Jennifer Childs

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Jennifer "Jenny" Childs Aliases
Status Evolved Ability Water Mimicry
Gender Female
Birthdate 9/15/1987 Age 33
Height 5'9" Build Slender
Eyes Greenish Brown Hair Reddish Brown
Residence The Starling, a derelict US Navy Hospital Ship
Employment The Starling, Assistant
Parents Deceased Siblings Deceased
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Scene The Old Man and the Sea Last Scene
Profile A mermaid, a creature of the sea, a beautiful woman who comes and goes. She's at home in the ocean, and at peace with the world becoming what it has. She tries to help those she comes in contact with, and has sided with Natalie Gray and the Starling in recent years, spending much of her time in and out of the oceans, assisting those stranded in the seas. She's friends with many, but close to few.
Jennifer Childs
portrayed by

Anna Osceola
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