Finally Legal


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Scene Title Finally Legal
Synopsis A trio goes out for some fun and to celebrate the all-important 21st birthday.
Date January 2, 2011


Some people spend most of December looking forward to Christmas, with the presents and visiting family and all the usual holiday fun. Tess, however, is not most people, and she spend all of December looking forward to January. Specifically today, January 2. The day that she turns legal for everything. Which meant, of course, that she spent New Years Eve and day waiting impatiently for the second to arrive, and calling around to see who wanted to go partying with her.

With Quinn out of town then too busy, Sable was the next on her list, because really, if you want to party, you have to call Sable. And the more the merrier, so Tess gave the other woman free reign to invite whoever else she wanted for a night of barhopping, drunkeness and general merriment. Which led to the three woman party patrol of Tess, Sable and the previously unknown (to Tess) Adel.

A recipe for disaster? Or a recipe for awesome? Only time will tell.

Tess has gotten gussied up, in a pair of skintight pants and a shirt that could be semi-accurately called a handkerchief, due to its size. But a girl only has one twenty-first birthday, and she's going all out, even if she has to cover up with a coat. And she's asked them both to meet at her place, and invited them to pass out there after the fun if they like. Which makes it now time to party!

"So, I figure, none of us wants to be DD, and cabs are sooooo expensive. But guess what. This is New York, and there are a ton of bars like, right near here. So we get to test out our skills walkin' drunkenly in heels!" She peers down at her shoes. "Or at least, I do," she says, giving an impish grin to them both.

A recipe for primal, if Adel has anything to say about it!

Half a year past her own twenty-first, the brunette almost seems to act like this is a second party. For someone else, sure, but she got an invite and was able to dress up in her best cute clothes and go out and have fun. That's what parties are, right? — "I'm not sure I should drink that much, I don't know what would happen," she says, the first signs of real doubt she's ever shown. "But I can't drive either, and I don't think the both of you would fit on my bike, so your plan is definitely the best."

Before they get too far into the night, though, she reaches into her bulky yellow coat and pulls out a wrapped present. "I had no idea what to get you, but I found this and it was pretty primal looking, and figured anyone turning twenty-one would probably like it."

Inside the small box? A rather cheap looking white circular keychain with pink text that reads: Birthday Girl <3 finally legal and accepting FREE drinks!

Birthdays are quite the novelty, especially to those who don't know their own. It's especially good for those who can't be DD, because they lack a license. And any real driving experience. With a well worn fake ID readily at hand, Sable prays that the momentum of Tess-at-Twenty-One will carry her small self through any suspicion. Hell, maybe she is twenty one, she can't really be sure!

She needn't worry. Tess's new badge will do what work her dimples can't.

Sable arrives at Tess's door in the only duds she brought with her to the mainland, her quasi-formal button up with vest and slacks that she has been assured doesn't make her look like a waiter. After a Christmas without being able to gifts (she still needs to do her belated shopping, but her budget is tight and only getting tighter for want of a job) Sable feels it's necessary to bear some offering. Luckily, a brainwave struck while in sight of a pawn shop (a one stop shopping extravaganza, always) and when the door swings open to admit Sable, the yellow eyed girl, grinning wide, tugs a slender silver flask from her inside pocket. Around it is tied a single red ribbon with a bow.

"Happy Blackout Birthday, sweetie."

Can't drink that much? Tess looks at Adel like she just commited the worst sort of blasphemy. "But…why not? We're stickin' close'n you got a place to pass out afterwards!" Then the blasphemy is forgotten as she digs into the present, pulls out the keychain, and busts out laughing. "I love it!" Enough to fasten it to her coat so it's in plain view. Then, stranger or not, she's doing her absolute best to give Adel a thank you hug. She's big on physical affection, this one.

Sable's present gets another laugh, and she gives it a little shake before grinning, dimples and all. "Okay, we have got to fill this up. Later. You know, after we're blitzed anyway." And then it's Sable's turn for a hug, before she links arms with them both. "So…Do you two dance?" she asks, grinning as she leads the way towards their first destination. "Or will I have to get a few drinks in y'all before I can drag you onto a dance floor with me?"

"Look at it this way, more for you!" Adel says with a grin, returning the hug with no sign of weirdness at all. Physical affection is close to the top of her list as well, especially with people she consideres 'safe'. There's plenty of reasons not to drink, and she must have one of them if she said anything about it.

"Haha, a flask. I considered buying those tiny bottles of Jack they have in the stores, but…" They weren't in her price range. In fact most things aren't these days. "We can make sure Tess gets plenty of that in these bars we're going to. "Oh, I totally dance. As long as the music is good— or— okay, that doesn't really matter either cause I can dance without music, but— yes. I can dance."

"Does th' job in a pinch," Sable says, nodding to the flask, pleased as punch at the reaction. When it comes to gifting, Sable prefers to either be eminently practical, or absolutely decorative. But she is a creature of extremes.

The hug is recieved and returned with ease. What issues with casual physicality Sable may have once had have since been neatly dealt with. It helps to have so many huggy and huggable people around. She tugs at her vest before her arm is taken by Tess, and her yellow gaze cuts from woman to woman, returning, of course, to the birthday girl in the end.

"Naw, it's smart," Sable reasons, "have someone t' spot y' on yer first night legal. Make sure y'all stay doin' what's legal." Not normally one for restraint or even legality, even Sable figures a birthday party would be spoiled by trouble with the law. Of course, what exactly she imagines wee Tess might get up to that the police would have to intervene is something of a question. Sable has some crooked ideas of what constitutes fun.

As for dancing? "Music 'n' women are intoxicants 'nuff, but a drink sure helps loosen a gal up," Sable says, getting a little squinty as she grins, "but mebbe I'll make y' drag me, jus' so y'll have t' work for it, eh?"

"Bah. Those tiny bottles aren't enough to get ya drunk anyway," Tess says with a grin to Adel, before beaming at first one, then the other, and tugging them both a little closer as she lets out a squee of delight. "Awesome! Drunken dancin'! One of my all time favorite pasttimes! And now that I can actually dance without worryin' 'bout hurtin' myself, I'm gonna shake my ass like there's no tomorrow! Just wish I had like, a second me, to take pictures of it all. But I'd prolly lose the camera if I tried tonight." Which she seems just a tad bummed about.

Then it occurs to her to ask Adel, "So how d'ya know Sable here? Do you know the rest of her band too? I've only met her'n Quinn, but they're both totally fuckin' awesome, so the rest of their band has to be too!" Oh how little does she know!

"Oh, oh, I can take pictures! My cellphone has a camera." Most do these days, really. Adel pulls it out as if to demonstrate. It's a flip phone, that has a small silver dangly on it in the shape of a guitar, and she flips it open as if to do a quick check on the amount of space she happens to have on it— or perhaps also glance at her texts and the time, before she flips it back shut. "Got plenty of room for wild-crazy pictures," she adds, as she puts it away again.

"I'm the new drummer in the band! Sable's band, Mad Muse." So yes, she knows the rest of them. "I just started last month really, but they're totally awesome and I'm just doing my best to be as awesome."

Sable can't quite keep a straight face, for all that she may try, as Tess asks whether Adel knows the band. The tension of irony doesn't last long. Adel, enthusiastic and ever-obliging, pops the bubble, letting Tess know that yes, Adel does know the band, as she knows herself.

"Heavensent," Sable says, dipping her head, indicating Ms. Starkey, "know how long we went without? Jesus H., but if that's not the eternal fuckin' deadlock. But Adel here's th' magic key, ain't that right?" It seems as if, at least for tonight, Adel has earned a reprieve from the otherwise exacting treatment Sable sometimes doles out.

"Pictures?" Sable has to think about this for a moment - it's not something within her immediate experience. "Aw sure. Gotta start gettin' used t' a life 'f fame 'n' the burdens that come with. Jus' don't you snap nothin' too incriminatin'-like when I'm on the dance floor. I jus' got bumped a rung on th' datin' ladder, don't wanna trip 'n' slide down a snake's tail, eh?"

"Really? Sweet! Now I really do have to come listen to you guys sometime! Been wantin' to, but haven't had the chance. And now that I know three of you guys, it's like, no choice. Just has to happen!" Tess says, brightly. "And yes, pictures. You know I'm a picture freak. Remember how Quinn got me a camera for Christmas? And the whole band photographer thing? I looooooove pictures," she says, hip bumping Sable lightly.

"Ooooh. Here's our first stop!" she says, eyes lighting up as she works on dragging them both into the first club of the night. "Wonder how far it'd be to walk to that gay cowboy bar later," she muses as she sets about flashing her ID and all that. "I wanna ride the bull again!"

"I won't take pictures of your boobs, promise," Adel says with a wide grin, looking both pleased and a little proud of the praise, before she realizes she is and tries to down it a notch to humble. It doesn't work very well. She's happy that the band leader is praising her! Humble people just have no self-esteem, right?

"You got bumped a rung on the dating ladder?" she has to ask as she follows along to the first stop, already pulling her phone back out so she can snap a picture of the 'Tess' first LEGAL drink!' "Oh man, gay cowboy bar? Do they make you wear hats? Cause I like cowboy hats, they're cute! Though I guess a gay boy bar wouldn't be as much fun. It's like windowshopping when you're broke. Look, but can't have."

Humility should be reserved for those who do not carry the burden of divine artistic inspiration. If you think you fit the bill, forget it. Of course… plenty of arrogant hacks out there, but that's the risk innate to the venture. "Shit," Sable says, huffing, "ain't all that much t' see." She bars her arm under her chest and pushes up, inventing cleavage where there once was none, though even this is hidden under her button up, done all the way but to the top button, as a boy would. Also as a bus boy would, but hey, don't invite that comparison, okay?

"Ayup," Sable confirms when Adel seeks confirmation, though no further details are forthcoming. For all that she's effusive and wears her heart on her sleeve, she can be awful reticent about the details of romance. Speaking of something can break the spell, after all, and love is a kind of magic. "'N', honey, y'all don' want no boy from a bar anyhow. Never know where they been. Gay club's perfect. Faggots take care 'f 'emselves better th'n th' breeders do, anyhow. Less beer guts 'n' more, like, definition." She speaks in the manner of one comparing the features of breeds of moth.

Sable isn't challenged at the door, despite her height and generally youthful mien. She walks with confidence, which helps, but she also walks with two pretty young women, which helps a lot more. Ladies drive traffic at these places. Bread and butter.

Tess gives Adel a dimpled grin. "I stole a cowboy hat from one of the guys there and rode the bull. I was wavin' it around in the air goin' yeehaw! Until I fell off anyway. It was awesome. Ran into a friend there too who snuck me a drink. One of these days I am so gonna get him on the bull, even though he prefers to ride the cowboys instead of the bull. Or cowgirls. He's equal opportunity."

Then she's giving that grin to Sable. "Hey, I happen to like the breeders. Guy I've been havin' fun with takes care of himself. He never goes out of his apartment in less'n a suit. Though he really needs to loosen up a bit. But gay bars can be a hell of a lotta fun," she agrees, nodding to Sable, then Adel. "You should come with me sometime to that place. You can steal a cowboy hat and ride the bull too!"

There's a definite sense that Adel wants to ask about the relationship thing, but she takes the hint this time and keeps her questions to herself. But they are definitely rattling around in her head! Somewhere— between sudden realization about the breeders. "Well, I don't like all breeders— But I do like guys. But the only ones I'll take home are ones I know pretty well. Either good friends, or…" She looks suddenly embarassed that she's saying this much. There must be a guy. A particular guy.

That she won't be getting into.

"Sure, one gay bar bull ride future ticket secured," she adds on, but her voice is a little more passing than engaged. She holds the phone up and clicks over a few things until the camera can be seen on the screen. "Okay! Pick your first drink wisely. You only get one! One first legal drink, that is." And she'll capture the moment and data transfer it. She may not be a photographer herself, but how hard can it be to snap a few pics?

Tit for tat, one thing for another. Adel doesn't pry, so neither does Sable. That, of course, says nothing about Tess's place in the interchange. But she may have more important things on her mind. Sable smirks at the birthday girl. "Hey, y'all find a breeder worth keepin', thass nice. Few 'n' far b'tween is th' impression I get. But I ain't exactly lookin', y' know?"

The yellow eyed girl begins to quickly scope out the club's interior, locating bar, floor, DJ booth, then scanning for any tinted windows that would mark the presence of a VIP room. Some day…

Unfortunately, Tess is the type to pry, and be totally unapologetic about it. She grins at Adel. "Oooh. You got a guy you're goin' after huh? Is he hot? Rich? I hope he's hot'n rich. You deserve hot'n rich. And oh god. Now you've put all this pressure on my first drink! Maybe I should've had it back home. Found this bottle of really fuckin' good whiskey."

She chews on her lip for a moment as she considers the bottles of liquor behind the bar, then she brightens. "Amaretto sour! It's nice'n sweet, just like me!" she says, fluttering her lashes and doing her best to look sweet. Which, of course, makes her bust out laughing. "Fair warning too, guys. I may get a lil' sticky later. I haven't gotten trashed, really trashed, since I manifested, and I so don't have total control over it. So if you get stuck to me, just remember, I totally love ya both!"

There's a bit of color to her cheeks, and for some reason Adel's eyes dart toward Sable as if seeking help from the yellow eyed woman. "Well, um— he is really cute. Like super cute. He'd probably make all those gay guys turn their heads and go 'whoa'." There's a soft giggle as if she finds that particularly amusing. "But— there's issues."

Usually are.

"I do think he'd be a keeper, though. My mom's— " she stops there, shaking her head and holding up the camera, taking a picture of the bartender as he prepares it and distracting herself with that. Snap, save, snap save. It is a distracting thing to do! "Sticky!? Stuck to— oh boy." And that, would be why she's staying as sober as she can.

"Honey," Sable says, catching that pleading glance, reaching out to set a hand on Adel's shoulder, "ain't there always? Y'all don' have t' get int' it now. Y'all c'n wait 'til we had a few drinks," she cracks a grin, "might make shit seem a little clearer, or else everything so tangled it don't feel different from nothin' else.

"'N' don't you fuckin' worry 'bout nothin' yer mum says," she adds, almost chiding, "love don't bow it's head t' no one, parental types included." Easy enough to say when you never had real parents. "Jack 'n' coke. I gotta share this sweet lady's first drink," Sable says, tipping Tess a wink. "Get us both, Starkey! 'N' make sure 'n' get m' good side."

Tess looks positively giddy as her drink is prepared and it's all recorded on film. So to speak. "Yeah, sticky. My ability is called adhesive secretion. To put it simply…I'm Glue Girl," she says, flashing Adel another grin. "And trust me, it can't freak you out anymore than it did me. Or be half as annoyin'. Ended up gluin' myself to a Humanis First bastard last month. Worst person to get stuck to ever."

"Abilities are strange, aren't they? I wouldn't want to be glued to anyone really!" Except maybe guy she seems to like? Maybe not even him! "I like being free to go as I please, you know?" And glued to someone makes that difficult. "Just try not to get stuck to the dance floor— or your drink— or a stranger," Adel offers the birthday girl. If she gets stuck to one of them, at least they can get home and pry her off.

Instead of ordering a drink or taking a picture, she gets distracted by something, and then suddenly says to Sable, "I think you'd like him," she says with a grin. "Not to sleep with, though, obviously. And I know he'd like you." With that, she looks at the bartender and considers, but she gets distracted again, cause pictures. There's a flash each time she takes one, so they know when she does, because the bar isn't near bright enough not to have a flash. "All your sides are your good side!" she says to the smaller woman. It could be flattery, but she seems to be genuine with it.

"Stick to me, sweetie, if y' gotta stick t' someone," Sable says, sliding the money for both her and Tess's drink up onto the bar. Tess had to bring an ID, but if she brought a card or cash, Sable doesn't want to see Tess even motion in their direction. "I ain't too heavy, so I won't slow y' down much," is her offered reasoning, delivered with a toothy smile. When her drink arrives, she takes it in hand, waiting for Tess to seize hold of her own, not daring to drink before the lady of the day.

"Honeyed words, Starkey," Sable says, brows lifting, "y'all don't think I know that play? You snap these pictures good, hon, don't you be tryin' t' avoid th' work by workin' on the' model." Insofar as Sable is a model, she's a somewhat coquettish one, glancing at the camera at odd intervals, but otherwise acting like it's not there. Acting cool.

"I get on fine with boys, even idiot boys, though mebbe that's a goddamn redundancy, eh?" Sable says with a smirk, "know how t' handle 'em. Like handlin' dogs. Pat on the head if their good. Smack on th' nose if they ain't."

Tess laughs and nods. "Yeah, well, strangers are a risk, the dance floor isn't. It's my skin that gets gluey. Which means clothes, but I haven't had my shoed feet get glued to anything yet, which is a mega plus. What's funny is that for years I thought I was an empath. Then one bad night and bam. No more empath, hello sticky fingers!" she says, wiggling the fingers of one hand at Adel.

She grins and takes her drink. "I'll keep that in mind, Sable. Though hopefully I'll keep from gluin' myself to anyone. It's hell on my clothes." She lifts her glass then. "Now, happy birthday to me!" And then she lifts her glass, sipping…sipping…sipping. Oops, it's gone!

pick up some packages from UPS before they return to sender them."

The downside to phone cameras are the delay between pictures while saving them, even if the default file name is all she's using. Adel makes a surprised squeak at how fast Tess downs that special first drink, but manages to get a before a during and an after shot in, even if she's making a 'whew' sound when she gets the after saved. "You drank that fast!" she says with a laugh.

"Don't say you have sticky fingers in a department store or they might get the wrong idea," she adds in a joke, as she checks through the pictures to make sure she was able to get a good side on both. Some don't turn out great, but— she's not a professional. At least she had it pointed the right direction and no one's hair was cut off.

"One down, twenty to go! At least."

Bottoms up. Coke and whiskey are gulped with heedless vigor as Sable synchs her own drink with Tess's. Sharing in the moment. And also just drinking. She gives a slight shiver and shake afterwards, thwacking the glass back on the bartop, the ice within clinking. "Holy…" she says, "w's there like a single fuckin' drop 'f coke in that? Jesus…" She grins, crookedly. "Gal ain't fuckin' around tonight," she says of Tess, proudly, "Starkey, y'all should request a song. Somethin' special, get this woman out there dancin'!"

Tess lowers the glass and laughs. "Might as well the party started right, yanno? Don't worry, I'll slow down with the others. Savor the ability to drink legally," she says, grinning at Adel. "But twenty more? I'm all for partyin' hard, but let's avoid alcohol poisoning!" She looks at Sable, makes an 'ooooh' face, then looks back to Adel. "Yes! Request a song and let's go out there and shake our booties!"

"Yes boss!" Adel says with a grin, leaving without even her first drink as she goes to find the DJ and make with the requestings. It's likely her song won't be the first, but she makes with the sweet talk and smiles and tells them "It's my friend's twenty-first birthday! Her name is Tess. She's the cute blonde in the hanky shirt,"

Yes, she just pointed her out. But there's reasons for that, surely, because the DJ speaks a few words and then the music stops. "We have a twenty-first birthday in the house, everyone. This next song is dedicated to Tess. Happy birthday!"

There's a few polite cheers here and there, and the song that Adel picked— is apparently a Lady Gaga song. And fittingly Just Dance. As she hops back over, she grins. "Hope you don't mind Lady Gaga. It's the first one that popped into my head. Her songs are totally crazy sounding. Now get your booties out there and I'll try not to take incriminating photos."

A true believer in artistry and self-invention, Sable has nothing but respect for Lady Gaga. Adel gets a big old thumb's up. Good work. Another hurdle cleared. "Y'all get m' booty's good side too now, y' hear?" she quips.

Then Sable extends her hand, palm up, to Tess. "Honor 'f th' first dance, milady?" she asks, gallant as anything, "promise I won't hog y' 'r nothin', after. I ain't gonna rob th' floor 'f yer grace."

Hearing her name over the speakers has Tess cheering then giving Adel another hug. "Awesome choice! Remind me to tell you sometime about singin' Love Game as loud as I could down at the docks." Then she's laughing and taking Sable. "Let's embarrass some clumsy guys," she says, before all but dragging Sable along as she heads for the dance floor.

She barely makes it onto what counts as said dance floor before she's starting to dance. And though she's a little rusty given that she's been recovering from being shot, she is still graceful and knows how to move. And boy is she enthusiastic out there!

There's a 'oh good' look on Adel's face at the thumbs up and approval and hugs, but she looks more proud in her smile than relieved, really. As they start moving out to the dance floor, she goes along to, swaying and shaking to the beat, but paying attention to them more than the crowds. She bumps into a few people while putting distance between herself and the dancers so she can snap a few pictures of them, but she glances over her shoulder and smiles in apology and they dance on.

Sable understands bodies. They move with utter comprehensibility to her strange eyes, and that makes her a pretty solid dance partner, reacting with ease, never any risk of treading on Tess's feet, making moves that align with Tess's almost if Sable knew what Tess was doing before she did. Which is… almost true. Hands finding Tess's waist, touch light and uninvasive, behaving herself and not just because a camera is pointed in their direction, Sable Just Dances. Her smile is maybe a touch lupine, but that's just her style, a slight edge of aggressive appreciation.

While Tess is dancing because she, quite honestly, just loves to dance, she loves pictures too, and more than once she glances back towards Adel, flashing a grin for the camera. She doesn't mind Sable's touch, perhaps understanding that it's just dancing. "I haven't gone dancin' in ages. I might try'n go back to work, scar or not, just so I can dance nightly!" she says, her smile and voice showing how happy she is.

There's a few more flicks of the camera, but Adel is focusing on their faces more than their hands. Some could say she's trying to capture the happiness as they throw hair around and dance, or some could think she's trying to avoid incriminating ladder rung breaking pictures. Either way, she also seems to be dancing somewhat. Though she's dancing around them. Only to take pictures, not to show off.

Her only dance partner is her phone— or perhaps the both of them and her phone.

Sable has no problem being the center of attention, or approaching it. Of course, Tess is the real main event here, but Sable's close enough to at least be edging into her spotlight, shimmying near without ever quite bumping or brushing in untoward fashion. Dancing is one of the few socially acceptable forms of public flirting. There's a reason Sable's taken the time, even with a life of vagrancy, to pick up the skill. She catches sight of Adel's flash, and then grins wide, lifting a hand from Tess's waist to do a classic 'no paparazzi face block' gesture. Playing into a scenario.

Sable's gesture has Tess throwing back her hand and laughing. "Better practice that now, 'cause you guys are gonna rich'n fuckin' famous." She grins and glances back to Adel, then to Sable, listening to the song start to wind down. "C'mon, we should back to her. I will have no wallflowers tonight!"

The on-no-paparazzi thing makes Adel laugh and yell over the music at them, "I picked the wrong Gaga song!" in a jest as she saves the last picture and moves closer to them as the song winds down into another. A good DJ never lets the floor get cold, right?

"I'm so not a wallflower. But I am almost out of space, so I think I should save the rest for the really important shorts— like Tess doing shots." Cause shots are awesome.

"Hell yeah, she's been a sport, and I promised not t' hog y'," Sable says, leaning in so she doesn't have to shout in order for Tess to hear her. She slides a hand to the small of Tess's back, guiding her across the floor and back to Adel. "Y'all gotta prove it, Starkey," Sable says, as Adel declares herself a flower of the floor, "I ain't never seen y' perform in front 'f an audience 'r nothin'. They got a stage 'round here?" the yellow eyed girl grins, a little evilly, a challenge put forth, "le's see if y' can't grab some attention."

"I can totally do shots!" Tess says brightly, then Sable makes her "Oooooh. Yes! I demand a performance! Any kind of performance!" Man that's one eager birthday girl. Or maybe the alcohol is starting to take affect and she's just a tipsy birthday girl.

"Well, I don't have an instrument on me, so it'll have to be dancing, I think," Adel says, pulling her oversized coat off finally. She'd only unzipped it when they came into the warmth, but now it's coming off, and held out to one of them to hold on to, complete with her phone being put back into the pocket, so they can abuse her with pictures if they so choose.

As the new song starts, she bobs her head a moment to get the beat, then says, "Okay, don't do too many shots while I'm out there!" As she moves out onto the dance floor, she blows them both a kiss. She has a small advantage of being a couple inches taller than Tess, and twice that taller than Sable, and that's before the heels she wears.

Her dancing isn't quite as skilled, cause she doesn't have ability or training to back it up, but she's definitely not shy. Anyone who seems to be dancing alone suddenly has a brief partner invading their personal space, and then moving on. Not a stage so much, but she's definitely gaining some attention, and avoids the bad kind by moving on quickly enough. No need to ruin the party with a jealous girlfriend pulling hair.

Sable grins with appreciation as Adel demonstrates her showmanship, something with a personal touch that Sable can't but admire. She presses her hand against the small of Tess's back again, saying low to her: "Be right back, sweetie," and then she's crossing over to the bar. Shots don't pour themselves. We haven't developed that technology yet.

"Hey, you won't find me bein' disappointed by dancin'!" Tess grins at Adel, taking her jacket and nodding to Sable. "Sure thing." And right now, despite her eagerness for shots, she's pretty well focused on watching Dancing. When Adel finds temporary partners Tess has to laugh then let out a wolf whistle. "Work it girl!"

The boys aren't the only ones she dances with, and when she gets a girl or two partner, Adel lingers longer. Jealous boyfriends never mind girls dancing with each other, that's usually the opposite of jealous in fact. It means she spends the rest of the song dancing with a group of two girls with lazy boyfriends, all smiles and laughter.

When the song ends to switch beats, she waves bye to them and moves off the floor to rejoin her friends, where shots will hopefully be waiting. "One of those guys was pretty. I think I'll have a shot with you if Sable brings three back. A shot shouldn't make much difference, right?" Even the strong ones, so she thinks.

Difference or no, a shot is what Adel is getting. "Way t' shake it, Starkey," Sable says, returning with a trio of shots, all tequila, all sporting salted rims and wedges of lime. Classic bad decision drinks. Handing the drinks to each of her companions, she lifts her own between thumb and three longest fingers, plucking the lime from the glass and holding it ready. "Here's t' Tess. Who c'n drink in plain sight 'f th' popo, 'n' not have a worry in th' world."

"Right! And you can't prove you're not a wallflower if you don't have at least one shot," Tess adds with an impish grin. She takes one of the shots then, lifting it and looking like she'd like to bounce a little. If it wouldn't result in spilled booze and thus, a party foul. "To me! Who can now legally get into the mega stash of booze that my dad left behind!" Then it's down the hatch it goes, complete with a 'blech' sort of face. Someone is not a tequila girl! Just a party girl.

"Dad's are good for leaving things behind," Adel says, with a grin, despite what could possibly be a grim statement— especially if she knew why Tess' dad left a stash of booze behind. She might feel worse for smiling as she says that. "To the birthday girl— and may you have many more just as exciting as this one. Cause just cause you get older doesn't mean you can't still have fun." She intends to die playing the drums someday, perferably of a sudden heart attack. When she's eighty.

The shot is downed in one go, though with a face and a quick grab for the lime to finish it off. The first one of the night. And despite her concerns, likely not her last.

There's a lot of night left to have, even with curfew.

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