Roy Raith

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Roy Raith Aliases King of Pentacles
Status Evolved Ability Persuasion
Gender Male
Birthdate September 25, 1944 Age 77
Height 5' 10" Build Average
Eyes Blue Hair Gray
Residence Fort Wainright, Fairbanks AK
Employment Former CIA, Current Acting President of the United States of America
Parents Marcus Raith (father; deceased)
Sophie Raith (mother; deceased)
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Alison Raith (wife; deceased) Children Jensen Raith (son; deceased)
First Scene Anomaly, Part II Last Scene
Profile Roy Raith is a former operative of the CIA known as the King of Pentacles. He led the organization known as the Royals since the end of the Vietnam war and covertly controlled a shadow government behind the scenes up until the coming of the Flood. Since then, he has assumed the title of President.
Roy Raith
portrayed by
Michael Douglas
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