Find Someone


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Scene Title Find Someone
Synopsis Agents and company flee Primatech and head to Camp Hero, where they must deal with the fallout of Rami's death from a very unhappy Nalani.
Date June 25, 2009

Montauk Air Force Station

On its furthest edges, the Montauk Air Force Station — also known as Camp Hero — is surrounded by fifteen-foot high razorwire fences, with each gated entrance clearly marked as government property, and that authorization of lethal force is permitted on trespassers. Long ago, Camp Hero may have been a thriving military installation, now its appearance is that of something long since cast into abandonment and disuse. The roads that wind through the parklands that comprise the military installation are overgrown with weeds and wild undergrowth. Trees and hedges have been left to grow wild, and creeping vines have scaled the eastern face of the old concrete building at the compound's heart.

The central facility is a four-story concrete slab building, upon which rests an enormous AN/FPS-35 long range radar surrounded by smaller radar and satellite communications arrays. The entire eastern face of the building is consumed by overgrowth, and many of the ground floor windows have been boarded up after vandals shattered the glass in them. A paper notice pasted to the entrances notifies that the building is condemned, yet power substations nearby still hum with activity, and lights on the satellite arrays indicate there is still power going to the building.

Camp Hero. Several cars of the evacuees from Primatech pull up within moments of each other — several of the cars have noticeable bullet holes in the glass and bodywork, but somehow nobody was actually injured in the drive away from the facility. The same can't be said of course for before the escape. There were a few casualties, and the group of Company employees exiting the vehicles are a somber lot. They knew this was coming. They thought they had prepared.

They were taken by surprise.

Veronica gets out of the Company sedan she drove, Curt and Carrie her passengers, and heads to the passenger door to help Curt out if he needs it. Despite his power, he's still bloodied and injured — somewhere. It's hard to tell when some of the wounds that bled and tore his clothing had transferred to the assailants. "Where are you still injured?" Vee demands. She glances at the other cars, her dark eyes seeking Nalani's form. She's worried about her sometimes-friend.

Curt is in no way somber… Okay, a little somber, "Fucking nazi cyborg zombie bikers made me leave my goddamn chair behind!" this is a soar subject with him it would appear. "Injured?" he blinks, coming out of his misery to look down at himself. Um." there are holes through his shirt, blood stains all over him, pants too. He eyes Vee, "I have no idea. Littls stiff though." he admits, wincing. There are minor abrasions and what have you from the bomb blast and being the last one out, but nothing seems to scary. But then agian, it's hard to tell currently. "I need new fucking clothes too." he frowns, "I HATE NAZI CYBORG ZOMBIE BIKERS!" pauses. "Wow. That sounded retarded outloud."

Nalani's form isn't hard to find. Who else at the building was wearing priceless couture during a raid on a clandestine government agency? No one. Bloodied green silk, ripped and exposing the layers beneath is following a company agent carrying a limp body. Her voice easily heard from afar and not in a way that Veronica has heard before. Yelling at people to try and save him, do something, how could they not help him, why did he have to do what he did. He was, he is her brother. the name Ahky, instead of Rami is used. The poor agent carrying Rami keeps stopping then starting to move forward again as Nalani keeps ordering him too, then rescinding said order as if she can't make up her mind.

There is a sigh as Carrie slides out of the back seat of the car, having to listen to that.. all the way there. "Oh grow up Curt.. You'll find another char. Men always do.. My ex did." She looks tired and a touch frustrated as she slams the door shut. As she passes him though she gives his shoulder a light thump with her fist. "Good job though." Glancing around at the gather people. "So help me if that kid didn't come straight here like I told him.. I will duct tape him and toss him in a closet somewhere."

Vee gives a head shake. "As long as you're not internally bleeding or something… I think you'll live," she says, then she sees Nalani. Vee's eyebrows knit together as she watches the distraught woman. "I need to talk to Nalani," she says softly, and she crosses the makeshift parking lot in quick strides. "Honey… he's gone… you can't do anything for him now," she whispers, putting a hand on the other woman's shoulder. "He's gone. There's nothing anyone can do, not now…" her eyes fill with tears as she repeats the words she's too recently been told when a loved one died.

Curt hisses at the punch and eyes his shoulder, "Yup. Carrie found it. Thanks bunches." he carefully shrugs out of his coat to find a partially healed bullet hole there in his shoulder. "Well fuck. Anyone got pliers? I'm still carrying around some lead!" he glances at Nalani and then the corpse, and for a moment softens. But only a moment, "Someone get that woman a beer and me some pliers!" he follows after Carrie, eyeing his shoulder and wondering what other pains he hasn't started to feel yet. "Hey Castillo, we got a med kit in this joint?"

There's a slight whoosh in the air, and the next moment Magnes is standing right there, wearing his usual casual clothing since they were packing up today. He has a few bandages on his face, mostly on his cheek, one on his forehead, and doesn't immediately notice Nalani as he looks to Carrie. "What's going on?"

"Don't touch me" Snarled at Veronica as the tall British woman turns away from the agent carrying Rami to Veronica. Hair that had been pinned up immaculate is no longer so. Poised perfect Nalani is a far cry from the woman that Veronica knows most of the time. "Don't touch me. Don't you dare touch me. He's not gone! There's evolveds, you have a company full of them. They can make him better. FIND THEM" Nalani nearly scream at the woman who's only ever really showed kindness to her. "FIND THEM NOW"

Carrie turns mid-stride to flick a mock salute at Curt. "Glad to be of help." She offers brightly, turning just in time to about run into Magnes. She takes a step or two back and smacks a hand to her chest. "Son of a…, Kid.. don't do that." She eyes his condition. "What happened to you?" When she realizes Curts following her… she glances behind her. "I imagine there is… somewhere." Glancing at Magness she smirk. "I see you probebly found it.. Can you go grab the med kit.. and some pliers for the man." She motions at Curt over her shoulder.

Recoiling as if she's been burned, Veronica blinks at Nalani before pulling out her Company PDA and scrolling through it — apparently trying to do what Nalani has suggested — find someone who could help. "Brain dead… he's not breathing, he's brain dead… a healer won't work," she murmurs more to herself, as she goes through the files looking for someone who could veritably raise the dead. Normally Veronica would have a bit more will power, but her friend is in pain, she wants to help, and after the week she's had, she's uncertain in all aspects of her life. It won't take too much to persuade her today.

"Electric shocks, they're starting to leave little burns because Elle keeps shocking the same places." Magnes explains as he pulls out a tin container of band-aids. "This is all I've got." he informs the two, then startles a bit when Nalani screams. "What's wrong with that woman? Hey, I think I delivered pizza to her before…"

Curt ties his coat around his waist, which leaves him wearing the rags of his combat encounter with the NCZB's. He snaps at Mags, "Focus rookie. Med kit, pliers. I got bullets here that stopped comeing out on their own and I know TV makes you think they're painless, they're not. Shoo shoo." he waves a hand at Mags to get going even as he pulls that wicked blade of his out again and starts to cut his shirt off. Make sure he's not hurt elsewhere.

"Find someone Veronica! Now! The longer that he's like, that he's like that…" The agent starts to walk off again, another one coming to help with the arabic man's form and Nalani's more focus on slamming her will down on Veronica. One hand sinking into her hair and plucking out bobby pins and throwing them down. "She called me in for a meeting. He waited for me. He waited for me and now he's dead. My Akhy can't DIE, I won't let him. FIND SOMEONE"

"Seriously… " Carrie starts giving Magnes a 'look'. "You really really.. need to rethink hanging with that girl.. This ain't grade school, Magnes." She glances down at the bandaids as she continues, "When a girl hurts you for fun, it isn't a good thing." She motions at the facility with her chin. "Go get what he need, kid.. you'll be able to get it faster I think." She pats his shoulder and gives him a tired smile. "Thanks for comnig straight here like I told you." Glancing over at Nalani and Veronica she frowns as the woman screams, she closes her eyes for a moment. "Loosing family ain't ever easy…" She murmurs softly, before givinig Curt her full attenton. "What's with the knife.. and cutting the shirt off? It's like your trying to be Rambo or something." She actually finds that amusing, and makes a turn around motion with her finger. "I can check your back if you need it."

Veronica's hands shake as she tries to scroll through the files, even as she shakes her head. "I don't… I don't have anyone, I … maybe a higher classification but I don't have access and…" she babbles a bit, and tears begin to stream down her face. She throws the PDA down onto the ground, and the battery pops out of it. "I don't know how to help you!" she screams back, before falling to her knees. She grabs both parts of the phone and fumbles to piece them back together, the urge still there to help Nalani, even if no one can.

"She's just being playful, I don't think she knows it hurts sometimes." Magnes offers Nalani a concerned look, then just jumps off in one big leap towards the base. He'll have to find his way around, but surely there's probably a few guards he can ask around. He'll be gone for a minute or so!

Curt snorts, "I carried it in Vietnam. I am a Ranger. If you wanna get technical, I /am/ Rambo." he states, "But sexier and with less veins." he tosses the shirt to the ground where it makes a wet icky noise and he nods. "Please." he turns so his back is to Carrie as he goes over his front. He stops when he hears Vee crying and throwing things and his expression turns slightly less then soft again. "Hey Castillo you got a tranq on ya?" His back is fine, though there's the half healed exit wound from his shoulder, and a small pin hole that looks like a bullet hole that was almost all the way closed before it stopped healing suddenly. Or a pimple. But that's unlikely, he has a great complexion!

"I don't care if you don't know how" Veronica doens't have high enough clearance. Curt, Carrie, both are eye'd and the green dressed woman barrels for them, bare feet making barely any sound on the pavement. Tears make tracks down her cheeks and now a a trickle of blood is starting to wend it's way from her nose. "You" Her focus on Curt. "Find me a healer. Find me someone who can bring him back NOW. I want my brother back NOW. I need my Akhy"

"You keep telling yourself that.." Carrie comments blandly at the sexy comment, as she looks over his back. Veronica's screaming pulls Carrie's attenton away from that back and she frowns as well. "Always." her voice turning a touch cold, as she reaches behind her to the where she keeps the tranqgun at the small of her back. As the woman comes at them, Carrie knows that feeling. She's been in that place Nalani is now… but she has to push those thoughts aside quickly. She simply doesn't hesitate to lift the gun, aiming it right at Nalani's torso and pulling the trigger twice.. double tap… always double tap the target.

Magnes jumps back from the base, holding a small first-aid kit and a pair of pliers, landing a few feet from Curt to offer them. "I hope this is the right kinda kit, I had to ask around. It's uh, pretty different in there."

The kneeling Agent Sawyer keeps scrolling through those files, now that the phone is back on, not looking up from her task when Nalani walks away to demand the same effort from Curt and Carrie. Her own face is tear-streaked now, tears sliding down her face and off her chin to splash onto the screen of the PDA. She glances up just in time to see Carrie shoot the tranq at Nalani, her tearful eyes widening.

Curt eyes Nalani for a moment and shrugs, "I could try. Twenty years in the company, never knew anyone who could bring back the dead." he pauses, "Wait, we got one of those immortal healy types on the pay roll? I heard a blood transfusion can do a sort of thing with them. Not me, the other kind of healy immortal types." The sound of the tranq gun and the sudden appearance of Mags make him do a double take and a frown instantly crosses his face. "Oh… Uncool!" as he realizes what just happened.
Immortal healy type, Transfusion, Nalani has a flicker of hope on her face thanks to curt that soon turns to horror and pain as the two darts hit her and hit her hard while she's about to tell the man to find them now. Instead, down she crumples, a puddle of silk and other layers of fabric. Nalani Hollingwood is down for the count, Carrie doing what probably a great many people in the magazine mogul's lifes wished that they could do. No more yelling as the sedative takes over her system.

Carrie eyes the downed woman as she tucks the tranq gun away, her expression suddenly sad. She crouches down next to the woman and murmurs softly. "I'm sorry. But trust me.. this helps." How long had she been drugged up after her daughter was killed. Standing again she gives Magnes a smile, even though it doesn't reach her eyes. "Good work, Kid. You get settled in?"

"I moved all our stuff, yeah. It's a bit easier with my ability and all." Magnes answers, slightly distracted by the unconscious Nalani on the ground. Rubbing the bandage on his right cheek, he looks Carrie in the eye and asks, "Is everything gonna be alright? Did Len, Elle or that illusion guy get hurt in whatever happened?" Because, well, they're the only people he really knows by name.

"I…" Veronica begins, reaching up with a dirty and bloody hand — thankfully none of the blood is hers — to swipe the tears off of her face. "Shit." She frowns. "I always thought I'd be able to withstand her…" she gets up, wincing a little. "Magnes, can you use your power to make her light, and get her inside? Sabra and Len are already in there, they'll find a place for her." Her voice is a little husky, a little raw from crying and yelling, but she's back to business. She glances at Curt, frowning at his wound. "I'll get the bullet out, unless you want to see a medic… I don't think all our staff is here yet, you know, in the middle of the night and such."

Curt eyes Vee then Nalani again and growls, snatching the med kit from Mags with one hand, "Less talking out here in the open, more getting inside where we have cover." he eyes Vee, "You'll do just fine." Cause he's a tough guy and stuff. "Someone might wanna put her on some supressents and a suicide watch before she wakes." he points out as he heads for the building. "What a fucking night." he's in a bad mood. Prolly from being shot, mind controlled, and losing his chair all in a single hour. "Unbefuckingleivable."

A hand thumps Magnes on the back as Carrie turns towards Veronica. "Time will tell on that.. No way of knowing for awhile." She nods at Nalani's prone form. "Lost a lot of people." Trailing off she turns thoughtful as she steps away from her ward as Veronica asks him to do something. Reminded of the deaths.. and the sniper. She's reminded of her argument with Dutch and there is a chill that goes through her. "You okay, Sawyer?" She asks, a touch distracted her eyes going to the direction they drove from. She may have to make a visit whether the man wants to see her or not. Her jaw clenches as she turns towards the facility giving Curt a lop sided smile as she agrees with him, "You said it…"

"I'm all right… yeah, let's get inside," Veronica says, then nods toward Nalani while taking the medical kit. "She usually takes suppressants. Sabra will have some inside." She shivers slightly, not as okay as she says she is. "Come on, Dorothy," she tells Curt. "We're not in Kansas anymore."

Curt smirks a bit, "Did you just set yourself up to be the dog Toto, and there by open yourself to bitch jokes or am I imagining it?" he asks as he follows her inside, his mouth getting ahead of his mind which a moment later reminds him that she's the one sewing him up.

Waiting back for Magnes, Carrie called after the other two agents. "Just let me get well out of the way when you do." She gives Magnes her full attention. "Come on kid..get your Force on and let's get her inside and comfortable. If the medics are nice they will leave her under for awhile." There is a soft sigh and she looks suddenly tired. "Then I think I'm going to take a long hot shower and try to forget about today." Fat chance of that.

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