Find Me


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Scene Title Find Me
Synopsis Once they leave Tibby's hideout, Kaylee and Luther call off hunt and find some healing.
Date January 18, 2020


Luther had been pretty good at hiding his condition, up until he stood to leave with Kaylee. Unhindered by any restraint, they leave Tibby Naidu, daughter of international terrorist and extremely wanted man, Baruti Naidu, to her devices. It feels odd, maybe, not taking any part in calling authorities to storm the cybernetic woman’s proverbial lair and capture her for the sake of justice. Odder still, they’ve merely agreed to help her out. Well, Kaylee agreed. It’s an absolutely bad idea. Luther wants to voice it, but he knows the telepath beside him as made her decision, and he hasn’t the energy to question it now. In fact, right now, he’s merely focused on getting them both outside the building.

From the looks of it, a long abandoned warehouse that’s still somehow hooked up to power - perhaps a generator. Perhaps illegally tapping into the grid. Something he could do too, if he could just focus. But it’s difficult to do that and fight off the threatening dizziness that comes with an alternative dull throb and stinging soreness accompanying his gait. He’s taken care to stand on Kaylee’s other side, his wound further from her reach, for now. “Cellphone in the car,” he supplies once they’ve gotten out into the fresh air. The waning sunlight and darkening sky are indicative. They’ve been gone for hours. The RayTech company car she, Chuck and Barry had taken to Park Slope sits idly parked close to the entrance.

A detective’s eye scan reveals why, when drag marks and a few scattered droplets of blood on the ground tell of the path taken to bring her inside.

Luther’s hand reaches for the keys in his hoodie pocket, apparently still stubbornly clinging on to the idea he’s the one fit to drive.

The keys barely make it out of his pocket, before they are snatched deftly from his fingers. “Nice try, big guy,” Kaylee’s words are clipped, but still filled with pain. Somehow, she still manages to sound gentle. “Last thing I need is you passing out behind the wheel.” Fingers curl right around the keys, he’d have to fight her for them.

The comment about the phone is instantly forgotten at the sight of spreading crimson.

Fingers stop short of the blood-soaked fabric, worry etching itself across her forehead. “How bad?” Kaylee asks with deepening concern, she doesn’t even hide it, when she looks up at him. Luther bleeding like that brings back flashes of memories, most not really her own, making her stomach twist with anxiety.

Luther’s too slow to counter the grab from speedier fingers, but he doesn’t give voice to the protest. Only a look, stubborn yet surrendering. He fights off the urge to shrink away, instead standing still at the approach of her hand and her presence in more personal space. A sign of trust between them, he shakes his head slightly in calm answer. “It’ll take more than this to be rid of me.” That being said, he takes another few steps towards the car’s passenger side and finds a spot on the frame to support himself. A few more wincing moments he admits, “Might need to get it stitched.” He’s no doctor, he’s just been shot before as the evidence of past battle scars revealed.

Enough of him, though. His concern shifts back to the telepath as they enter the car. “How’s your head? You okay? Not going to pass out?” That would be quite bad, given the givens.

“I’m fine,” Kaylee comments a touch more sharply than she intended, giving her friend a weak smile to ease the sting. She wasn’t fine, but she wasn’t the one bleeding. “Not my first rodeo,” she tries to reassure him. Meaning not her first burn out. Her chin jerks towards the glove box, once he manages to get into the car. “Can you get me the aspirin in the glove box. Bob and Lou started making sure there was a bottle in all the SUVs.” Her security personnel knew her well. Picking up the discarded phone, she adds, ”It helps.”

The car isn’t started right away, even if she’s settled into the driver's seat, though not before a paranoid look into the back of the vehicle. Despite her calm and cool demeanor, Kaylee’s fingers tremble as she tries to punch out the number on the phone. There is a soft curse under her breath as she misdials and tries again.

Again fingers tap a wrong number and she has to resist throwing it. Instead she grips it tight against her chest while she takes a deep breath, but Luther can see the cracks forming in her composure. Her throat works to hold back emotions as she takes another deeper, shakier breath.

Aspirin, glove box. Luther breaks his concerned line of observation away from her to the mentioned glove box, reaches over to flip the latch and digs around until he's found the bottle of pills. The bottle is easily twisted open. While he was going to simply hand the telepath the whole bottle, when he turns back to her and sees her breaking down, he pauses. He blinks. "Hey," rumbles the man, brows furrowing but the low timbre remaining as calm as possible. "Kaylee? Look at me. I'm still here. You're not alone."

Reassurance rolls out, but so do a couple of round white pills shaken out into the flipped cap which he holds out in offering around the red tips of his bloodstained fingers. "Trade you for the phone. C'mon."

His voice draws her and he finds emotional filled eyes locked on his stormy ones. Everything that had just happened and the sudden realization of what happened had hit her like a brick. The ‘What could have happened’ plaguing her now that she was out of danger. A part of her wants to reach out to him, mentally and physically, but instead fingers tighten around the phone. She can’t do that.

Kaylee was stronger then this, he needed her to be strong and level headed. She needed to get him to the hospital.

Another hard swallow and Kaylee’s head bobs in acceptance to his trade. No words, just action, as trembling fingers hold out the phone. She knows if she tries to talk, she’ll lose that small thread of composure and crumble in front of him. When the aspirin is taken she can feel the faint stickiness of the blood on his fingers.

The telepath tries not to think about that as she moves to knock back the pills and reach behind the seats for her gym bag and water held within. Once she is dosed, Kaylee turns her attention to starting the car. “Let’s get you to the hospital, big guy,” she manages to croak out through a tight throat.

Luther tries not to stain the phone in turn. A hasty sort of wipe smears an unmarked spot on his running hoodie as he settles in to the passenger seat, watching Kaylee take the aspirin. In a way, he's distracted from his own troubles by worrying about her. The gym bag he had forgotten about when they drove here gets a glance, and then he twists to reach for it. The motion draws a low grunt of pain and an exhale of breath, but he succeeds in hooking the edge of an exposed towel from the open top.

He wipes the phone again and opens it up to dial. Kaylee's remark earns a glance, a faint smirk of reassurance, a small nod. He's not going to protest it or insist he's fine this time. Instead, he holds up the phone to his ear.

"Lou? Yeah, it's me. No, I'm with her. She's… she's alright. Yeah? Good. Yeah…no, I… "

He looks around to the outside of the car, obviously trying to orient himself and their surroundings, but it's also obvious that he's not sure when he answers, "What? No, call 'em off. Tell Bob to meet us at Elmhurst, we're goin' there now. Okay. Bye."

Once he hangs up, Luther sighs back into his seat. "Chuck and Barry. They're fine. Getting checked out at the hospital," he reports to the telepath quietly. After a beat he adds, regretably, "Lou's mad." And they both know how the security co-head gets. Perhaps wisely, he didn’t inform the other woman about the gunshot wound. Or perhaps he’s bracing for that later.

Kaylee gives a small nod of understanding as they start driving. After a quiet moment, only the hum of the engine to serenade them, there is a soft amused sound from the telepath next to him. Kaylee glances at him with a tired and knowing look. “Her and Bob are probably going to lock me up and throw away the key.” Kaylee can’t help but chuckle at that, though it cuts off abruptly when her emotions twist at her gut.

Not that Kaylee blamed them, that was the second kidnapping of a Raytech execs in recent months and everyone was on edge as it was. “We’ll tell them what happened, but not that I’m going to help her. He’s already going to be pissed that I won’t file charges.” That’s right, she still plans to help the crazy woman and Bob would go ballistic.

“I'm… I’m sorry you were hurt, but I’m glad you were there.” Kaylee doesn’t offer up why, he should know by now.

"I thought I heard something about the pool room," Luther forewarns the telepath as they drive on. While he interprets it as jest and smiles lopsidedly to reassure her, they both know the RayTech security heads take their job extremely seriously, often treating the Ray family akin to their own. At least, that's how he used to run it, even if Luther seemed a touch militaristic in the protocols and methodologies. So when Kaylee mentions not telling them the full story, he goes quiet in the thoughts of what that may affect, and what changes might ripple through the company's procedures.

A sting, both physical and emotional, pains him enough to garner a low grumble as he closes his eyes, making an attempt to press the bullet wound into submission again. Luther's breathing alternates between shallow and an attempt at deeper. "You're really going to help her?" he questions, skeptical but wondering. "Is it because her father is, you know…" A terrorist? A man of untold questionable morality? A mystery?

"Or," Luther considers, "because you also wish you knew why your father did what he did." The man's eyes narrowly squint open, turning a sidelong gaze upon her.

The mention of the pool room gets another amused sound out of the telepath, but it also does the job of being a balm on her emotions. But then he’s asking if she was really going to help someone that trusted her. After a moment, her head bobs. Yeah she was gonna help Tibby.

“I know why Edward did what he did, he destroyed the world and our lives to make sure we lived. But there are so many other questions despite knowing that,” Kaylee comments blandly, fingers grip the steering wheel tight. “And I won’t get that chance. I can’t unblock my own memories.”

Straightening in the seat, Kaylee stretches sore muscles in her back from all the manhandling, grimacing at a small pull in her lower back. “Plus, she needs someone to show her that you don’t have to tranq someone to ask them for help.” She sounds like she’s both annoyed and amused. “I might have had to learn that sort of lesson myself,” she admits sheepishly. “Not with tranquilizers mind you.” She was after all a telepath. Kaylee gives a shrug, glancing at the man next to her as she adds, “Sometimes, we just need the right people in our lives to show us there is a better way.”

Luther coughs roughly, concealing the faint disbelief he harbors for Kaylee's choice. She doesn't need her telepathy to know his cynicism. "She kicked our two guys' assess and pretty much handed ours to us too," he reflects with a grimace. Yet, he settles back into his seat giving a shake of his head.

"She's still young. But, I wonder how much she's gone through already."

Elmhurst Hospital

Late Night

It isn't the distance to Elmhurst that is long, but having two roughed up spirits jostling along partially repaired streets and detours around construction that extend the journey. Luther has texted their ETA to the hospital pull-around, which by the time they've arrived they see a couple of RayTech security vehicles parked in the nearest lot.

Lou waves them by to the Emergency Room driveway, and Bob lingers long enough by one vehicle to lock it up with a chirp of the fob and horn. Lou jogs over, immediately planting herself by the driver's side and assessing the telepath's condition from a visual standpoint.

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Luther did say Kaylee was "alright", but Lou clearly doesn't believe that entirely. And while her tone doesn't waver from the typical question asked, "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" There is worry in the woman's stare.

Waving off the worry, Kaylee offers the Security Second a weak smile. “I got tranq’d and burned out my ability, but otherwise I’m good,” Kaylee picks up the bottle of aspirin and gives it a shake. “I’ll be fine, Lou.” It was standard knowledge of what a tranquilizer or other type things does to a telepath. Standard learning for all security that had to protect the Raytech board member.

Kaylee turns a concerned glance Luther’s way, “You’re old boss on the other hand.”

Meanwhile, Bob appears alongside Luther’s side of the car, looking none too pleased. Or his version of concern. Opening the door, dark eyes immediately find the dark red bloodstain and then looks across the car to the telepath. “How many times? How many times have I told you that running in that place was not smart.” He was clearly more upset at Kaylee then Luther, moving to help Luther out of the car.

The comment cuts, but Kaylee doesn’t get angry only looks away and concentrates on getting out of the car. To be honest she didn’t have the energy to argue and maybe he was right. The telepath had been too stubborn about wanting a change of pace.

"Bob, lay off her," Luther growls back at the current RayTech Security Head, despite having shared concerns about the security of their Park Slope running route. "No route is totally secure, you know that." There's just enough energy lingering in him to get annoyed, sparked by the sting of his bullet graze as he shifts himself to get out.

Bob may want to argue, but the more pressing matter of helping Luther out and seeing the other man nearly buckle scrambles the protest away in favor of focus. That doesn't stop him from berating the entire situation under his break in his native tongue.

While Kaylee may try to wave off the second, Lou clearly isn't having it. The woman's eyes widen first at "tranq'd" and then "burned out" and the driver side door's open before Kaylee could try to lock it in. "Alright Bosslady, out," orders Lou as she motions for Kaylee to exit the vehicle. "You're going to get checked out too. We'll bill the company insurance."

Luther grabs onto Bob's shoulder for support as they make their way into the ER, where the triage nurse on duty looks up and simply sighs under her breath as she recognizes the man. "Mister Bellamy…, Luther." It's as much a you again as it is assessing.

“Seriously, Lou, I’m fine.” Kaylee gripes as the door opens before she can do it. “Nothing that a good night’s sleep won’t help.” More like a few nights. A part of her wants to rebel against the treatment and sit in the car like a pouty child, but she already planned to follow Luther in and set up to pay for his medical care.

Sliding out of the car, gets a grimace out of Kaylee. The simple act of feet touching the ground jostles her headache. It’s been awhile… and she knows she’s lucky she didn’t end up in a coma. “See… fine.” The words are strained and one eye is squinted closed like the light is too bright but she was fine.

The greeting Luther gets from staff catches Kaylee’s attention. Amusement flickers over her features as she moves to stand alongside him. “Hi. Kaylee Thatcher. Raytech will be paying for his care today.” A look is angled up at him out of the corner of her eye. “Unless you have some sort of punch card for this place. Get patched up 10 times and get the next free?”

The nurse behind the desk does not look amused.

While Luther snorts a faint laugh and shakes his head, a flutter of an eyebrow upwards is all the triage nurse gives the telepath for Kaylee's teasing and remanding of the hospital bills for Luther, and her demeanor shifts to something more professionally courteous. "Have a seat, Miss Thatcher. We'll call you shortly," she indicates with a small nod towards the available waiting room chairs. To Luther, the nurse waves him over to the machine on the side where another nurse takes his vitals and examines the wound.

Bob and Lou post up on either side of the telepath, as they clearly aren't going to let her out of their sights for the time being. "So you going to tell us what the hell happened?" Lou murmurs, exchanging a glance with Bob. They both recognize the amount of blood, less worried about the man now in hospital care, but on top of that worry is the concern for the RayTech exec.

Bob utters a grumbled phrase in native tongue before he blows out a sigh and pinches the bridge of his nose tiredly. "Chuck and Barry, they confirmed one assailant. A… a young woman, but with a taser of some sort. So she took you, two guards, and Luther?"

Lou nods, affirming the rather vague description, but the latter part of Bob's summary earns the telepath the dubious glance. "Was she Expressive too?" That's the main question lingering over the scenario the two co-heads had imagined.

The short distance away, Luther is guided over to another area and sat down to await another handler who comes around with a kit for stitching and bandages. From afar, he peers towards Kaylee and her fresh set bodyguards, trying to discern the conversation.

There is a hesitation to follow orders while Kaylee watches them guide Luther away. Brows tip upward as she gets a glimpse of the large patch of bloody hoodie clinging to his side. Letting out a quiet breath, she did eventually make her way to the waiting seats.

Kaylee hated hospitals, but at the moment she tries not to show it.

Hands slowly rub against each other as she stares at a point on the drab clinic floor. “Not much to really say,” Kaylee comments quietly, not to look at either of them. In fact, she sounds a little distracted. “She let us go. That’s the important thing.” The telepath’s brows lower into a thoughtful expression, one that Luther can see where he is. “A bit of a lost soul, kinda like I was.” Of course, Kaylee can’t help but wonder if she still is.

That has Bob glances over the top of the woman’s head at Lou, lips pressing into a line of worry.

Leaning her head against the wall, Kaylee lets her eyes close as she waits for her turn; ignoring the sharp pops of pain when her ability tries to come back online.

While Kaylee's ability flickers, she doesn't need it to see the exchange of the RayTech security co-heads and discern their concern. "So you talked to her. You got her name? What did she want?" Lou never was the smooth talker of the pair, nor the best at social timing. Leave her in an interrogation, though… Which Bob does not do, with the man gesturing with fingers slicing over his neck for his partner-in-safety to cut it out. For now, anyway.

"Thatcher, Kaylee!" announces a nurse at some point after she'd closed her eyes. The interruption comes on the heels of the sight where Luther had been sat, but the man now gone from the temporary alcove to somewhere further in. Or was he worse off than he'd let on?

Lou answers the question with a short, "They took him in. Probably for stitches. Bob and I have a bet going on for how many. I'm sayin' lucky number seven, he says fourteen. You want in?" Faintly apologetic, the other woman tries to alleviate any anxieties before Kaylee gets ushered into the system.

“Enough,” Kaylee snaps louder then she planned too, but the pressure being put on her and the sharp ache in her head. She was tired. “We’re back, we’re….” she glances guilty where Luther was. “Mostly fine. It won’t happen again by her hand. Let it go.” The telepath feels confident of that fact.

Kaylee doesn’t comment on the bet, only climbs to her feet. The sudden upward movement makes her head give a sharp throb which, in turn, makes her stomach want to empty itself on the clinic's floor. Luckily, for all it is a fleeting sensation, allowing her to go where directed. Though she does take a moment to turn and put a hand out. “Just stay there.”

Bob opens his mouth to protest, but Kaylee says firmly, “No.”

It's Lou's turn to nudge the other security head in a short 'let it go' reminder, and the woman turns concerned eyes on Kaylee. "We'll wait here," she confirms quietly and with a small chew of her bottom lip, settles back in to her seat for the patience-trying portion of waiting in the emergency room. The softened volume of the television screen overhead playing a re-run of River Styx will have to serve as entertainment.

The nurse walks Kaylee in to a bay with a fresh patient bed, bidding her to take a seat. A blessing in disguise, her telepathy still sputtering keeps the rampant hums of minds and thoughts at bay. While the mental brown out is still active, she catches the familiar discomfited growls of Luther in the next bay over. "I'm going to need you to sit still for this, Luther," the nurse chides the man as if he were a squirming child. Only a privacy curtain separates them from view.

Settling on the bed was always a little unnerving, the crinkle of the protective barrier a bit too loud for Kaylee’s ears. As the curtain is drawn closed she can hear what’s going on next door. The person attending her, clears their throat to pull the telepath’s focus back. “So why exactly are you seeing us today, Miss Thatcher?”

Kaylee hesitates to answer, but finally sighs out, “I’m fine, but everyone is insisting I get checked over.”

There is a soft mmm.. From the nurse, as she writes on the clipboard. “Your friends were right to insist you seek medical care. So why don’t you tell me what happened?”

Glancing at the curtain between her and Luther, Kaylee offers up… some form of the truth. “Someone attacked us on the hiking trail in Park Slope and I was hit with a tranquilizing dart, which affected my ability and dropped my mental shields resulting in ability burn out.” She sounds mostly calm about it, only those that really know her could hear the thread of insecurity.

“Alright,” the nurse says with a nod, looking over her notes, “Thank you, doctor will be in to see you shortly.” When she leaves Kaylee looks relieved and relaxes back in the bed. Head tilting ever so slightly, she listens in next door.

The commentary over there manages to get a small amused huff of laughter and Kaylee can’t help but tease the poor man. “Need me to come over and hold your hand, Luther?” Letting him know she was in the bay next to him. “In fact, be a good boy and we’ll go get ice cream after this.”

Kaylee may quickly regret that teasing as karma delivers swift punishment in the form of a labtech and a mobile draw kit. “I’ve been sent to take some blood.” The telepath looks at the kit and back up at the lab tech, “I heard you got tranqed? They just want to see what exactly you were given for the report. Instances like this, especially with your friend over there getting shot… well, it has to be reported to SESA.”


"Sit st— Mister Bellam— Luther!"

The privacy curtain separating their larger med bay whips open with a clatter of the metal rings sliding across the bar. Luther stands as tall as he can, upper half bared to the breeze where she can see the beginnings of the stitches closing up the graze along his torso, amidst other old scars and signs of weathering. But most of all, Kaylee spots the bone-dry humor on the man's stern features.

Behind him, the attending doctor is up and reaching for an open drawer as danger and sedation bubbles up to the doc's and nurse's surface thoughts.

The poor lab tech pauses in place, caught between the pair, a worried twitch of their gaze keeping them still.

But there's little to really worry about, as Luther isn't angry. Not in the genuine sort of simmering that he tends to carry. Instead he rumbles deep, staring the telepath down for her talk. Now that there's no pesky barrier in the way, he can properly see if she's got meat to the teasing. "You promise? Ice cream?" She knows. He'll hold her to it if she does.

Blue meets stormy grey with no fear, but only mischief. Unlike the others, Kaylee is completely at ease under the looming man. In fact, her chin tips upward slightly in defiance of the way he stares down at her, followed by her lips curling up at one side in silent smugness. Lips part as the telepath sets to answer, but…

Kaylee can’t help but glance down.

Words catch in her throat with a choking sound. In fact, the telepath has to quickly look away before the faint flushing of her cheeks deepens into a wonderful shade that gives away her thoughts of his bare chest. Kaylee finds a point on the wall in front of her and with a soft huff of air that puffs out her cheeks, she works to calm her reaction to something that she should not be reacting too.

Clearing her throat, Kaylee turns her focus firmly on the poor lab tech who is very slowly working on getting things ready, glancing over their shoulder at Luther as if he might pounce. “I’m insulted you’d think I’d lie to you.” Her voice betrays a bit of her stress, even as she continues to tease him. “But, yes, be a good boy and sit. Let them finish stitching you up and I promise we’ll get ice cream on the way home.”

Kaylee finally manages to meet his gaze again, affectionately adding, “You deserve it, big guy.”

Yanking the curtain aside had, in reality, stung him more than the teasing. Luther is slow to let go of the curtain more because of the soreness. "Hn… fine," comes the gradual agreement-slash-weakest apology for the insult. He sees the coloring around her ears first before it flushes the rest of her, then he looks down too, realizing the still half-open wound as well. As much as there are scars, there's also a considerable bit of weight. Then it's Luther's turn to color at the cheeks, although he swallows down whatever embarrassment at the impromptu exposure given.

"Sir, I'm going to need you to step back." The lab tech braves the waters after having steeled themself to the possibility of an altercation that doesn't come. The tech bobs a short nod to the doctor and nurse behind Luther and pulls the curtain shut again in front of the larger man. Luther leans slightly off kilter to catch one last glimpse of the telepath as if he were going to say something, albeit nothing audible forms.

Behind the curtain once more, the guidance is short and to the point as soon as the doctor has Luther back on the bed with a soft creak of metal and crinkle of paper sheeting. "Let's get this done before the local anaesthetic wears off," the nurse speaks chidingly to the grumpy patient.

Back behind that barrier, Kaylee’s cheeks still feel warm. Those pesky aurora memories flitting around in the back of her mind. The lab tech arches a brow at the pink coloring the telepath has taken on, making her blush further. “Just get the blood will you,” Kaylee murmurs under her breath grumpily, dropping her gaze to her lap and concentrating on the throb of pain behind her eyes, muted now by the aspirin.

The actual draw doesn’t take long and soon Kaylee is left by herself in the partitioned off ‘room’ with a cotton ball to stem the flow of blood. “Hey, Luther?” Kaylee calls over to the next bay, quietly as if there were not medical professionals all around them, especially the one stitching up his side.

“You…. uh…. You want to come over next Saturday for dinner?” She looks at the striped partition with it’s muted colors from too many bleachings. “I have Carl that weekend. He wants to do homemade pizza from scratch… even the dough.” Looking down at her arm, she dabs at her arm with the cotton ball, but more so she is listening to the other side, to the familiar sound of his voice even as it rumbles and growls at getting sewn up.

“It will probably be a huge disaster, but…” Kaylee’s head gives a little wobble, with a smile, that he can’t see. “It’ll be fun. More so if you’re there.” Teeth catch her lower lip as soon as those last words out of her mouth, with a glance at the curtain again.

The only lingering indicators that could tell of Kaylee's embarrassment will be the medical records: elevated pulse and blood pressure. Also noted, the aspirin she'd taken. But once the tech has her sorted, they say nothing more than the routine spiel and move to the next patient. Don't worry, Kaylee.

"How's that feeling?" The nurse on the other side of the curtain asks Luther.

His reply speaks of physical soreness, exhaustion. "Kinda weird. It's fine."

"Good," the doctor remarks in turn. "We're just about done. Once you're cleaned up and your vitals look okay, after you've filled in the report the case worker'll give you, you'll need to wait a little longer so they can process the discharge, but we should be getting you out tonight."

"In time for pizza," comes the tease of the nurse.

A faint grumble is Luther's reaction to that as well, but his true answer doesn't actually come until the doctor has finished the stitching. A decent, round ten in total. Bob and Lou won't be on the nose. Eventually, the doctor and nurse move on to other patients as well, leaving the pair of patients to their small talk. Kaylee has her answer when Luther speaks up, pushing himself to a seated position after a rustling of wax paper sheets. "Next Saturday, sure." She could likely hear his brows knit together, his tone shifting with reassurance, "It'll be great, you'll see, either way." He scratches his beard and after another beat he adds, "Maybe I'll bring anchovies for 'im." Does he mean Carl or Willy… or both? Either way, he's trying to lighten up the situation.

“Good,” Kaylee sounds pleased, also moving to sit on the edge of the bed, facing the curtain.The way she studies the weave of the fabric, it was like she could see him on the otherside. He can’t see it, but for a moment she looks like she wants to say something. What it is, only she’ll know. Instead, she takes a deep breath and smiles, masking emotion behind the gesture.

“You say it’ll be fine now, but Carl mentioned tossing the dough,” Kaylee can’t hide the fondness for her own child.

The mention of anchovies, however, gets a wrinkle of Kaylee’s nose, but she still managed to chuckle. “I’m sure he’ll love them.” It’s hard to know if that was sarcastic or not, it all depends on who the smelly fish is for.

And just like that… From kidnapping to plans for a dinner date with a friend.

What a way to end one hell of a day.

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