Silas Mackenzie

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Silas Mackenzie Aliases John Silas Dantes (Prime Timeline Alias)
Status Evolved (Class B Mental) Ability Perceptual Obfuscation
Gender Male
Birthdate December 24, 1972 Age 47
Height 6'2" Build Wiry
Eyes Gray Hair Reddish-brown
Residence The Second Star
Employment The Second Star
Parents Deceased Siblings Deceased
Marital Status Single Children
First Scene Last Scene
Profile A native of the Flood timeline who joined with Elisabeth Harrison and Magnes Varlane on their quest to find their way home, Silas left his home behind him for a new life… but one last voyage on behalf of Eve Mas saw him cast back from whence he came, to a world he thought he would never see again.
Silas Mackenzie
portrayed by

Willem Dafoe



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Silas's greatest talent lies in his ability to fast-talk and, if need be, outright deceive others. As an added bonus, all of that practice in the fine art of lying has given him a pretty sharp eye for spotting when someone is trying to slip one past him, as well.


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