Film Star's Sister Targeted In Shooting
Date January 31, 2010
Relevant Logs None

Amadora Laudani, twin sister of Italian film star Lucrezia Bennati, 45, was injured after an unknown gunman opened fire during Saturday mass at church in Palermo, Sicily, killing a priest.

The gunman walked down the church aisle and briefly spoke with Laudani before shooting during the 7:00 pm service. Laudani used the Bible she was carrying to shield herself from the first round of bullets being pumped at her, a witness told local reporters. The gunman's .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol jammed after the fifth shot was fired, allowing Father Umberto Cipriani, 75, to move in and attempt to subdue him while Laudani's husband helped her behind a pew.

According to witnesses, the gunman was then able to clear the jam and shot Cipriani once in the head. Laudani and Cipriani were transported to a local hospital where Cipriani was pronounced dead upon arrival. Laudani remains in critical condition.

Police have not determined a motive for the attack at this time. "It's a very strange case," commented Sergeant Lucio Basso. "It is strange because there was no warning. No threats or demands were made. This man simply walked through the doors, singled Mrs. Laudani out and began firing."

The gunman remains at large after escaping through the church's rear doors. He has been described by witnesses as a tall Caucasian with light brown hair and a beard.

Neither Lucrezia Bennati nor her agent could be reached for comment at the time this article was written.

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