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Scene Title Financiers
Synopsis A representative from the Linderman Group meets with the CEO of Lucid Consulting.
Date July 15, 2010

Lucid Consulting - New York Branch

The New York branch of Lucid Consulting has seen a remarkable flurry of activity lately. What was once little more than a gruesome trophy collected to satisfy Lucid's chief executive officer has been promptly converted into a genuine base of operations. Claudius Kellar was present for much of the renovation, keeping careful watch over the work men, making sure no hidden listening devices or other duplicitous inclusions made their way into the walls or light fixtures. Even he is satisfied, for the most part, at least with his office, which is spacious, containing a full length conference table and a pair of rolling, high backed chairs. His walls have already started to gather newspaper clippings, taking on that air of the conspiracy nut.

But for all the burgeoning appearance of madness, Kellar seems to be in a good mood. Impeccably groomed, the small, older man is just sitting in his chair, drinking some coffee while he peruses the Wall Street Journal. Looking quite benign for the most part. He is, however, waiting, and while not watching, he is watchful. The intercom by his hand is not glanced to, but it is in his mind's eye. He is expecting someone. A business contact. It's always business with Claudius Kellar.

Jeanie Night gives an offhand nod to the receptionist when bussed in and shown through the door. She pauses just inside the door way to respectfully await being asked in, standing with impeccable posture, her back erect, dispite what that does for her overt figure, chin lifted but her head canted slightly do further display polite deference. While black eyes take in the room in general for a few moments, they come back to the man who’s presence is commanding it, obviously examining what type man he might by by how he chooses to present himself. "Thank you for seeing me Mr. Kellar."

There's something faintly avuncular about Kellar's bearing. He looks up from his newspaper and coffee, smiling pleasantly, as if he is really just happy the Ms. Night could make it, that he has been looking forward to seeing her. As if they've met before. Familiar. He gets to his feet and moves over to Jeanie after only a brief pause made for this fond regard.

In truth, this kind smile and pause is spent trying to determine just what the Linderman Group is hoping to achieve beyond their stated motives, which are never to be trusted. This woman, with her ample assets and good looks - why her? Is this some attempt to interfere with his better judgment? Is it a lure into some incriminating transgression? That is exactly the sort of tactic the Linderman Group would use, especially on a man of his (fiscal) stature, he reasons. But they are barking up the wrong tree if they think they can get the better of him in such an obvious manner.

But none of this shows. Instead he takes Jeanie's hand and bows, setting a courtly kiss against her knuckles. "Why would I ever refuse to see such a beauty?" he says, his hundred watt smile lighting up as he releases her hand, "Please, please, have a seat my dear. Can I get you anything? Coffee? An espresso, perhaps?" He is already pulling out a chair for her.

Jeanie can not help but admire what meeting the man is adding to the information she had collected about him. The way he acts and displays himself makes for a wonderful act and she has to respect how he goes about it. One who is truly loyal to Linderman out of caring and respect could not help but like seeing the effort of the display. She lets a touch of surprise at his friendliness show but immediately warms to it, her hand giving his own a soft squeeze as he kisses it and as she dips into a slight curtsy. "That is kind of you though I have no doubt that a man of your position and obviously hands on work style, must have a great many demands on your time." She slides into the pulled chair, work folder placed along her hip as she smoothes out her pants articulacy. "Thank you but no, I am fine. And rather happy to see you in such good spirits and health today."

"The benefit of cooler weather and better company," Kellar says, moving over to take his own seat, folding his newpaper and setting it aside, "Heatwave or no, this is a blessed relief after Houston. Please, excuse any rough corners. We haven't quite finished all the renovations to this branch." The older man laces his fingers in front of him. "I always make time for my friends, and I like to regard the Linderman Group - Mr. Linderman himself included - as a friend. We've done some work together in the past, my firm and his, and I was hoping to continue the relationship. Lucid sees exciting new opportunities in New York, particularly in light of what I believe is more and more being confirmed as a mass pre-cognitive event." The blackouts. What drew him here.

Jeanie mms softly in agreement that it sounds like a great improvement. She listens carefully and attentively, clearly interested in what he has to say to portray Linderman's own interest via her. Parsing her lips, she replies with genuine smile. "I am quite sure that Mr. Linderman would be quite happy to hear of your continuing regard for him and know of his respect and thought for you from his having cleared my schedule to meet with you ar your earliest opportunity. And yes, that event and a seeming smattering of smaller similar such most definitely point in that direction. But Mr. Kellar, I must confess being quite curious at just how you might see directing Lucid into taking advantage of such? And of course, how the Linderman Group might be able to work with you in doing so?"

"We are financiers," Kellar states, saying it like he might say 'we're all friends here', remaining amicable, "We deal in futures. In speculation. Staying a step ahead is how we make our living. Things… commodities… they are means to an end. And capital," he lifts his finger, "Is the end." His fingers lace together again, "We find ourselves presented with a plethora of startling glimpses at the future. Lucid has always been expert at seeing what is coming, noticing trends before they express themselves fully in the market. I am proposing an very equitable exchange. Information, freely processed by my firm for yours, with an understanding that that information is to be freely shared between us, under very limited proprietary constraint."

"The benefits could be considerable," Kellar continues, parting his hands demonstratively, "Markets react in strange ways to catastrophe, and that is what is most prominently figured in these glimpses. Lucid can help parse the reaction of the market to these events, and maybe even events preceding, putting us all," he smiles once more, white teeth glinting, "Ahead of the game."

Jeanie wears a polite smile to begin with as she listens but it brightens as the man goes on. She glances down into her lap, or would if she were built to see her lap, quite amused by and liking the 'And capital, Is the end.' part. "Those are wonderful points and would seem to be of flawless assumption. While I can not speak for Mr. Linderman, of course, that does sound to be quite a mutually beneficial proposal and I am certain he will give it the great consideration it deserves." She makes sure to portray that she intends to faithfully and positively repeat the proposal. "Are there any particulars that you would like to suggest or request at this time sir?"

Kellar's index fingers extend, tips tapping together. "I know that a man of Mr. Linderman's wealth and status remains closely involved with the goings on in Washington, especially in these turbulent times. I would be appreciative if he could let me know, as a friend and fellow proponent of the free market, what wags the dog in current politics. As much as he deems might be useful to me as an interested participant and a man who tries, despite my age, to stay on the cutting edge."

Jeanie ahhs softly and nods her head. "Very well Mr. Kellar, I would be delighted to pass all of this along. With each side passing information to the other, and taking advantage of such, ending up in a position to achieve and then pass along even more, I honestly hope that this deal works out very well for both yourself and my employer. And that I am chosen to be the one sent back with Mr. Linderman's response." Her carefully controlled voice confers that she has enjoyed this meeting personally as well as professionally.

Kellar's expression lights up again. "My dear, you must let Mr. Linderman know I insist on your acting as continued representative," he says, also adopting a touch of the personal, "I will toss anyone else, anyone less, straight out the door." He gets to his feet, ready to escort Jeanie, offering her his hand to rise from the chair, elder gentleman mien sliding right into place. "I'm truly charmed, Miss Knight. It has been a pleasure."

Jeanie laughs softly at that, the nuance of her smile showing that she might likely call you a flatterer under difference circumstances. "Wonderful then. Thank you Mr. Kellar, meeting you has been an unusually pleasant event." She accepts the help up, pausing to readjust her outfit with soft tugs here and there. "Until next time sir, I hope to find you well upon my return." She muses to herself softly with a bit of a private smile, quite enjoying his demeanor and especially that almost devilish smile.

Kellar walks Jeanie to the door, opening for her and dipping in a small bow as she exits. His eyes follow her and, for the briefest of moments, their color shifts, turning a bright yellow, the exact shade of suspicion. He'll do what he can to let Linderman think he's taken with her, as he is sure Linderman intends. Staying ahead of the game is, indeed, the job of a financier. But the real challenge is to figure out the rules. And then to play, ruthlessly, and with no qualms.

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