Find Me A Gillian


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Scene Title Find Me A Gillian
Synopsis With Gillian missing, Elisabeth needs some assistance from Nash.
Date June 11, 2010

Nash's Apartment

This is not the place she would normally find herself at 7:00 in the morning, but these are the situations that bring out the cop in Elisabeth. She banged on his door in a very cop-like manner — the very demanding *bang, bang, bang!* that always seems to announce that it's not just a neighbor borrowing sugar. Dressed in black, the blonde looks worried and weary when Chris Nash opens the door. "Good, you're still here," she says. "I need a favor, Nash." She gestures past him. "Can I come in?"

At seven in the AM, Nash has just pulled on his white dress shirt and fixing that noose known as a tie around his neck. He keeps it loose, typically waiting to sinch it in when he gets ready to leave when the door is pounded on like the NYPD were about to conduct a raid. The door opens and Nash has barely enough time for pleasantries when Liz is already asking for favors.

At this point there's a cocky little grin that crosses his face. You know the one. Someone wants a favor, or to borrow something and the first thought that crosses your mind is 'what can I get out of this?'. Sex, his immediate response to questions like that, is out of the question.. well, not completely, but he actually likes Liz so that kinda puts her in a different female category. He'll have to think of something. "Sure. Have a seat. Just getting ready to head out." Everything else is in place, so he walks over and begins to place things in his pocket. Wallet. Keys. Loose change.

She sees the split second of assessment that crosses his face, and Liz chooses to ignore it. He wouldn't dare. She closes the door behind her and says, "A friend of mine has gone missing. She helps run the Lighthouse Orphanage, and all indicators right now are that she was kidnapped — her car still contains the supplies she was picking up for the kids. Unfortuantely, she was grabbed out on Staten Island, which puts it pretty firmly out of your jurisdiction, but I need you to put out a BOLO for her so that the uniforms are looking. Would you do it for me?" Being as she can't anymore.

Attaching his badge to his leather belt, Nash glances up at her as she mentions a kidnapping. There's something that triggers a dream he had yesterday and his mind quickly relives the events in his head, before he shakes it off and reaches for his weapon and draws it on himself. "Your friends find themselves into more trouble.." he starts, "When do I need to start worrying?" Being a friend of hers, that is. "You know I'll help."

Quirking a brow, Elisabeth smirks. "In fact, they do," she agrees. "In this case, I'd say it just has more to do with Staten being a fucking Third World country smack in the middle of the goddamn urban landscape." Her tone is beyond dry. "I'm going to take Nakano out to the site later today to see if she can pick up anything more concrete on the situation. God knows, the poor woman sees more violence when I ask her to do shit than any person should have to, but… the reports I've heard so far indicate that there are no real leads." She pauses. "I don't know when you should start worrying," she admits honestly.

Well, Chris was only teasing, but the serious tone in Liz' voice seems to indicate she's not. "I'm just fuckin' with you, Harrison. I tend to take care of myself just fine." As most of her friends have probably told her at one point in time and look at what's happened. "The whole goddamned city is still recovering from that shit yesterday. Reports of blackouts coincide with the moment he blacked out as well, which does concern him. "If you give me her information, I'll shoot it up the wire, but with things still recovering, I can't promise it'll get any sort of priority."

Elisabeth was a little distracted, so she doesn't catch an understanding of what he was actually asking until he comments about taking care of himself. She grins faintly and retorts, "Even if 'they' were to do something to you, I'm pretty sure they'd pay me to take you back really quick, Nash." Her expression eases into a smile. "I know you can't do much, I just want her name and picture out there in case someone stumbles on something." She reaches into her pocket for a picture of Gillian. "Her name's Gillian Childs. I'm pretty sure a large number of people will be looking, but nobody's got the manpower the NYPD has in terms of people with their ears to the ground. I appreciate it, Chris."

There's a pause and Liz grimaces. "And as to yesterday. I think the whole thing's insane."

Luckily for Nash, he was sitting in his car in a vacant parking lot, waiting for Kaydence so they could issue a search warrant on an apartment for one of their cases. At first, he just figured he just nodded off, though the vision he saw seemed very real at the time. At least he was glad it was only a dream, despite the new sensationalizing that these were fortune tellings. What it was he was doing in his dream, he's certain that would never happen.

His pad is pulled out and he scribbles the information, takes the picture and slides it in like a bookmark and puts the pad away. "I've a feeling this will be the talk of the town for at least a week." As he finishes putting the pad into his jacket her turns to her. "Is there anything else I need to know about her?

"More than that, I'm sure," Elisabeth says quietly. Considering what she saw and the things she's seen in the past year, she's pretty sure this doesn't bode well for anyone. "I can't think of anything else off the top of my head that you'd need to know about her right now. She spends most of her time up at the orphanage; it's just her and her brother running the place, if I remember right. She is an Evo, though… if you hear reports of people's powers suddenly ramping up or running out of control, it might be something that pings your radar. She's a power augmentor."
She adds, "It requires touch usually, but… hell, you never know these days."

Chris removes his jacket from the hook and slides his arms through the sleeves. "I'll see what I can do, Liz. You have my word." Nash looks like he's ready for busines now and he shoves his hands into his slack pockets.

"Let me ask you something. You were on the force for a number of years. You ever heard of a beatcop named Dawson? Isabella Dawson." His encounter with her resulted in one casualty. His suit. He peeked around a little about her at the office, though most of what he'd want to know would not be available to him. "About yay tall, Asian, foul temper.." Raging bitch. He gives Liz a grin, "She apparently now works for Homeland Security as part of their hospitality squad."

Elisabeth tilts her head and thinks back. "Name doesn't ring a bell, no…. though if she's on the DHS, she's probably worth steering clear of." She rolls her eyes. "Fuckers are evil, I'm telling you." Her opinion hasn't changed much since going to FRONTLINE, either.

Well, that won't happen. Nash has got a definite hardon for this one and he doesn't mind playing with fire a little. "I'll keep that in mind. Honestly, just because they work for Homeland, doesn't give them the right to cause a disturbance." Despite the fact that he instigated the entire thing, he really felt she took it one step too far. "Almost arrested the bitch. Luckily, it seems she has a cool headed partner. She might be worth keeping an eye on, if they aren't already. She's gotta be an accident waiting to happen." He gives a little shrug. "About to head out for coffee. Wanna come? I figure I can actually drink it today."

There's a hesitation, and then Elisabeth smiles. "Sure. I gotta head out to work anyway as well." She pivots on a heel and heads for the door. "You're buying this time," she tells him with a cheeky grin.

Damn. He's already down the amount for a new suit. What the hell. "Fair enough. I might need you to protect me from murderous Homeland agents. Got your weapon, right?" Nash grins as he closes the door behind them.

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