Find The Phone


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Scene Title Find The Phone
Synopsis Len pulls in Carrie to talk about Magnes and Grim.
Date August 17, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Len Denton is a little sullen today. He was hoping to have a giant mutant rat in his office this morning, but somehow.. and really he's gotten no straight answers from anyone.. the critter escaped the custody of several Company agents. On top of that, he was listening to the news reports of the kidnapped evolved as well. Humanis First is really starting to kick up dust. He has two agents trying to get in on the inside of this, but he hasn't heard a peep. Which really isn't all that unusual, but disconcerting none the less.

He could really go down the list of things in his virtual inbox, but now's probably not the right time. He's called Agent Castillo into his office and is currently waiting on her. He needs to talk to her about a few things, but there's something hot on the burner he needs her to take charge of. He types out an email and hits the send button, then pulls up his view of the isotope tracker as he waits for her to arrive.

Giving a single rap of her knuckle on the door, Carrie steps into the man office. "Here, boss." She appears to have something bothering her, but the woman manages to give him a grin as she settles into a chair. "What's on your mind?" She shifts a bit in her chair and almost seems hesitant to asks. "Um.. Has anyone turned a cell phone into you? Mine — seems to have jumped ship." So that is what's bothering her?

That actually gives Len a moment's pause. "You lost your cell phone? Anything important on it?" First thing first. If there is any important data on it, Len'll want to have it remotely wiped.

"Actually.. yes." Carrie bites her lip and then admits. "Its…. got Grim's numbers on it." In light of the recent memo going around she feels that point is important. "I had it at some point yesterday and I never went off the grounds." Fingernails tap nervously on the arm of the chair she's sitting in. "We need that phone.. Can.. you put a email out it? Or actually, I could do that…. I guess."

"Get with Tech and have them put a tracer on it. It's probably on grounds, and if it's not, then at least you'll know where to start looking. I do want to talk to you about Grim, but before I do, I need to talk to you about Varlane." Len's chair squeaks as he leans back, keeping his gaze on Carrie. "I'm starting to think I've overreached with him. Having someone with his ability could definitely be a plus for the agency, but I am really doubting his maturity for this type of job. You've spent the most time with him, so I'd like your opinion."

"Yeah, I'll do that." Carrie murmurs sounding a bit distracted by her own thoughs, fingers of one hand resting on her lips. The mention of Varlane pulls her mind out of those thoughts. "Varlane? God… that kid." She sounds like a mom frustrated with her own kid. "I'm not sure what to do about him. He's a smart kid. He's willing to please, but…." she sighs softly. ".. the maturity thing. I mean. Look at me. I like all those things, and I'm just fine. I deal with things in a mature matter even with the fact I got boxes of comics and a 360 in my room." Shaking her head she gives Len a matter of fact look. "But until he is ready to start looking at the world less like a little boy.. and more a man… I'm not sure." she chuckles a bit. "And short of getting the kid laid.. And I think that's what he needs. In some cultures he ain't a man yet. I dunno what else to do Len. I'm obviously a poor trainer… but I feel like I've done all I can do for the kid. They rest is all him."

This is something Len has debated with for quite some time. The pride in himself to want to think he's right, that he made the right choice, over the fact that he probably overstepped here is a war that'll probably rage on until he finally makes a decision on the matter.

And it's been made very clear to him that this is his mess to clean up. Crystal clear.

"You've done a damn good job with him. It's a pity that if I have to cut him loose, all that work you did will be gone. You know I can't just give him a pink slip and send him on his way. He's too much of a talker for that. And I can't risk sending him out there when he knows the location of this facility. I still need to have a sit down with Sheridan and get her thoughts on it, but I felt that with as much work as you've put into him, you should know."

For a moment the woman looks sad at the thought, but then slowly Carrie nods. "I just know. The potential is there, but there is a very real mental block that's keeping him from being a damn good agent. It's something most of us come into this game not having much of. Innocence and a very loud conscious." Crossing her legs she sits back in her chair. "I'll miss the kid, it was nice to have some one I could relate to on some level, but you gotta do what you go to do. Just.. Let him keep the academy. I'll pay for that expense if need be, but I'd like to see him doing more then delivery boy. Maybe if he still has that under his belt…. He can do something meaningful with his life." She gives a small chuckle, "He always talked about going after the Gravity Manipulator that killed my girl. He's a good kid.. just not ready to grow up just yet."

Len listens as she speaks from the heart. He knows she means well, but if he really can't cut Company work, he's not certain he can cut police work either. "I can't make any promises on that. I'll do what I think is best for everyone involved, but I have to make sure our asses are covered as well. The kid talks. Thanks for being frank with me." He switches gears a little. "So, we have a little problem with your former partner that needs to be dealt with. Have you heard from him at all since he disappeared?"

The mention of Grim gets a pained expression. "I haven't. He came to me about a month back not too long after the paper company blew up. Something seemed…. off about him. I was planning to call him and try to talk some sense into him… but well. " Carrie spreads her hands in front of her in a helpless gesture. "I kinda lost a really important part of bringing him in." she looks kinda of embarrassed about that.

"Seriously, he's the second agent I've had to try and bring in and I'm starting to hope this isn't going to be a pattern. If you can bring him in willingly, let me know. If he's going to be a problem, I need to know that too." Len looks up and types a few things with his keyboard. "We can track him with the isotopes he was injected with when he first came aboard. You should be able to find him easily enough. If you need backup, take Ayers with you. He's a good hand and isn't really assigned to anything at the moment." He glances at Carrie for a moment, "Look. If there's any resistance, do what you need to do. Grim doesn't seem the type to play games."

"I — don't think it'll be necessary. If I play my cards right, I can bring him in with no resistance." Carrie grimaces a bit as her stomach twists a bit. "I'll be honest… we had a thing towards the end there." She shifts in her seat suddenly uncomfortable, "I… if I can just find that phone. I can call him.. and…" she sighs and closes her eyes against the pain of what she says next. "Betray his trust ." She says those words softly, looking down at her lap.

Giving herself a little shake, Carrie looks up and gives Len a firm nod. "Yeah, I want that task.. I'll bring him in. If anyone can do it without too many people getting hurt. I think I'm that. I — feel confident he'll hesitate with me, plus…. I learned a lot from him about illusions."

There's a moment of silence before Len answers. "It's yours." He leans forward suddenly in his chair and places his elbows on the desk. "If at any moment you feel like you can't do it, you come tell me. I'll send someone else. It's not like we don't know where he is. But I personally think that you're the one to do this. If anyone has an advantage here, it's you. Get it done, Castillo."

"I will, Denton. Even if I have to.. stab him in the back. I'll show you I can actually get a job done for once." Carrie sounds determined, but she looks a bit hesitant. "I have to do this, cause if I don't… I have a feeling any other agents will die trying." she's that convinced of her former partner's ability. Sitting up in the chair and scooting to the edge she asks, "Is that all? If so. I'll go talk to Ayers and get with tech and see if they can find that damn phone."

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