Saffron Kelly Mas

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Saffron Kelly Mas Aliases "Agent Castle"
Status Evolved Ability Memory Absorption
Gender Fluid (they/she)
Birthdate 1988 Age 28
Height 5'11" Build Slender
Eyes Light Hair Light
Residence The Ark
Employment The Ark - Kitchens
Parents Eve Mas Siblings Basil Tierney Mas
Marital Status n/a Children n/a
First Scene n/a Last Scene n/a
Profile The oldest child of Eve Mas, who grew old in the past due to the interference of Hiro Nakamura. She held her brother's spirit within her body for 9 years and spent many of those years after the Flood in the Ark working in the kitchens. When they went into the crossing, she apparently vanished, switching places with her brother who had died.
Saffron Kelly Mas
portrayed by

Abbey Lee Kershaw
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