Finally Legal To Drink



Scene Title Finally Legal To Drink
Synopsis Claire wakes up in the wee hours of April 10th. It's her birthday today.
Date April 10, 2010

The Garden

The singing of birds seems absent in the early morning hours, the cold of winter having taken the song out of them almost. Except for one. In the gnarled and eerie looking tree, outside the Ferrymen hide out known as the Garden, a song bird sings to the sun to coax it to rise, despite the thick clouds in the sky. It sings for a new day to begin as the world is cast in the a faint, surreal, ever brightening gray light.

Inside the safehouse, up on the second floor in one of the rooms, a young woman sits quietly on her bed, the quilt wrapped around her shoulders, knees drawn up. Her gaze is distant, not looking at her raised knee, but beyond them and into her mind. Dark brown hair hangs in a curtain around her face, obscuring it from view, if there had been anyone else in there.

When she woke early today, Claire Bennet couldn't get back to sleep.

It's her birthday today.

She's 21.

Officially, legal enough to drink.

There had been a time she has been excited about the idea and couldn't wait. She could go out with her friends and now actually drink, even though drinking never did anything for her. Now it seemed so… childish to think that way.

Her life was not what she thought it would be, and she wasn't where she thought she should be. So much had changed, and her life spread out before her infinitely, yet she couldn't even picture where she would be a year from now. Everything was so uncertain. Right now, her life was all about living one day at a time. Survive to the next day. Stay free a little longer.

The quilt slides off her shoulder, an arm lifting to rest her elbow on the raised knee, fingers sliding into her hair. A small sigh escapes her, the air fogging slightly, but the cold doesn't really bother her, not like some.

Here it was a day she had been waiting for impatiently most of her young adult life, and the regenerator really couldn't careless.

It was an odd feeling.

Eyes wander over to the cellphone laying on a rickety nightstand, she had pushed her father and mother out of her life again. The young woman doubted there would be any birthday wises from them. They knew what today was. Parents always remember their children's birthdays.

Did her real father remember? Did the President even care that his daughter was hitting an important milestone in her life today? Did he care at all? What about her real mother?

Brows furrow slightly and Claire turns away from the cellphone again, shaking her head. A typical thought, that any adopted child might think, passes through her mind, that they probably barely even thought about her, so why did she even care?

The ex-cheerleader shifts on the bed, laying back down again, tucking the pillow under her cheek. Blue eyes, wander the room, objects slowly becoming visible as the sun rises behind the clouds.

Claire Bennet is twenty-one today and she's just not all that excited about it.

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