Marlowe Terrell

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Marlowe Makoto Terrell Aliases Makoto Takada
Status Evolved Ability Matter Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate February 3, 1985 Age 36
Height 5'7" Build Toned
Eyes Brown Hair Brown (but variable)
Residence The Pelago
Employment Lowe's HQ
Parents Curtis Terrell
Kazue Takada
Siblings None
Marital Status Y, r u interested? Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Marlowe is a community leader in the Pelago, owner and creator of a shipbuilding/ship repair company. She also runs a mafia-like syndicate within a skyscraper converted into a small marina. The community is made up of Evolved refugees and their families who escaped the pogrom of the Vanguard. She welcomes those who would need safe harbor… for a nominal price or favor.
Marlowe Terrell
portrayed by

Crystal Kay




Lowe's HQ

  • Geographical Location: The building formerly known as 40 Wall Street, The Pelago
  • The Building: Lowe's headquarters encompasses the top floors of a skyscraper that has, thanks to Evolved abilities, scavenged materials, and blood, sweat and tears, survived the flood waters for several years. The upper floors belong to Marlowe, with her penthouse-like residence as well as a radio tower station. Mid floors house residences, extensive hydroponic farming tended to by agroculturists and people who like green thumbs, and other community spaces. The lower floors consist of the docks and warehouses.


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