Fighting Over Statues


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Scene Title Fighting Over Statues
Synopsis It's not quite in context, but that's the only memory Kat has of Elisabeth.
Date September 28, 2009

Homeland Security Holding Facility

When Minea dropped Kat off the afternoon before, Katherine was checked by security and the t-shirts and jeans she bought were allowed into the cell. Thanks to Minea who bought the items for the former agent, Katherine has a couple extra changes of clothes. However, nearly 24 hours later on Monday afternoon, the bag sits in the corner, still full of her bought clothing as Katherine lies on her bunk.

It would be so easy for her to slip out. Form a hole in the wall and slip away, but she doesn't. It's not what she does. The instinct to do the right thing is buried deep inside her and tugs at her to stay put. "They promised I'd be out soon, right?" she asks herself. The large mirror on the wall that she knows allows folks to see into the room, though she can't see them. She should walk over and reverse the reflect just to mess with them, but.. she doesn't want to do anything to delay her release. She doesn't like it in here one bit.

As she looks at the woman through the one-way glass, Elisabeth is shocked. She can't help it. Minea warned her. But the warning can only take you so far. There's a long breath drawn in and held, a small white pill popped, and then Elisabeth steps out into the hall to go next door to knock on Kat's cell door. Because really, that's what it is.

Kat would have no clue she was being watched. She could assume that she's been eyed at all times, but to know who actually was looking through the glass, she'd not predict. Her hair is much longer than the last time Liz would have seen and she's perhaps a bit more frail, having little to eat on Staten as well as when she was back at the hospital.

She glances towards the door, then sits up on her bed and takes a moment to glance around her room. She spends plenty of time during the day ensuring that everything lines up neatly in the room, but she can't help but make sure again. "You can come in," she responds to the knocker. Perhaps it's lunch time and she'd forgotten already. Things do occasionally slip from her brain without warning.

The blonde who walks into the room is wearing khaki slacks and a red blouse. She's sans weapon or badge, the front of her blonde hair caught back in a barette and swishing around her shoulders. It's shorter than Kat would remember — if she could remember. "Hello, Kat," she offers quietly, watchfully.

Sure. Get your hair cut before you see a woman who might not remember you even if your hair was the same length. Katherine is still getting used to being called Kat again, having been programmed for months that her name was June. It's coming, but slowly.

Liz can probably thank Minea for showing her the picture yesterday, because as it is there are things that will come very hard for Kat to recall. "You're Elisabeth.." Now, the inflection given could be that Kat is just a little unsure and is taking a guess. Her eyes become shifty as she glances at the woman, then then turns her eyes down to the floor as its apparent that she's trying to search her memory for anything she might have on the woman. Katherine stands and maybe for the first time ever, Elisabeth would see an uncertain Katherine. A frail Katherine.

Liz can sympathize with that feeling. "That's right," she says quietly. "Don't feel bad if you can't remember… it's all right," she offers. "Minea asked me to stop in and see you… we didn't know if you'd remember me or not." She moves now to hold her hand out. "Elisabeth Harrison. I'm a detective with the NYPD. We… worked together. For a while."

"I think I remember you, I just can't see in what way. Or how. But I have the vague recollection that we argued over a statue. But that doesn't make any sense." Ever since becoming aware that she isn't June, Katherine has become increasingly frustrated with her existance. As June she hadn't a care in the world, but here she is and everything she thought was real, wasn't. "Sometimes nothing makes sense. I'm sorry, I don't remember more than that. You look different than the picture." Kat tilts her head, "Minea said we worked together once in a while." Even though it's a statement, it comes across more as a question. The chair is offered as Kat sits back down on her bed.

Elisabeth chuckles quietly. "Actually, it makes a lot of sense to me. One of our cases was an Evolved man who turned his family to stone accidently. He was going to commit suicide and we stopped him… we argued over how to dispose of the statues that were his family. Luckily… in that instance… I won. He was able to change them back." She moves to take the chair, though she moves it so she can see the door more easily. "I, uhm… I guess I lost a little weight. Cut my hair some."

"I don't remember all of that. Just the part that has to do with a statue. And it's not like even a memory, just a word. I am pretty broken." Kat sighs. She places her hands flat on the mattress on either side of her and shrugs her shoulders. "I'm only now coming to grips with the fact that I was lied to about who I was when I woke up. None of it makes any sense to me."

Liz considers and says quietly, "The hospital you woke up in…. was run by some people who obviously thought that you'd be… useful. I don't really know what the people around here are telling you, so I'm …. unsure how much to say, honestly, Kat." She studies the other woman and says quietly, "I went to see you … in the regular hospital." It's not really important, but she says it anyway. For lack of better to say.

In a very 'June'ish manner, Kat wrinkles up her nose at the thought of being seen in the hospital after being shot in the chest. "That couldn't have been pretty. I don't suppose I was very good company." She curls up on corner of her mouth into a half grin. "So, what kind of stuff did we do together? What can you tell me?"

"Well…." Elisabeth is forced to think really hard about all that. "Most of what we did was try to round up Evo criminals. Sometimes we disagreed on how to go about that, but…." She bites her lip. "I'd like to think we respected each other at the end of it all. I don't know… maybe that's just wishful thinking. I respected you for being so fierce in your convictions, that's for sure."

Kat's trying to recall if she ever disagreed with anyone since she's been out on her own. She's been pretty agreeable, which if she vocalized aloud, might cause Elisabeth to laugh out loud. She takes a moment to consider the thinking behind what Liz is saying and nods. "I would think that if we didn't like each other, there'd be no reason for you to be here now, right?" It's frustrating for Katherine. She now finds herself wondering what else she doesn't remember. Her fingers grip at the bedding under her hands, bunching it up into her fists.

Elisabeth smiles at her. "I came because you needed me," she says simply.

The smile is returned. This is a much different Katherine Marks. The confident, cocky and opinionated Kat is somewhere inside, but nowhere near the outside as the smile is reserved. "Thank you for coming. I don't really know what I'll do when I get out of here, or what I can even do, but it's nice to know there are people who know me who care enough to come see me. If for some reason I've never said it before, thank you."

There's a slow nod, and Elisabeth says quietly, "You look me up when you get out. Even if you don't remember much, okay? And if you want me to come see you, just let Minea know. I'll come." She moves to stand with a faint smile. "It's…. damn good to see you."

Katherine rubs her palms on her jeans just before standing. It's a habit she's picked up from somewhere. She's no clue. She nods. "I'll do that." She feels awkward for some reason. She walks towards the door. "Come back any time. It isn't like I'm doing a lot here."

Elisabeth walks to the door with her and smiles. "I'll do my best," she promises quietly. And then she heads out.

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