Fire At Thomas Jefferson
Date April 8, 2010
Relevant Logs No Place For Us

MANHATTAN — A fire that broke out in the middle of the Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm on Manhattan resulted in two deaths tonight. The fire is reported to have started around 9:30 Thursday evening, when residents of neighboring trailers reported smelling smoke coming from the trailer of one of the fire's victims, Mary Campbell.

Residents were unable to put out the blaze, and the lack of road maintenance going out to the trailer park had made it difficult for rescue personnel to get out to the site. By the time fire trucks were able to arrive on scene, a total of ten trailers had been destroyed by the flames and one resident who had attempted to run into the flames to rescue miss Campbell, William Winston, was incapacitated by smoke inhalation and died later on the scene according to authorities.

The fire has displaced nine families from their homes, and with emergency shelters already full to bursting in the city, they like many others without anywhere to live in the city are wondering where they are going to sleep tonight.

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