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Name Soleil Remi Davignon Aliases Amelie Laurent
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) Ability Registered: Tactile Mnemokinesis (As Amelie)
Actual: Telepathy
Gender Female
Birthdate September 7, 1987 Age 31
Height 5'7" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence Novelle Vue
Employment Fiddler's Green
Parents Leon Davignon
Victoria Davignon
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Fish Out Of Water Last Scene
Profile Before the flood, Soleil Davignon was an A-List actress with a star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. Then, she was the captain of a sailboat named Sayonara. That sunk and all of her crew died, and then the survivors were mowed down in the ark. Now she's made her way into an entirely new timeline — who knows where she will go from here?
Soleil Remi Davignon
portrayed by

Evan Rachel Wood



Known to Most

  • Amelie, as she calls herself, hails from Bodega Bay, California. She is the daughter of a fisherman.
  • Amelie is a lookalike for the late Soleil Davignon, save for a small scar on her upper lip (which she often covers with makeup). She has come to New York to (hopefully) find her own fame and fortune.
  • The co-owner of the Novelle Vue, Amelie and John Dantes are building a dinner theater from the ground up.
  • Amelie is an actress, and talks like she's got a lot of experience.

Known to Some

  • Amelie's registered ability is Mnemokinesis — memory manipulation.

Known to Few

  • Amelie is not Amelie.
  • Remi is not actually of this world — she comes from a flooded world.


In another life, Soleil was a world-famous actress, with awards and recognition that put her in extremely high demand. Only a small part of that was due to the more persuasive side of her ability; Remi is a world-class actress, and given enough time to study her character, she can convincingly pull off just about any role she might take on.


(Bright) La belle sudiste. Another of the travelers — she and Remi were tasked with removing the negation in the Ark, and she has become considerably fond of her.
Le manipulateur d'ondes sonores. Remi isn't close to Liz, but they've been through enough that she considers her to be a friendly acquaintance. She and Magnes are responsible for Remi's arrival in a better world, and she can't forget that — ever.
Le merveilleux géant. Remi knew the other Huruma decently well — which is why, when Huruma cornered her in an antique store, Remi didn't even try to lie to her. She is a kind woman at heart, but Remi also knows how dangerous Huruma can be. All the same, she was rather fond of her Huruma, and the feeling has transferred quite nicely to this Huruma.
L'homme de l'ombre. He is Elisabeth's lover, the one she crossed many different universes for. He was close to the other her — and he, through Raytech, is also largely responsible for her theater project with Silas. Richard Ray is a good friend, and Remi can't help but like the guy.
(Flood) Le causeur. Silas, over time, has genuintely become one of Remi's closest friends. It is Silas who helped her through her grief when she lost Jasper, and it is Silas who has pooled his resources with hers to start their floating dinner theater. Silas is one of Remi's best friends — and one of the very few who knows where she came from.


01/15 Terre Sèche Remi and Liz have a conversation over coffee. Elisabeth
01/16 Murder Mysteries Remi and Silas discuss their futures in this new world over a midnight snack. Silas
01/17 One Hell of an Adjustment Richard and Remi finally have a conversation after the chaos. Richard
02/26 Walking Dead Remi meets someone from the other her's past. Barney and Seren
03/04 Not a Typical Encounter A familiar face surfaces in the middle of an antique shop. Huruma
03/05 If You Insist Two artistic types meet in a cocktail lounge in Rochester. Nikola
03/14 Broadway Remi, Richard and Silas meet up to examine their new investment. Richard and Silas
03/17 Secrets Secrets Remi tries to go out, only to get embarassed. Isabelle, Joanne, Rex and Sahara
03/18 Fine Cuisine Remi meets someone in a diner. Zachery
03/21 Frustrations Magnes stops by for a visit that has a rather unexpected outcome. Magnes
03/22 Mon Ami Remi and Silas have a chat that doesn't go so well. Silas
03/24 Brighton Your Day Remi attends an interrupted cookout on the beach. Many
03/30 Start A Riot A shopping trip goes wrong. Chris, Devi, Ignacio, and Luther
04/04 Do Your Research Remi encounters this timeline's version of her cousin. Tibby
04/23 Capable Hands Remi hires an electrician for the Novelle Vue. Caspian
04/28 Purr Remi and Silas hire some help in the engineering department. Devi and Silas
04/29 We All Have Our Kinks Remi runs into Godfrey again after the Gala. Godfrey
04/30 Zeitgeist Remi has an…experience with a new drug, and something happens at the end of the night. Cesar, Rue and Tibby
05/01 Miles to Go Remi and Silas have a heart to heart after Remi's experience. Silas
05/18 World's Fair - Mantis Remi attends Raytech's entry to the World Fair. Many
05/24 Showcase Remi and Silas attend the World's Fair. Many
06/04 Utmost Confidence Remi stops by Raytech to have a chat with Richard… Richard
Lover's Spat …Then meets Zachery again in the elevator… Zachery
Control Issues …And chaos ensues. Zachery


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