A Record of Seafarers

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Name February Marlene March Grace Lancaster Aliases Gracie, Marlene
Status Evolved Ability Tactile Mosaic
Power Detection
Gender Female
Birthdate February 29 March 1, 1988 Age 33
Height 5' 11" Build Slim
Eyes Hazel Hair Red
Residence Here and There
Employment Everywhere
Parents John and Kathy Lancaster Siblings Rue Messer ("twin" sister)
Marital Status Elizabeth Lancaster (It's Complicated) Children Unknown
First Scene Après Moi Last Scene

Gracie is a survivor of the destruction of the Commonwealth Arcology. She's traveled around since her return to the surface and ultimately landed back at the Pelago to cool her heels for a bit, where she provides entertainment in return for the basics she needs for survival. Already, she's itching to travel again.

Gracie Lancaster is a victim of vicious circumstance that has torn her life apart. Worlds away from home, she's doing everything she can just to survive.

Giving up life as the chosen one, she's starting over in the city of New Chicago, assuming the role of the long-lost twin sister of this timeline's Rue Messer.

portrayed by
Katherine McNamara

Hurt and grieve,

But don't suffer alone

Engage with the pain as a motive

Today of all days


How the most dangerous thing

Is to love



Gossip Daffodil
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Date Title Participants
April Après Moi Solo
06/12 Tavern at the End of the World Asi, Elliot, Erin, Glory, Huruma, LeRoux, Marlowe, Molly, Nova, Poppy, Richard, Quinnie, Ryans, Silas, and Veronica
06/20 Siren's Song Asi, Elliot, Kendall, Richard, Silas, and Valentine
Late Evening Richard
06/22 Welcome to the Playground Elliot
06/29 Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead Quinnie
06/30 And Learn the Rest Elliot
Departures Silas
07/01 We'll All Go Together When We Go Nadira and various
Last Call Asi, Chess, Elliot, Kendall, Nadira, and Robyn
07/02 Maximum Overdrive Elliot, Squeaks, and various
Friends and Family Plan Asi, Cat, Chess, Elliot, Hart, Nadira, Quinnie, Robyn, and Squeaks
07/03 Bright Morning Star Elliot, Hart, Richard, Squeaks, and various
Tastes Like Cherry Eve
07/04 The Son of Neal Elliot
Still So Much Life Richard
Courses and Ruetes Tay
07/05 Dead End, Part II Castle, Chess, Elliot, Hart, LeRoux, Ren, Ryans, Squeaks, and Tay
The Deep Stays Solo
07/06 Awake, Alone, Regretting Chess, Huruma, Marlowe, Nadira, Quinnie, Ryans, Silas, Squeaks, and Tay
One Whole Capybara Chess
Après le Déluge, Nous Richard
Didn't Make You Her Elliot
Nowhere Near Done Des and Spades
07/07 After the Wilderness Has Passed Elliot, JR, Nadira, Quinnie, and various
Mer Tranquille Castle, Des, Elliot, Eve, Nathalie, Nova, Seren, Silas, and Stef
Say Goodnight, Gracie Silas
In for the Kill Elliot
07/08 Already Famous Elliot and Gregory
Placeholder Wright?
Untrue Robyn and Silas
True Chess, Liza, Richard, Robyn, Rue, Silas, and Tay
Misconstrue Des, Liza, Quinn, Rue, and Silas
07/09 Good Grief Solo

Skills and Hooks

  • She is Beauty: A creature of vanity, Gracie knows how to use certain plants to create natural cosmetics. It's not the sophisticated department store lines she'd always favored before the flood, but it does in a pinch and helps her feel more herself.
  • She is Grace: Though she never got her big break before the flood, Gracie has been dancing for as long as she's been able to stand, and she still practices when conditions permit. Dance is her bread and butter, the service she trades for the keep she must earn. In addition to performances, she also teaches children the basics of rhythm and movement, if for no other reason than to help them burn off energy.1
  • She Will Punch You in the Face: All that ballet conditioning has given Gracie a quiet, understated strength, and stamina that is often underestimated. She's used to reading the movements of others and that intuition helps anticipate action. Her fluid motions are an asset; in a fair fight she might actually land a punch.
  • Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time: Gracie likes to strike up conversations with people and genuinely enjoys company. It's finally started to bring her out of her shell — she's even starting to form attachments. She considers this journey north as something like work travel; as such, she's still accepting clients.2
  • Of Course, Quid Pro Quo, You're Expected…: If someone finds themselves in need of a favor, looking for something in particular now that they're on the road, she's been this way before, and there's a chance that she can procure it. But don't confuse grace with charity. If the client doesn't have something Gracie has an immediate need for, she'll barter for a favor to be named later.3


Messy ff_rue_icon.gif When she came across the Flood timeline's iteration of herself, Gracie was sure she would be hated by her. Instead, Rue welcomed her with open arms and suggested that if she was stuck in this timeline anyway and no longer safe to travel to Alaska, she should stay in New Chicago and play the role of her long-lost twin sister. The two of them had both pretended when they were small that they'd had a twin born after midnight, so she would be called March. It seems a much better deal than having to watch out that she's going to be murdered by just about anybody in the convoy. It's a strange turn of events, but the two are shaping up to be fast friends.
Leez ff_liza_icon.gif While it hurts indescribably much to see Liza Messer and be unable to share the relationship with her that she has — had with her own Liza, it's better than never seeing her again. Eventually, she hopes she'll be content enough to see her happy, even if it's with another Rue. Surely she'll learn to see the differences in them over time. It's strange to see her being the fiercely protective one in her marriage. When trouble comes to call, it's Liza that puts herself in the fore and Rue who shrinks away. It's endearing. Above all that, however, Liza accepted Gracie as part of her family without question. If she can't have her wife, Gracie can settle for sister-in-law.


Musical Selections to Navigate the Flood By

Rue March "Gracie" Lancaster is an NPC run by Hudson.

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