Rue Messer

A Record of Seafarers

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Name February Marlene Messer Aliases
Status Non-Evolved
Gender Female
Birthdate February 29, 1988 Age 33
Height 5' 11" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence New Chicago
Employment Jokers Wild Card Club
Parents John and Kathy Lancaster Siblings None
Marital Status Liza Messer Children None
First Scene Après Moi Last Scene
Profile Rue Messer is a survivor of the destruction of the Commonwealth Arcology. She and her wife ultimately made their way to New Chicago, where she provides entertainment and serves drinks at the local gambling den.
Rue Messer
portrayed by

Katherine McNamara

How do we not rue the many unchosen paths in life?
A blessed lack of imagination.
There are enough real glories along any path to swamp our meager ability to picture alternatives.



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07/03 Tastes Like Cherry
07/06 The Deep Stays
Après le Delugé, Nous
07/08 Untrue

Rue Messer is an NPC run by Hudson.

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