Iris Earhart

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Iris Paige Earhart Aliases
Status Evolved Ability Papyrokinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate April 21, 1989 Age 28
Height 5'3" Build Small
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Penthouse in the Righthand Tower of the Library at the End of the World
Employment Library at the End of the World
Parents Quinton Earhart
Audrey Earhart
Siblings None
Marital Status In A Commited Relationship Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile One of the three head librarians of the Library at the End of the World in the Pelago. She does many things in the library and is both fond of the books within and those who visit. And also a little clumsy. (A lot clumsy.)
Iris Earhart
portrayed by

Jenna Coleman
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