Eileen Ramirez

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Eileen Ramriez Aliases Munin
Status Evolved Ability Avian Telepathy
Gender Female
Birthdate February 16, 1989 Age 29
Height 5' 1/2" Build Diminutive
Eyes Gray-green Hair Dark brown
Residence Palisades Sill
Employment None
Parents Sophia Ruskin †
Ethan Holden †
Siblings Nick Ruskin
Marital Status Married to Iago Ramirez Children None
First Scene Little Robin Last Scene Hellfire
Profile The events at Coyote Sands set into motion a chain reaction that resulted in Kazimir Volken taking possession of Eileen when she was only five years old. Both she and her brother Nick were spared the escalating abuse that shaped her other self; rather than turn on Kazimir, she stood by him, married one of his top lieutenants, and would have ended her own life at his behest if she hadn't been persuaded otherwise.
Eileen Ramirez
portrayed by
Emilia Clarke


Notable Differences

  • In spite of being a true believer, Eileen shies away from violence of any kind and spends more time alone with her remorse than with anyone else, including her husband.
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