Ruia Henrique-Voss

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Ruia Henrique-Voss Aliases Vör
Status Evolved Ability Teleportation
Gender Female
Birthdate ?? Age 30s
Height 5'11" Build Thin
Eyes Hazel Hair Dark
Parents Deceased Siblings Deceased
Marital Status Kristopher Voss (husband; deceased) Children None
First Scene ...The Abyss Screams Back Last Scene Threading the Needle, Part III
Profile Ruia Henrique-Voss is a former Vanguard deep cover operative. After murdering her husband to keep her cover she was repaid for her loyalty by a threat of death, leading her to join a group of survivors fleeing to the Ark. There she became a violent tool of oppression for Donald Kenner.
Ruia Henrique-Voss
portrayed by

Dichen Lachman


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