Mateo Javier Ruiz

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Mateo Javier Ruiz Aliases
Status Evolved Ability Portal Creation
Gender Male
Birthdate ??/??/???? Age 35-ish
Height 5'7" Build
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Residence The Commonwealth Arcology
Employment N/A
Parents N/A Siblings Destiny Ruiz, Sister
Marital Status Widower, Lynette Rowan Ruiz Children N/A
First Scene Maybe In Another Life (technically) Last Scene Dess/Tete
Profile A strange man who seemed to know things he should not, held within The Commonwealth Arcology from June until its fall on November 8th.
Mateo Javier Ruiz
portrayed by

Oscar Isaac


NPC played by Queens

IC Appearances

* Maybe in Another Life (5)
* Be the Overflow (4)
* The Razor (3)
* Interesting People (2)
* Dess (6)
* Plan (B)ella (1)

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