Mala Patel

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Name Mala Patel Aliases Malaya Ericsson (Prime Identity)
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) (COM) Ability Super Strength, fueled by empathy
Gender Female
Birthdate 12/01/1998 Age 21
Height 5'1" Build Curvy
Eyes Black Hair Black
Employment "The Lighthouse"
Searchlight Salvage, she does the heavy lifting.
Parents Deceased
Eric Doyle, Adopted Father
Siblings Denisa Mendoza + the other Lighthouse Orphans.
Marital Status None Children None
First Scene Last Scene

A traveler from another world, though she is contractually obligated to keep that information classified. She looks like what Mala Patel would have looked like had she grown up healthy and well fed, with her full strength. Mala Patel died rather young and frail, so the odds of recognizing her immediately are small unless someone had a lot of experience with the Lighthouse.

She now works at the Searchlight Salvage dock and makes no effort to disguise her use of her super strength in the salvage operations.

Mala Patel
portrayed by

Rubina Ali
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