Finite Resources


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Scene Title Finite Resources
Synopsis Jessica pays a visit to Linderman to ask him about procuring a "test subject" for Abby.
Date December 9, 2008

Linderman Building: Linderman's Office

The blonde assassin needs something rather rare and unusual for her current project, and the best person she knows to tap for unusual things is the person she knows with the most influence and money, her occasional employer. A phone call to set up an appointment, and now, in a business suit, she's there waiting in his office's waiting room for him.

Jessica doesn't have to wait for very long. As usual, Linderman's response to her arrival is prompt; the door opens and the silver-haired man appears in its frame, one arm gesturing for her to come inside while the other prevents it from swinging shut again. "Ms. Sanders," he greets, his voice low and husky, though its tone is not unkind. "This is— unexpected." Insofar as he wasn't anticipating her to make an appointment with him. He's had plenty of warning to pull his resources together for whatever she may need. "Is there something I can do for you?"

She walks inside. "Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Linderman. I have an unusual situation, and you're one of the only people that I could think of that might be able to help." She sits at his desk, and crosses her legs. "I need access, for myself and another person, to get to a person who has DID, without official-types over my shoulder."

"Dissociative Identity Disorder?" Linderman raises both his white eyebrows at Jessica and pulls the door shut behind him, fastening the lock with a gentle click. "I'll see what we have on file, my dear, but my resources are finite. Is there a particular reason why you're seeking to procure someone with such a condition?" He's curious — Linderman is always curious — but it isn't likely that her answer will have any real bearing on his. There are very few things that he has any real moral qualms about. Dealing in people isn't one of them.

The blonde smiles, and looks back to him. "Finite, but in the sort of way that Bill Gates has a finite amount of money. Technically true, but not in practical application. And I need a …test subject. Don't worry, they won't be harmed."

A slight narrowing of Linderman's watery blue eyes should give Jessica a clear indication that he's starting to get a better feel for what she might be after. He crosses to the window overlooking the Financial District and turns toward the view, watching Jessica's reflection in the glass. "How soon would you need the aforementioned subject?" he asks.

Yeah, that part gets a little more awkward. "Yesterday would be best." she says with a dry light self-denigrating sarcasm. "My window for this is a fairly small one. So the sooner the better."

Linderman's shoulders slump slightly as he exhales through his nose, appearing to momentarily deflate. "I don't particularly enjoy working on a tight schedule — it's a source of unnecessary stress for myself and everyone else involved — but, for you, I'll see what I can do. Is there a number I can reach you at, in the meantime?"

She smiles. While it was already obvious and implied, she states it for the record "I'll owe you one. And of course." She rattles off the number to a disposable cell phone she's been using.

Linderman commits the number to memory. He can always write it down later after Jessica has left, or — more likely — rewind and play back the cassette tape he undoubtedly has hidden somewhere in his office. "Of course," he agrees amicably. "Give me twenty-four hours."

She smiles, and stands. "Thank you, Mr. Linderman. It's very appreciated." She offers her hand to shake his. "I won't take up any more of your time. I know you're a very busy man."

Moreso than Jessica probably realizes. Linderman takes the blonde's hand and gives it a firm, almost affectionate squeeze. "Think nothing of it. You're always welcome here, Ms. Sanders, though I'll admit I appreciated you calling ahead this time."

Jessica does feel some affection for Linderman…he's a very paternal figure. She shakes the hand, and then turns and departs. That part handled.

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