Morgan Karim-Scott

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Morgan Karim-Scott Aliases
Status Evolved Ability Radiokinesis
Gender Female (she/her)
Birthdate 12/15/2002 Age 19
Height 5'2" Build 115 lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Home Above the Sea, The Pelagos
Employment N/A
Parents Amed "Arthur" Karim (Father, Deceased)
Jefferson "Jeff" Scott (Father, Deceased)
Nadira Karim (Cousin/Guardian)
Siblings Kendall Cunningham (Adopted Brother)
The "Lost Boys" (Assorted Adopted Siblings)
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Scene Some of Us Last Scene
Profile The youngest founding member of Nadira's "Lost Boys", Morgan has always chafed under the shadow of her cousin. Now that she's discovered a powerful ability of her own (though her control is still spotty at best), she's looking to show she can be just as much of a hero as the ones she looks up to.
Morgan Karim-Scott
portrayed by

Mayan El Sayed
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