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Scene Title Find The Source
Synopsis Helena finds the source of the attempted help and another weather manipulator in the city and asks for her help with the recent mysterious weather.
Date January 18, 2010

Brennan Household, Brooklyn

The path of the power has led Helena onto the subway, and out of the subway onto a bus, and from a bus to this door where she stands know. Taking a breath, she lifts her hand and applies her knuckles to the door, straightening her coat. Thank goodness powers are commonplace nowadays, or what she has to say would definitely get a door shut in her face.

It's a moment, two, the bark of a dog, and children thumping around stairs. Behind the door of the brownstone is the sounds of a family unit, commonplace these days. Behind this door is an Atmokinetic who's ability is active. Keeping the home at a reasonable temperature within it and the two adjacent connected buildings. The plate above the mailbox reads "Brennan" in simple script and lights on state that there is most definitely people home.

"Coming!" called through the door "There in a moment!" A womans voice muffled through the door a few moments before it opens. Michelle peers through the peep hole first frankly, this is New York and then she peers through the crack offered by the night chain. "Hello" French accent, not American. "Can I help you?"

"Hello," Helena flashes a smile at the woman, keeping her hands where they can be seen. Funny, the things being a New Yorker will prompt you to do. "Hi. Um. My name's Helena, and I'm sorry, I was wondering - is there someone in your household who's a weather manipulator?" She adds on quickly, "You see, I am one too, and I was just hoping to um…meet them." She smiles faintly.

Faint surprise marks her face at the very odd question. How many people actually come out and ask that question. "May I ask who is inquiring and why?" Michelle asks cautiously, a whole different level of attention given now to Helena standing on her stoop. There's also a push too, at the layer of warm air that Helena keeps around her at the moment. Testing and probing, and glimmer of recognition in her face. Be it from her face or from the ability that Helena has.

Helena asserts again, "Well, like I said, my name is Helena, and well, I thought there might be someone with a similar power here. The weather's been very odd and sort of off lately, and I could feel someone who wasn't familiar to me trying to poke at it too…well, the trace of it led me here."

"You're the other one." The poking stops, the tendril of ability invisibly pulled back until it's just the fuzzy line where the New York weather takes over and then Michelle's own ability exerts it's influence. "I'm sorry that I couldn't help you more, but, it's too strong and I don't know what is making it" Not who, but what. "One moment. Un moment" She lifts a forefinger to re-iterate what she just said and the door closes to leave Helena to the quite neighbourhood in Brooklyn. Then the door opens properly and there's a golden labs nose trying to make a break through the door only to be snagged back by a hand on the collar. "Please, come in Helena. It is rude of me no? To keep you out there. Champlain, sit. Please, ignore him he is all, how it's said, all bark, no bite. He will lick you to death first"

"Oh, no, it's understandable." Helena advances in the door and moves to sit down, opening her arms out to welcome the lab. "Oh it's alright, I love animals. My friend, she has a German shepard and he's actually very friendly. Hello, Champlain!" She'll offer scritches and get licked to death noting, "I don't know if weather sense feels the same to you as it does for me, but it gives me a sort of feeling…like emotions. They can effect my mood. Is it the same for you? There were feelings attached to that system. A lot of loneliness."

"I didn't want to get out of bed. The grief… I had just gotten over my own loss and then suddenly there was someone else's weighing down upon my heart" When Helena's all the way in, the door is closed behind her. Above there heads is the sound of the girls shrieking, and that of a man's. "The first time that is. I tried to do something, but it would not budge any no. Not at all. It was very hard that day. Hard to keep my home warm much less my neighbours"

There's a gesture to remove shoes, jacket. 'Come, I will put on some tea yes? You carry the air around you nice but it's still cold outside. That and I promised the girls I would make some hot chocolate. Josephine, she has the day off. Follow when you are done" Michelle whistles towards the dog and snaps her fingers, the lumbering beast obeying with one last cold nose to cheek and following. "Straight through to the back Helena'

Helena shrugs off her jacket, but she's not quite someone who can readily remove her shoes in a new acquaintance's home just yet. "You had a loss? I'm very sorry." Helena says immediately, and then nods. "Yes, it's someone who's hurting very badly. Do you mind if I ask - not to jump subjects, but how long have you been an atmokinetic? I've been for about….nearly three years."

"Longer than that" Longer than the three years Helena has, but then, Michelle's well into her thirties if not tail end. "It's Two thousand and ten yes?" The home is, a home and one of people who have money to spare but no desire to showcase it. There's some toys here and there, a dark haired girl at a dining table bent over papers and a calculator. She doesn't pay attention to any noise of a guest or from upstairs. Through to the kitchen where Michelle is getting a teapot down and a handful of teacups. "twelve years, maybe more? It is hard to keep track of time. I know that when I think back on it, Hurricane Mitch should have wiped where Harve and I were placed, flat. But it didn't. I sometimes wonder if I was to blame for the force of it. I did not tell my husband until after the bomb though" She flutters her fingers, dismissing the notion that she kept it hidden. "But, it has been a long time."

"You could feel Hurricane Mitch? Were you living close to it at the time? That's a long way from here." Helena is quite impressed! As she continues to lavish the labrador with affection, she says, "I worry about the force of of this other atmokinetic, though. I've only met one other, and this wasn't him."

"No, No, I was in Mitch. My husband and I we were with Medicines sans frontiers. How do you say… Doctors without borders. We were in Honduras at the time. I have never been so scared in my life than those days, just waiting. I worry at times that I might have made it worse, by making where we were weaker unknowingly. But, that is then and this is now. Sit, please" A jug of milk is taken out of the fridge and laid on the table, sugar, a lemon. everything you need for tea as hot water is set to boil.

"I do not know if this … someone here who is doing it. It is like an echo really. A ghost maybe? Something like that, this second time around. Whoever, whatever is doing it, they are in mourning. They grieve for something, someone, and it is great"

Helena has been sitting, honest to betsy. She sits rather demurely. "I wish I could find them, but the spread of the ability is too wide." She pauses a few moments. "I wonder if all the atmokinetics could sort of…triangulate, and discover it. There's you, there's me, and there's McRae - oh. I'm sorry. That's very presumptive of me."

"Theres likely more in this city than just you and myself and this.. Mc Crae." The sounds of heavy feet heading down the stairs indicate someone else is coming towards the kitchen. "Mish, She's got the girls in the bath" Brennan calls down the hall. "Marlena is doing schoolwork, we're good to go soon, reservations are at eight. We'll have time to st-" Harve Brennan comes into the kitchen proper, stopping at the sight of company. "Oh, I didn't realize we had company"

"Helena, meet my husband, Doctor Harve Brennan. Helena is our guest" Don't call the cops intoned and ingrained in the look she fires him. "She was asking about the weather the other day. But, as I was saying before we were stopped. "Do you believe that between us all, we could find whomever is responsible? See what is wrong, maybe.. they do not know they do this yes?"

Brennan's just staring, slightly impolitely, at the younger woman in his kitchen while Michelle pours hot water into a pot. "Jaw off the floor Herve my love"

Helena rises to her feet and offers a hand. "Dr. Brennan, it's a pleasure." She adds sidelong to Michelle, "It may be so, but I haven't felt their influence. Just yours and his. And this other one's." She's still holding her hand out for Harve.

A proper upbringing and the comment from his wife motivates Brennan to wipe his hand on his jeans and take the other womans hand though once his hand is shaking hers, he's turned on his own ability. Negation of the younger atmo in the room more of a protective instinct for his wife than an offensive move. "Please to meet you too. Please, don't let me stop the conversation" More shock really that's making him pull his hand back when it's proper and circle around the table to take up a seat beside his wife.

"You must forgive him. He probably never imagined that you would be sitting in his kitchen. I will admit that I never much thought so either yes? Vive le revolution and all that" Michelle grins. "Do not worry about him. Truly" She lets the tea steep enough before pouring a cup for Helena while the yellow lab has wandered in and flopped underneath the kitchen island and the stools there. "What will you do, if perhaps you find this individual?"

"Try to find out what's wrong? Why they're grieving, and try to convince them that what they're doing is effecting the city." Helena shakes his hand and then suddenly frowns. "I - what - " her power's being negated, and she starts looking around like she's starting to panic.

Brennan's brows rise at the state that Helena starts to get into and Michelle just frowns. Frowns before she looks over to her husband and a hand reaches out to smack his shoulder "pour baise le saké, l'arrêter. Elle ne me fera pas mal. Nous sommes le même Herve!"

"C'était au cas où. Elle est la tête du groupe terroriste!" Harve throws back at her but the negation feeling melts away, just like that and ability returns if tried. "Vous ne pouvez pas me reprocher l'essai. Je suis juste prudent!" He looks over to Helena. "I apologize. That was rude of me. Won't happen again" He really does look contrite.

"Cela de nouveau et vous dormez sur le canapé ou plus mauvais, la maison de Champlain me comprenez-vous ? Elle est un invité!" She looks back to Helena, hand up to calm. "I apologize, he was being protective of me. Ever since the day at the cathedral and the Riot. It will not happen again" Will it Says the look on her face. "You were saying? About seeing if they know what they are doing is effecting the city. How do you propose to triangulate?" She pours Harve a cup, then herself one.

"It was a theory, but we could try each taking a section of the front to see if we can find the source point. I admit I'm not very knowledgable about how a gestalt like that would even work." She offers Harve a mild glance and says with an air of weariness, "I'm not a terrorist." Helena breathes a sigh of visible relief when her power comes back to her.

"It's what the papers call you. Everyone will have their opinions. I mean no offense by it" Brennan protests, taking up his tea and dumping nearly half the sugar pot into it. Much to the frown from Michelle. "So you would need to wait, see if whomever or whatever this is has another bout of melancholy and then we go from there yes? I admit, I would like to know who it is, or what it is that is doing it. Help them if they would take it. Herve, my love, I'd shut my mouth if I were you, before you really do sleep in Champlain's house outside and I will not keep it warm" Michelle has the audacity to pat his cheek after that.

Helena puts a hand to her mouth, to try and avoid laughter, though she does note in as mild a tone as possible, "I love my country." She leaves it at that. "I think that might be best, yes. If we're aware of each other, we'll know how to coordinate. It may work, but it may not, still it can't hurt to try."

"Yes. That might work. perhaps Herve can see to whether there are any at the Suresh Center who might be willing to help. More like us that is. He can come along too, in case our mystery weather manipulator might get a bit angry yes? See, he is good for something other than making a fool of himself" She leans over, dropping a kiss on her husbands temple who only just rolls his eyes at his wife's antics. "You keep saying that honey, I'm going to pretend that Ms. Dean is not in our kitchen and make sure the girls stay upstairs. Pleasure to meet you Ms. Dean" He lifts his cup in a salute before he heaves up from the chair and ambles off from whence he came.

"Ignore him. He is a man." She lifts her own cup perched on fingertips and takes it as it is with no additions. "So then, Helena" she draws out the E's. "We play the waiting game then, yes?"

Helena nods. "Yes." Helena agrees. "And in the interim, well - it's honestly a pleasure to meet you. Someone who understands." She really does believe there aren't that many atmokinetics.

"Understands what chéri? The being a woman thing? The men thing?" Slender brows rise as if they along will find the answer somewhere at the her hairline. "Tell me" She leans over. "Have you really .. what is it they say fait un lavage de cerveau uhh, brainwashed a hundred young men into doing your bidding hmm?" She whispers this all conspiratorial like. "I like to imagine that you have. That you must lead a glamorous life yes?" But she knows that the woman doesn't. "Come, we sit, we drink tea until I must go change, we talk of what we can do with our selves and the weather. Today. Right here. Right now, you are Helena, and I an Michelle. oh! I apologize! So rude, did I introduce myself?"

Helena blushes faintly. "Honestly, I'd be happy just with one, and there's hardly a hundred. And well, what kind of guy really would just blindly follow anyone?" She's babbling a bit, but Michelle is so charming. "It's not terribly glamorous at all, I'm afraid - but I'll pretend it is if you'd like!"

"Most things in this life that are glamorized Helena, they are not really such. That, chéri, is one of the secrets of life" Michelle looks sad at that, but launches in soon enough to a barrage of questions. When, where, how, all questions regarding the young woman's ability and proffering up her own answers if asked, about her own gift.

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