Finding Juniper


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Scene Title Finding Juniper
Synopsis One of the older Lighthouse girls is missing, and the big sister of the house takes it upon herself to be the one to find her. A secret is revealed that points her in the right direction.
Date November 15, 2009

Gillian's Room - The Lighthouse

White walls, black curtains, lots of candles and books. This place is pretty simple. Some blacklights illuminate the white among the dark.

There's always things going on in the Lighthouse.

Children move back and forth in various places of the house, moving along the top floor or down in the main room reading or playing games. A Brian or two watches most of them, but there's some who hang out upstairs with one of the other people who lives in the house. Gillian. Brian's sister. Sometimes she's there, sometimes she's not, there's always one thing holding down the fort for her. A big fuzzy orange cat, which has hopped down from the bed to paw at the skirt of one of the two guests in her room.

A box sits on the floor, closed, and with a towel resting on top, as the dark haired older woman returns back into the room. "Lily, I need you to try and look at this notepad of Juniper's. It's missing some pages and I want to see if there's… some way to know what was written on them. Do you think you can do that."

The tiny dark haired girl looks up, wanting to pet the cat, but then says very softly, "I can try…"

Juniper. One of the older of the orphans who sought refuge. Dark red hair, brown eyes, she's prone to sneaking out. But rarely has she been gone as long as she has been today.

Seated on the floor next to Lily and tilting her head at the younger girl. Molly or 'Matilda' as she is known here places a hand on Lily's shoulder. "You can do it.. I'm sure." She says with a light smile towards the other girl and she ruffles her blonde hair some as she squints her eyes at the notebook. If Lily can't help her.. then it'll be up to Molly to..

How the heck will she explain that??

With a sigh, she places her hand on Lily's shoulder and squeezes lightly, trying to channel all the positive energy towards the young girl.

The little girl closes her eyes, head kneeling forward a bit. Dark hair falls into her face. Lily goes silent for a time. Gillian looks on in interest, knowing that there's energy being used by the small girl as she moves her hands along the notebook. "There's a phone number," she says softly, and the older woman suddenly shifts, grabbing a neaby notepad. "I— I can't read all of it. Her handwriting isn't very good. I think…" She reads off some numbers as the older woman quickly writes, but then she starts to say that she thinks an 8 might be a 6. And that a 1 might be a 7.

The numbers get another scribble.

Her head starts to lower even further, and then suddenly snaps back. "Ow."

"Are you okay?"

"I have a headache…"

Looking down at the piece of paper, the former libriarian can't help but notice it's not a complete number. It could be long distance, but it's missing part of the area code… "You did fine, Lily… why don't you go downstairs and get some water. Remember, don't tell Brian about this— No need to get Juniper in trouble if she's just gone grocery shopping, right?"

Lily gets up, dusting off her skirt and begins to make her way out, touching her forehead. The cat gets up to follow, but ends up sidetracking toward Matilda instead.

"Fuck," Gillian says, before blinking and looking at 'Matilda'. Brian often tries to keep her from swearing in front of the kids, but old habits… "Sorry."

"Oh please, that's fine. I've heard some.. creative swearing." In her journey to get to the Lighthouse, that tale is for another day though. Matilda smiles at Gillian and then looks after Lily, she really tried but it seems like it's up to Matilda to save the day.

"I'll help.." she says and then she sinks into a trance, her mind's eye going out and then she's leaving her body in a sense. It's always a fluttering feeling in her stomach when she uses her ability. Her eyes are shut tight and she has her hands placed on her knees as she remained sitting down. "I see.. her.." she says and tilts her head, this might blow her cover but her fellow orphan is in trouble! She has too help!

The door closes behind Lily, because it's long known that Gillian prefers her door closed, even if it means Chandra gets to paw at it and meow when he's alone. Which is too often sometimes. For a moment, she's not paying the least amount of attention, looking at the box she found earlier, and frowning visibly at it. She knows the contents, even if she didn't show the other children, and she doesn't look forward to having to explain it to Brian if she can't find a way to—

"What?" she suddenly looks up, eyebrows raising. "What do you mean you can see her? I thought you…" What was her ability again? There's so many children, and they all have a unique gift. It's difficult to keep track of all of them, but she's pretty sure she would have remembered someone who can see people.

"A building.." Molly says and closes her eyes tighter, ahh there we go clear picture and taking a piece of paper and pen. She quickly sketches out what she sees, eyes closed but her strokes of the pen are gentle and soft.

"Somewhere near.. Red Hook maybe?" she says and then her eyes snap open and she looks at Gillian. "I won't tell about you needing to find her, if you don't mention what I just did.. to anyone." It looks like Molly is going to find someone to trust with her secret at the Lighthouse after all.

There is a brief look of fear and worry on her face towards Gillian. Please don't tell.. please don't tell..

"Fuck," Gillian says quietly, looking down at the building. It's detailed enough that she gets street addresses. It shouldn't be difficult to find if she drives there with a map and has the building in her pocket. The curse doesn't get an apology this time, because honestly, she's too stunned to care. She'd hoped to get an address from the notepad, or perhaps a phone number she could call, but… this is better, in a way.

After she looks at it, she glances back up, "Oh— yeah, of course." If all else failed she could have called Peyton, but she's not sure the girl had ever met Juniper, and knowing someone seemed to be necessary, and the brief mentions of her power affecting her health also would have made her hesitate.

"I won't tell anyone. Just don't let Brian know about this until I can get her back here." The glance is given toward the box again. "I used to run away a lot when I was her age, so I know what it's like… and I'd have rather my sister have found me than my brother or parents." And that's what she's striving to be for some of these children, whether successful or not.

"Thank you," she adds after a moment. Suddenly there's an orange cat who wants to thank her too, shoving his head under Molly's hand and trying to demand pets.

"She'll understand you coming to get her, more than she'll understand Brian coming to get her." Molly says softly to Gillian and the cat wants some pets? Well that's what he will get and she pets and nuzzles the fat cat. "You'll find her.. and bring her back." Molly says with a soft smile, as if she can see the future too, but it's just the hope that Gilly will.. complete her mission and bring back one of their own. "I'm sure of it."

"I'm certainly going to try," Gillian says, moving to stand up, gathering up the drawing and the number, in case it makes more sense later, and tucking it away in a bag. The box follows a few moments later, to be disposed of somewhere else, not to go with her. Chandra enjoys his pets, moving up into her lap and kneeding at her legs, purring like a motorboat as his tail flicks back and forth. Grabbing a coat, making sure she has everything, she pulls the bag over her shoulder. "I should get going before she moves somewhere else."

Time is always of the essence, but if she's doing what she's sure the girl is doing… she may not make it back tonight. Which worries her even more. "Do me a favor, will you? Take care of Chandra for me for a bit? I'm not sure which kid it is, but someone keeps sneaking him meat-treats and he's getting really fat." In all the time she's left the cat alone here, she never asked one of the kids specifically to look after him. But this is different.

"No problem." Molly says and she stands to hold the cat after a brief struggle in her arms. "He'll be a lean, mean fighting machine when I'm done with him." Molly says and grins at Gillian before taking Chandra's paw and waving it at the older woman. "Say bye bye Gillian, see ya soon." She says and then she's sitting on the bed, content to play with the cat for now.

For the first time since she started looking worried, Gillian smiles, dimples showing up on her cheeks, before she heads to the door, "Tell Brian I'll be staying at my friend's tonight again." She does it so often that it's not the least bit worrysome. "And say I took Juniper along with me. I'll bring her home as soon as I can." But if she's been doing Refrain, it may take a week. But she knows just the place to take a girl for detox. She'd been there herself, after all.

It's just not going to be easy. Then again… things rarely are these days. "See you soon, Matilda," she adds, before leaving the door open and hurrying downstairs to get the car.

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