Yi-Min Yeh

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Yi-Min Yeh Aliases Sága
Status Evolved Ability Toxin Synthesis
Gender Female
Birthdate December 29, 1980 Age 40
Height 5'2" Build Slight
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence The Kuíhuā
Employment The Kuíhuā
Parents Kuan-Lin Yeh (father, deceased)
Pei-Shan Yeh (mother, deceased)
Siblings Yi-Shan Yeh (twin brother)
others (deceased)
Marital Status Engaged to Kara Prince Children None
First Scene Last Scene

Together, Yi-Min and her brother Yi-Shan were known as the twin terrors of the Chinese Vanguard. Unflinching in their loyalty, they helped to bring about the Flood that ended the world; it was only after the end that Yi-Min performed a sudden about-face, refusing to lose her little brother to the sacrificial pyre the Sentinel had prepared for all of their Evolved agents. Escaping the Sentinel by a thread, she, Yi-Shan, and the love of her life— Kara Prince— reclaimed a derelict Chinese military vessel and disappeared out to sea.

Now, the tiny crew hunts the drowned world as a trio of raiders and fuel pirates. To this end, Yi-Min is particularly (in)famous for her liberal application of viper venom to the fencing blades she loves to use in close quarter combat.

Yi-Min Yeh
portrayed by

Du Juan
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The Kuihua


The Kuihua, as Yi-Min renamed it, was once a small missile boat in the service of the People's Liberation Army. In particular, it was one of the last Type 037 Haiju-class submarine chasers to ever be commissioned in the first decade of the 2000s, as well one of the four known Type 037s to receive extensive modifications (and so becoming known as the 'Type 037 Mod' so as to differentiate them from the base Type 037)— all sporting ASW (anti-submarine warfare) rocket launchers, a sophisticated sonar system, and an experimental adaptation of the automation system used on Type 074 landing ships to drastically cut down on the amount of human crew needed to operate the vessel.

Its glory days as a sleek military vessel were long over by the time Yi-Min, Yi-Shan, and Kara Prince stumbled upon its derelict shell off the coast of Fuzhou, with the majority of its weaponry systems too damaged for further use; two out of its four rocket launchers were missing entirely. However, they discovered most of its other vital systems to be intact, and with some work they were able to restore it to an approximation of its former seaworthy state. Crucially, the automated framework of the vessel allowed it to be operated within acceptable parameters by their little skeleton crew without the necessity of additional human hands.

It was Yi-Min who chose the new name 'Kuihua,' or 'sunflower'— for in their wanderings from east to west, their little boat has ever turned its face towards the guidance of the sun.

Combat capabilities: 1 operative rocket launcher, inbuilt sonar system

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