Finding More Questions



Scene Title Finding More Questions
Synopsis Kaylee takes another look at the Yamagato photos… and finds more questions.
Date September 12, 2019

Kaylee's Apartment - Raytech Housing

It took a bit to get things cleaned up, but Kaylee was relieved the be back in her apartment. Except for food, she had barely seen her Granny’s cat since she let him loose again. However, today he had decided to grace her with his presence as she worked on a personal project.

Willy was sprawled lazily on the couch, watching the telepath work through slit eyes. Not really interested in what she was doing, but watching anyhow.

She was in the process of removing a few art pieces from the long wall in her apartment and pulling the nails. Behind her the soft whir of a printer was loud in the quiet apartment, depositing a variety of pictures into the tray waiting for her to sort through.

It had been the first day she could turn her attention to what she had learned at Yamagato. It had been on her mind for sometime… the visit itself had been rushed, but now she had time to really think about what she saw.

It was a lot.

“Alright, Willy…” Kaylee steps back from the wall and sighs. “I don’t know if this will help me any, but… we’re gonna do it.”

The stack of photos is retrieved from the printer’s tray and casually flipped through. There are a part of her, deep down that felt a sort of urgency to what she was doing. It was accompanied by a growing sense of dread. As the months have passed its grown. How long did they have until the shit hit the fan?

Turning on her music to drown out voices around her, Kaylee puts her mind to the task of tacking up the photos. Creating a timeline of a portion of Adam’s life when he had been known as Kensei. It would later affect the world; first, in the early years of the company and… now, the ripples of his choices were reaching them.

Humming along with the music, Kaylee takes a sharpie to paper and adds notes to the pictures. Words are highlighted in the pictures of the display plaques. Teeth catch on her bottom lip as she reads and re-reads each one. Then she steps beyond those pictures and added things she learned from memories and post-cog abilities… Stopping at the Entity’s arrival through the portal they created.

Finally, Kaylee steps back and sits on the couch heavily with Willy, scratching between his ratty ears gently. “Still so many questions and a few more on top of it,” her attention turning to the photos of the Eclipse display at Yamagato. Head slowly tilting to one side, the telepath stares at it a moment, until something occurs to her. A hiss of sound escapes through clenched teeth, “No way…”

Getting to her feet, Kaylee grabs sticky note and a pen. Approaching the photos, she scribbles a few words and places it to one side of the description.

Eve and Odessa’s arrival?

Another thought adds another post-it.

Entity in Yaeko. Newly possessed?

Moving down the line of photos, Kaylee stops at the pictures of ‘The Royal Onmoyuji’. Reading the words again, she writes another note and slaps it on the photo.

Manipulate the energy of others? The Entity? Origin or Host?

Drifting over to the Eclipse display photos again, it almost draws her. It reminds her of the one they met with Dee’s grandfather and the feelings it drew out of them. Her hand lifts to rest on the photo her thumb and index finger bracketing onside of the blacked out sun. “I’d love to ask him about that…” Kaylee murmurs, possibly talking to the cat, who knows.

“Is this a connection to all of it?” Kaylee’s eyes unfocus as she pokes through what she has collected from others. “Wonder if there are other recorded instances of an eclipse and major historical events. I bet there are…” Finally, the woman turns her back on it, finally concluding…

“I need to talk to Eve and my brother.”

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