid-20s (apparent)
Height 5' 2" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence The Featherweight
Employment The Featherweight
Parents Colin and Rianna Price †
Jimmy Woods (adoptive) †
Siblings Mateo Ruiz †
Marital Status Leading Spades to the ends of the earth and back again, apparently. Children None
First Scene Three Part Harmony Last Scene
Profile Destiny is a heckin' good person and gosh, she's just glad to be here got more than a few regrets about all of this ready to start fresh prepared to go to the ends of the earth!
Destiny Mas
portrayed by
Sheryl Lee

What do you want me to show you?
What past is buried at sea?
Would you confide in me?
What is your history?



First Mate Captain
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Garden of Forking Paths
Time Scene Story Players
09/27 Passengers New charters come to the Featherweight. Edward, Else, and Woods
10/02 Along Came a Spider... I promise you. Chel, Edward, Else, Joy, and Kenner
...Who Sat Down Beside Her We all get what we want. Else
06/28 The Way Things Were, Part I Excitement over an interdimensional broadcast is short lived. Chel, Kenner, Lance, and West
The Way Things Were, Part II All hell breaks loose. Chel and Ria
08/17 The Way Things Were, Part V This is goodbye. For now. Chel, Edward, Else, Joy,
Kenner, Ria, Trask, and West
11/25 Brother I guess this is hello. Lynette, Ruiz, and Woods
12/01 Why Don't You Tell Me My Future The story of my life. Lynette, Odessa, and Ruiz
12/03 Sleeps Beneath the Waves What's brought us here? Solo
12/23 The Dread Pirate Sawyer, Part II The seas get rough. Carina, Cassandra, Elisabeth, and Woods
When You Scream Into The Abyss... The seas get treacherous. Carina, Cassandra, Denisa, Doyle, Elaine, Elisabeth, Geneva, Isabelle, Kain, Kenner, Lance, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Meredith, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Remi, Ruiz, Silas, Trask, Walter, West, and Woods
...The Abyss Screams Back Is this the end of everything? Ashleigh, Carina, Cassandra, Denisa, Devon, Edward, Elisabeth, Geneva, Gerard, Isabelle, Joy, Kain, Kenner, Lance, Leroux, Ling, Lynette, Magnes, Mala, Meredith, Miles, Namiko, Odessa, Robyn, Ruia, Ruiz,
Shaw, Silas, Stefan, Trask, Walter, West, and Woods
12/24 Animal Crackers Shared meals are a tradition of mourning. Doyle
If It Wasn't For Hard Luck... Everything's fine, considering. Silas
12/25 Tete Nothing left for me 'til I find you. { S C R E E C H }
01/12 Threading the Needle, Part IV Searching for words for the end. Ashleigh, Edward, Gerard, Hailey, Lance, Leroux, and Robyn
Distant Shores
Time Scene Story Players
05/01 お帰り An old friend is here. Asi, Lance, Robyn, and Silas
Straight on Until Morning Time to set sail. Asi, Else, Jenny, and Silas
Tread New Ground …and establishing new connections? Asi, Else, Jenny, and Silas
The Return Trip Home again, home again. Asi, Else, Silas, and Spades
03/15 The Return Trip Home again, home again. Asi, Else, Silas, and Spades
06/09 Swimming at Sunset A little bit of entertainment. Asi, Kendall, Lance, Nadira, Robyn, Silas, Spades, and Squeaks
06/12 Pawn Promotion The pieces look strange, but the chessboard is still playable. Edward and Richard
06/15 We've Been Here Before We know where it goes. Castle, Cat, Chess, Elliot, Erin, Eve, Monica, Nova, Richard, Ricky, Robyn, Ryans, Silas, Stef, and Veronica
06/16 At Least in This Lifetime While grieving something (potentially) lost, something else is found. Spades
Strings of a Harp Family sticks together. Family understands. Edward
06/17 Anxiety in Real Time Oh! It's the other you! Robyn
06/21 In the Drink A drink given for a drink saved from. Elliot
07/01 We'll All Go Together When We Go The time to move is now. Edward, Else, Nick, Quinn, Robyn, and various
07/02 Maximum Overdrive Tensions run high. Old fears are triggered. Asi, Marlowe, Richard, Silas, Spades, and various
In Living Memory Sometimes talking about the pain makes it hurt less. Silas and Spades
Two Roads Diverged But have they split that far? Richard
07/03 Bright Morning Star Ooh! A new doll! Edward, Huruma, Richard, and Zee
07/04 Counting Blue Cars Tell me all your thoughts on God. Else
07/05 Dead End, Part II Oh boy. Edward, Huruma, Kendall, Nadira, Richard, Walker, and Robyn
The Pelago Globetrotters' Reunion Is everyone okay? Asi, Silas, and Spades
07/06 Different Circles What do we know? What does she know? Asi, Castle, Chess, Elliot, Eve, Glory, Nathalie, Nova, Richard, Robyn, Silas, Squeaks, and Zee
Placeholder Do you know what lies ahead? Nova
Nowhere Near Done Please just check on her. Gracie and Spades
Placeholder Songs sung out of key… Robyn
07/07 After the Wilderness Has Passed Wow. Look at that. Edward, Richard, Spades, Zee, and various
Mer Tranquille Opportunity exists here. Castle, Elliot, Eve, Gracie, Nathalie, Nova, Seren, Silas, and Stef
Placeholder Leave the past, look to the future. Spades
07/08 The One Who Laughs Llorar por el futuro. Castle, Chess, Edward, Eve, and Richard
Repeat After Me There's no time to explain. Richard and Tay


Eddie ff_edward_icon.gif Promises, promises. We're family now, and family sticks together!

Edward Ray came to Destiny looking for a way to the Commonwealth, the last known location of her brother. Given that he knew her secrets, she felt she could trust him. She feels responsible for what happened to him when he was left behind in the Ark and hopes they can rebuild their lives now that they're both free of that nightmare. She takes care of him and takes that responsibility seriously. Whenever possible, Destiny trades away her collection of personal possessions to obtain books and medical texts that will help her care for him. That she's trading the things she loves for these items is information she keeps to herself. With some of Odessa's medical knowhow kicking around in her head, she can make use of the information she's managed to uncover.
Else ff_else_icon.gif Could you sing a lullaby? Asking for a friend.

Destiny became fast friends with Else when they met at the Pelago. While she was a little strange, Des always found her quirks charming. Seeing what's become of her is heartbreaking, but Des knows she's still intact deep down and believes they can weather any storm together. The little captain has taken it upon herself to keep the seer close and make sure she stays safe and is looked after.
Wendy Dearie ff_nadira_icon.gif One girl is more use than twenty boys.

Diri is a sometimes member of the Featherweight's crew. Her ability is an asset on longer hauls. The two are able to bolster each other's spirits in ways different than most others, like a feedback loop of positivity. Sometimes. The seas are often choppy, but they do what they can to help each other weather the storms.
Spades ff_ace_icon.gif Unfurl the sails!

Spades — Ace — is a former pirate that Destiny picked up on a crew-for-hire basis. It seems, however, he's taken a liking to the Featherweight, and her eclectic crew, since he keeps coming back, when he could go to other ships for better work. Or it just has something to do with the casual relationship they struck up. Extremely casual. Neither would call it a relationship. Destiny doesn't know that she'd call it anything at all, but Spades is fiercely protective and a source of comfort and strength when she needs someone to lean on.
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