Fighting With Yourself



Scene Title Fighting With Yourself
Synopsis Is a concept Something that Eve is all too familiar with.
Date March 17, 2011


The sound of her name being called causes Eve Mas to realize where she is.

A tunnel.



Says the soft voice, calling through the darkness beckoning the woman. Taking tentative steps towards the source of the voice, Eve’s bare feet pad against the cold, stone floor. Her raven hair hangs loosely to the middle of her back, the curls knotted and tangled in some places. Her eerie light grey eyes scan the surrounding area. A teddy bear lays on the cracked concrete. Missing one eye.

“Hurry, come now.” The voice whispers in Eve’s ear and she turns quickly but finds nothing. The sound of laughter echoes to her and she edges forward. A cool wind, ruffling the long dark gown she wears, the train trailing forgotten leaves and dirt after her.

When Eve nears the exit of the tunnel, she sees a light up ahead and the sound of music being played. An organ, to be specific. Her eyebrows raise as she enters a cavern with a grand crystal chandelier. An organ is set up against the wall with a hooded figure hunched over and playing it rapidly. Dark purple irises shine from underneath as the head turns slightly to peer at Eve. Beatrix. One of the women who share Eve’s face.. and headspace.

The usually silent Eve clone just nods her gently before closing her eyes and shuddering as she hands glide up and down the organ. A deep rumbling piece echoing throughout the place. No, this isn’t the one who wanted to see Eve. It’s her. Eve can feel her before she sees her. The anger that she has radiates from her, is she upset that Eve is the one that gets to walk around and have a life? While she has to stay in rot with these pathetic losers?

Why yes, that is exactly why Kylie is upset. And she manifests herself, stepping out of a dark smoke and smog that had slid up behind Eve. “You.” Is said in Eve’s soft voice as a sly smile creeps up on Kylie’s face. “You’ve been avoiding me.” Kylie, in a dress blood red that is short and ragged, almost as if she went to prom and was murdered afterwards or something.

“You’re not nice to me.” Comes dryly from Eve, to which Kylie throws her head back and laughs. “Stop being such a pussy.” The red dressed Eve clone says as she tiptoes over to Beatrix, running a hand over the other woman’s shoulder blades. Eyes as red as her dress focus on Eve’s light grey ones. “And stop being so weak, you make us look bad. Taking those pills.” Kylie says the word in disgust, spitting over her shoulder just missing the entranced Beatrix.

“You know why I need to be lucid. You know why I have to do this.” Eve counters with raised hands, frustrated at Kylie’s lack of understanding. “We have to be able to do it.” She says in a softer tone before Kylie frowns and moves forward. Taking Eve’s hand, she peers into the grey eyes of the oracle. “Are we going to go there?”

With those words comes the stopping of Beatrix’s playing, she peeks over her shoulder at Eve as Kylie asks her that question. The ocean turquoise that belong to O’Hera becomes visible in the darkness and the more feral part of Eve crawls out of the shadow. Her hair hanging lifelessly in her face. “Are we really going?” she asks Eve with a tilt of her head.

The emerald green eyes of another woman can be seen as another woman wearing Eve’s face walks forward, head canted and arm slung around Kylie’s shoulder. “It’ll be fun~.” She says in a singsong voice, her eyes flashing in the light.

“Cindy.. how nice of you to join us.” Kylie rolls her eyes and shoves the other woman’s arm off of her. To which Cindy pouts and folds her arms.

“I.. I don’t know.” A collective groan rises from the four other women at Eve’s answer. Even from the normally silent Beatrix. “Should we?” she asks next of the four. Kylie grinning wickedly. “Look,” she begins and goes to lean against a nearby boulder.

“We should go and help him. It’s what’s supposed to happen.” Ky waves her hands dismissively. “To hell with what other people think. They wouldn’t understand ever.

“But Gilly..”

“Do you think anyone cares about you?” Kylie asks with a snort, to which Cindy looks at and frowns. “I’m actually starting to agree with Eve. It isn’t safe, we can’t go there. If we do.. who knows what will spiral from that. Not even us.” Eve nods with her more childish counterpart.

“We stay where we are.. it’s decided.” Eve takes control of the situation and Kylie glares as she vanishes in a puff of smoke. Off to whatever part of Eve’s mind that she usually haunts. All the bad memories normally, the negative ones.

Cindy winks at Eve before vanishing as well and then she’s left with Beatrix and O’Hera. The former who begins to play music again, eyes closed and lost in the endless river that are notes.

“Kylie will get over it, she just wants to go with the most dark looking decision. We walk this line very finely, we can’t afford to step over into either side.” Eve says to O’Hera with a light, nervous smile.

“She will get you back.” Is all O’Hera says as she too walks away, soon vanishing.

The music almost awakens Eve herself, as her eyes snap open and she looks around her room at Mas Mechanics. With a soft sigh, she climbs out of bed and comes to the foot of it, where a trunk lays. Opening the trunk, on her knees. She lifts some piece of clothing, the fabric, thick and durable. A few blood stains here and there but nothing she can’t take care of. This coat stood for something once, before everything truly went to hell. Maybe it’s time that the meaning behind this is brought back.

“Just like old times.”

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