Fire and Talk


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Scene Title Fire and Talk
Synopsis Isabelle and Alex talk of going back to the present, a fight of sorts ensues.
Date April 21, 2019

Central Park

The park….it's about the only thing that holds Al's attention for any prolonged length of time in the future. And he's sitting on a bench in the midst of the greenery, watching the branches blow in the spring breeze. He's in white t-shirt, jeans - and the openness of his expression wouldn't be there, if he thought he were in any way observed. He's slouched down on the bench, but there's nothing lazy about the light in his face.

"Hello there." Says a female voice, smooth like silk. Out of the trees comes Isabelle, dressed in a pair of black jeans and a dark red tank top, her black boots brush aside some leaves on the ground. "Haven't seen you since we got here." She says meaning 'travel in time to this beautiful future."

His expression seals over into something far more polite and pleasant, but unrevealing. "Hey," he says, amiably, patting the bench beside him with a callused hand. "Mostly been hidin' out with Teo," he adds. It is the simplest explanation.

Nodding the bartender sits on the bench next to him. "Enjoying it much?" she puts her hands under her legs and looks around the area. It really is a beautiful place. Her long dark brown hair falls into her eyes as she tilts her head to look at him.

"Yeah," Al says, with a secretive, amused smile. No doubt it's common knowledge how he's been occupying himself in this bright future. But still. Boasting is rude. He glances back at her, with that glitter in his eyes. "You?"

"It's going ok, haven't stopped by Old Lucy's yet. Don't know if I should." Izzy shrugs, she grins back at Alex's secretive grin. "So what is the plan for us? Like when are we going to go back?" Isabelle asks Alexander. She's been wondering for the past week.

And that pleased gleam dies out of his face. "I don't know," he says, quietly enough that he's hard to hear over the rustle of the breeze. "I don't want to go, myself….." As he trails off, he lets his gaze leave her face, drift again to the leaves in motion, eyes going a little unfocussed

"I don't really want to go either.. but we have too." Isa nods to herself as she looks up at the sky, she then returns her gaze on Alex. "What happens that makes you not want to go back?"

Alex forces his gaze back to hers. "Here, I'm involved with Teo," Al says, blunt, with a certain hard defiance in his gaze that just -dares- her to take issue with it. "In a way I can't be back when, considering how I fucked up."

"That's fine and all.. but just think about what we are doing by being here." Isabelle points out. "It's great that you found happiness when you couldn't in the past, but you have to admit. Love is a pretty selfish reason to stay here, when you are upsetting the balance of things." The time traveling has recently changed Izzy's perspective on a lot of things.. it's changed her in some ways.

AL shrugs, elaborately. "I know you're right. But I'm weak like that, I suppose," he says, simply. "I mean, I'll go when we gotta go. But I can't do it with a smile on my face."

"I don't think anyone is going to be glad to leave this place, but you're right. When we must, we will. For everyone else's sake." Izzy nods her head and extends her hand. With no fear of people seeing, she ignites the palm of her hand, she just examines her hand. Turning it over and grinning softly. "What do you say.. to a little bit of rough housing? I have some pent up energy. I'm sure you do to, or you might not. Being with Teo and all." She winks at the man.

AL looks thoughtful, at that. And there's a gleam of that old, eager violence in his face. "I am pretty tired these days. But I should see what I can do, after Moab," he says, pushing off from the bench with more energy than is strictly necessary.

"Great." Izzy says with a grin and cracks her neck from side to side, her hands are flexed and she enters a stance. "Ya know.. I hate to abuse Abby's ability but.. want to throw in our special little talents here?" the rush she gets from just thinking about the spar gets Isabelle really excited.

"But of course," Al says, with that feral grin back, though it's a shadow of its former self.

"I like you Al, you're an ok guy." Isabelle says with a wicked grin. Her eyes are alight with excitement as her whole hand is engulfed in flame, it swirls and cackles around her hand as she creates a fireball of medium size. With quick succession, she fires off two of them at Alex and dances to the side in anticipation of his counter attack.

Well, if anything will get those psychic muscles working quickly, it's the threat of actual harm. Al bats them aside…or more accurately, explodes them in a shower of sparks. He reaches for her, lifting her a little, though even the strain of just sending her a few inches up in the air and dropping her makes the sweat break out on his face.

"Whoa!" Izzy shouts as she is dropped back to the ground, she rolls onto her side and looks up to Alex with a grin. Her hand curls into a fist and another fireball is thrown at Alex, her other hand swings and two jets of flame fly toward Alex as well. Now things are heating up.

He puts up his hands, as if to shield his face, and the flames part around him like water around a rock. He flings back , a blow of raw force, though diffuse. More like a tremendous soft shove than a punch.

Isa is pushed back a few inches with the telekinetic shove and she growls. She is making her flames not as hot either, so if any do come into contact with Alex he isn't burned all that badly. Isabelle takes a leap at Alex and as she does, a knife as well as a jet of fire come flying at the man. "You're ability is really useful."

The jet splatters, as if it'd encountered an invisible wall. But he's distracted enough that the knife nearly gets through , only to be diverted at the last instant. Al's flushed, already. "Tell me about it."

"Let's see.." Isabelle taps her fingers to her chin as she lands almost right in front of Alexander, a hand strikes out to hit him in his gut. She grins wildly at him. "You've been using your ability long?"

'Years. Since I was a child," he says, deflecting the physical blow with an equally mundane block with his hand. "You"

"Same." Her leg strikes fast for his kneecap, the leg aflame, the jean material burning up as the leg comes sweeping towards Alexander, her whole body spins into the kick.

He simply slips out of reach, and then tries to trip her with his power. "Don't you ruin more clothes that way?"

And fall she does, kind of hard. "Yeah it does. Sometimes I just want to wear short shorts and a tube top, then I wouldn't ruin anything, unless I like.. went all flamy everywhere." She says with a grimace and she lays on the floor and looks up at Alexander.

He reaches out with his ability to have her drift up, and set her gently on her feet. "I don't blame you. Do you ever lose control that badly?"

"It's not me losing control of my ability, it's just that.. when I 'become' fire I guess, my flames are a whole lot stronger than they usually are, it just comes at the price of all my clothes." She snickers and nods in thanks for the telekinetic help standing up.

Al chuckles at her, and holds out his hands. As if in apology, perhaps.

Isa gives Al a high five and chuckles, "Let's get to Abby's. I bet ya she cooked something good."

"She always does," Al says, with clear anticipation. "And yes, let's."

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