Hannah Emerson

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Name Hannah Aimee Emerson Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) (MIL) Ability Superhuman Endurance
Gender Female
Birthdate August 13th, 1982 Age 37
Height 6' 2" Build Muscular and Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence The Clocktower Building, Red Hook, NYC Safe Zone
Employment Deveaux Society, Chief of Security
Parents Nicolas Emerson (father; deceased)
Lidia Emerson (mother; deceased)
Siblings Karen Emerson-Cooper (sister; deceased)
Ashton Emerson (brother; deceased)
Elena Emerson (sister)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Bodyguard Last Scene
Profile Hannah Emerson is secretly an immigrant from another timeline, having assumed the identity of the Hannah Emerson of this reality who is presumed dead. She was the personal bodyguard to President Raymond Praeger and is a member of the Deveaux Society.
Hannah Emerson
portrayed by
Simone Simons
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