Figure It Out


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Scene Title Figure It Out
Synopsis Devon and Lucille are reunited.
Date March 25, 2019

Elmhurst Hospital

It’s lunch time.

Devon only knows that for sure, because the tray that an orderly brought in contains soup, a sandwich, and green jello. It’s also light outside, and the streets are somewhat busy, from what he can see from the only window in his room.

He’s made it as far as that window and is sitting in one of the two chairs beneath it. A third is pulled up to the bedside, left there for the near constant vigil his family has been holding. For now he’s alone. And he’s occupying a chair, since there’s been no rule given that he must remain in bed. Or if there has been, he’s chosen to ignore it.

Bare feet rest on the other chair, so he’s still somewhat reclined. And a blanket is drawn around his shoulders. Devon’s attention is on the world that’s beyond the glass, eyes following first a car then later taking interest in a pair of birds chasing each other from tree to tree.

A knock sounds at the door and when Devon's eyes lift he sees a familiar face.

Lucille's hair is short again, she must have cut it after he… disappeared. In those blue eyes is worry but despite that worry there is joy. He's alive. Against all odds. The Wolfhound operative had learned how to let go of fellow soldiers lost in the line of duty. She said goodbye to more than her share of comrades, some even younger than Devon was. She had always thought they were the lucky ones.

It turned out they still were. "Well," walking in closer to stand next to him. "I cut all my hair off for you." Lucille thinks of Devon as her Kid Brother and the love she feels shows on her face. She crouches so he doesn't have to get up and it evens their eye level field. She smiles softly in the blonde man's direction. "How do you feel?" Placing a hand on his arm to squeeze.

Head turning from the window at the sound of the knock, Devon leans slightly to see who’s checking in. Usually the nurses and doctors just walk in with barely an announcement. Usually it’s a couple of brisk words, an inconsequential comment about the weather or day or some other nonsense. He’s not expecting to see Lucille and it shows in the surprised grin he offers her.

“It’s a little dramatic,” he comments on her hair, easily delivering it as a joke. He appreciates the intent, the honor of her actions.

He turns his head slightly, taking another look out the window. Little has changed in the few seconds since he looked away. “Tired mostly.” Devon takes a deep breath and looks at Luce again. “Overall, I’m doing alright though. Doctors’ve been running tests, but nothing’s come back with anything unusual.”

Rolling her eyes in jest she rolls with the joke, "You know me." He did. And that's why the look of worry on her face seems so real, she doesn't just do this with everyone. Lucille's brow furrows at the tests not coming up with anything unusual.

"Well you've been through an unusual ordeal." "Dying" then washing up on the shores of the Safe Zone. It was all so… fucking strange. The auburn haired woman was trying to wrap her head around it all. At the end of the day, dealing with Berlin's conduit issues had prepared Lucille for.. well things being weird as fuck.

Lifting her fingers Lucille wiggles them and her eyes flash a quick hue of gold before fading back to blue. "Maybe we have to poke around using unusual methods." The tall woman wasn't sure if there was anyone like her on staff here but she's willing to bet they haven't had a biological manipulator take a peek.

“Maybe.” Devon resorts to his standard answer of neither agreeing nor disagreeing. He’ll pick away at the mystery at his pace, seek answers in his own way. “Commander suggested talking to a telepath to see if there’s any memories to recover.” He frowns faintly, as he shares those thoughts. The idea of telepathy is not his favorite, but where else is he to start?

After shifting in his chair, he nods at the other so Lucille can sit. Or continue to crouch if she wants, but the offer is there. “What happened the other day? After the robots… Did Noa make it out?”

"That could be good. Raytech has Kaylee right?" She assumed the woman still worked for the company in her family name. Lucille looks noticeably different as Devon asks about that day. Looking down at the ground as she sits on her heels, "Noa did. The whole place fucking exploded. I nabbed Rich," leaving out the part that she harassed him for information first.

"It was chaos. Like the war," she falls short and puts her hand on the back of Devon's chair as she lifts herself with her back against the wall to walk over and sit in the chair next to Dev. "We looked for you, tried too. I scanned…" Shaking her head Lucille makes eye contact with Devon.

"I'm sorry I didn't find you."

“Richard’s sister,” which is likely why he's at least letting the idea sit on the table. Devon starts to stand when Luce moves, then settles in his seat when she decides to sit instead of leave. “I don't know if she's going to be able to help me, but it's a starting point.”

As she starts apologizing, he shakes his head “Luce. You tried. I mean…” he knew there were still crews searching for him, only he wasn't there to find. “You did your best.”

"I heard she's wicked powerful so, here's hoping." Lucille stares ahead as Devon rebukes her apology, he's just returned from the dead so the least she can do is allow him to do that. She had done her best, it still wasn't good enough.

Little did Devon know, or even Lucille herself. That she would never allow something like this to happen again. Not to her family. A vow she made on that hilltop. It was hard for Lucille to break her promises.

"Let me see what they did to you." Placing her hand on Devon's shoulder, her ability unfurls from that spot in her chest like a lotus flower and snakes over Devon's body. He's use to it, it doesn't feel like anything is happening at all but her gray blue eyes flare a hot amber gold and she inspects her friend. Brow pitches upwards and she pulls back, looking at Devon strangely.

He may be used to it, but that doesn't stop the apprehensive expression when Lucille unfurls her ability. Devon is nothing if not reluctant about others probing him with their skills. Her reaction to whatever she finds doesn't change much, he'd almost rather not know.


“What is it?” Dev’s tone is flat, reluctant to even be asking. “Clone genes? Terminator tech?”

"You are the Harbinger of death." Replied dryly but a good natured pat and force of a smile is what Lucille delivers after that strange look she's given him.

"I'm.. actually not sure Dev." Looking apoplectic, frustrated. "It's like… your biological functions, your body is fine. They did something deeper. Genetic, cellular maybe." Lucille's mind flicking through the various things she knows of the two with those being her course of study along with all things with the human body.

"Whatever it is they did to you though, you're okay." Trying to comfort him from thoughts of like turning into cherry cobbler and such. "We'll figure it out."

“Can you tell what they did?” Devon's tone hasn't changed, he's asking but uncertain if he wants to know what the answer might be. Or if Luce can even tell.

"It's not clear." Lucille says sadly but she grips Dev's shoulder, rubbing it before withdrawing her hand. "Are you having trouble sleeping?" It's the next question, he needed to be in a good frame of mind. "I know this is a lot."

That's an understatement but she delivers it still, "I'll look into experiments. If it's genetic or cellular… if you know where to look then.." Well you can find the answer. Lucille doesn't know what else to tell him. She's at a loss herself. "It just felt not within my abilities' grasp. To see what they did."

“I don't think so.” He's been sleeping much of his time away since arriving, but whether it's restful or pure exhaustion isn't clear. Devon leans back in his chair and rubs at his face. “Thanks for looking,” he says into his hands. Not just into his biological makeup, looking for him. “Seriously. I know you tried. Are trying. I just… don't know right now. What's going on or anything.”

Nodding her head along still, Lucille smiles and grips his arm. Behind that smile is a world of worry but luckily for Lucille that Devon isn't a telepath. Her objective at the moment, Keep Kid Brother happy. Relaxed. "Dev… of course. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat."

Eyes crinkling in the corners from laugh lines, "It is so good. To have you back," Lucille wasn't sure he even realized.

There's a look of mischief that crosses her face, "We'll figure out your stuff. Don't worry." She says again, drilling it into his head. "But there is something… we have long since needed to discuss." Lucille leans in and winks, "Avi has it coming."

Devon knee why. "I know he thought it was over and he had Claire and fucking Francis." Fucking Francis is an activity she would like to be indulging in but she doesn't voice that opinion.

“No way.” Devon lets his hands drop and levels a look at Lucille. The payback they'd gotten from the commander took some of the wind from his sails, and further shenanigans placed him on uneven ground. “I crossed that line twice, I'm not chancing it again. You're going to have to fly solo, or try to talk someone else into it. Too much risk for my taste.”

"Who are you and what have you done with Devon." Lucille's eyes twinkle in amusement and she pats her friends shoulder. "The great Devon, cowed. I suppose this is something Avi can make fun of you about on your wedding day." Standing up with a wink and quick flick of her tongue out at the younger man. Her antics meant to bring a smile to his face, easing it all up.

Stretching her arms out to the ceiling, she's tired. They all were. "How's the pudding?" A dark grin on her face. "Let's grab some." Rubbing her belly which rumbles loudly. Mmmm pudding.

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