Richard Drucker

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Richard Drucker Aliases David Rooijker
Status Evolved Ability Technopathy
Gender Male
Birthdate December 8, 1943 Age 78
Height 6' Build Thin
Eyes Blue Hair Gray
Residence HAARP Facility, Mount Natazhat, Alaska
Employment Former NOAA heliophysicist
Parents Ruth Meisner (mother; deceased)
Donald Rooijker (father; deceased)
Siblings Zahava Gitelman (half-sister; deceased)
Marital Status Charlotte Roux (informally wed) Children Robyn Roux (daughter)
First Scene Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Part III Last Scene
Profile Richard Drucker is a genius technopath and scientist that survived the end of the world far from the devastation caused by the flood. What he has been up to for the last decade is known to only a select few…
Richard Drucker
portrayed by
Michiel Huisman
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