Finish Your Dinner



Scene Title Finish Your Dinner
Synopsis Faron weighs his options after the Chicago bombing, ending in a tearful departure.
Date July 3, 2010

Mathers' Home

The small home of Maddy and Faron Mathers.

"Faron? Faron is something wrong?"

Faron Mathers looked up from his plate, shaken from his daze. Maddy looked at him with eyes full of concern. "Faron, are you sure you okay?" She had been asking, almost pestering him the entire day, asking him of his status.

Now, granted, ever since Faron came back from his mission to Chicago, he didn't seem right. He seemed lost in thought, questioning everything in his head. He had to give her that. However, he was still getting very annoyed at his mother. He gave her a bit of an annoyed look, which shut her up.

Thank goodness they weren't housing any fosters, that would just put more stress on him. He had already spent nights trying to sleep but to no avail. Even his boss was practically pleading for him to take a vacation. He was more concerned with other things, though. Much more important things. Like how they would come for him. How they would come for Maddy.

"Uh…Mom?" Maddy turned a sweet glance towards him. "Yes, sweety? What is it?" Faron gave her a sidelong, ashamed look. "…I'm sorry I haven't been talking much. It's just…I've been given an opportunity to do bigger and better things."

Maddy's face brightened at that. "Oh Ron, that's so wonderful! Oh, sweety, this is—"

"It's in New York."


New York. A city of such rampant crime it was degraded to third world status. A city where have of its population simply ceased to exist. A city where much of their family had been killed in a matter of seconds. The last known whereabouts of Derek. The pause was warranted.

"…Faron, you weren't meant to be pent up inside a small town. You were meant for bigger and better things. I am not going to hold you back from this, it's obvious you want to go do it, whatever it is. You have my eternal support, and you need not tell me whatever it is."

Ron looked down, out of embarassment. "…I have to leave by tonight." Maddy smiled. "I'll help you pack. You don't have that much, and I'm sorry about that. However, it'll be enough. I'll buy you whatever you need, Faron. Don't worry about a thing." Maddy's smile comforted him a slight bit. And he stood up to give her a loving embrace, which was quickly returned.

"…I love you, Mom. You'll…you'll always be my mother, no matter what anyone says. Maddy, beginning to tear up alongside the young man, kissed his neck as a mother would. "And you'll always be my son. Now pack. I'll drive you to the bus station, and we'll buy you a ticket." Faron shook his head. "No, it's fine. I can buy it myself. Please…" Faron seemed quite proud, not wanting to have Maddy pay for him. Understandable. Maddy nodded at him in acknowledgement.

After their long embrace, Faron wipes another series of tears from his face. Without a word, he leaves the kitchen, leaving his food unfinished. Maddy looked at the food and broke down into tears.

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