The Firebirds are a comic that began publishing in the years 2014. It is about a team of super hero freedom fighters who live in an alternate reality where the American Empire has removed the freedoms of every day citizens. It is based, loosely on the real lives of the members of Pheonix during the later half of the Twenty-Aught decade.

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Fire Birds Team

Sergei, Cameron, Knight, Amadora, and Hellstorm


Cameron: Founder of the Firebirds Cameron is a heroic figure that organized the resistance. He has the ability to command the element of fire and a brilliant tactical mind. He dies early in the series inspiring his fellow resistance members to carry on the fight in his memory.

Hellstorm: Leader of the Firebirds after Cameron’s death. She has the ability to command the weather and a never say die attitude. Joining the Firebirds caused a rift between her and her twin sister (a suicide bomber with the ability to come back from the dead), because she stood on her principles to fight for the rights of all people, as opposed to just causing random terrorism.

Knight: The rock of the team, this Telekenitic is the muscle of the Firebirds. He is many times considered to be the coolest of the characters and typically gets center billing in most team photos. Knight has a day job as a cab driver, and many times is the first Firebird on the scene because he happens to have a fare in the area when trouble goes down.

Sergei: A Russian born New York City police officer. Sergei acts as an intelligence operative for the Firebirds inside the government. Early on a running story has to do with his blonde bombshell partner who was completely oblivious to his actions on the side. Complaints were made that Beth was too ditzy and law suits were suggested and the partner was pulled from the comic and never referred to again. His powers are the ability to supress the powers of others and to be outside of destiny.

Amadora: An Italian exsupermodel. Amadora has no actual super powers except a complete confidence in herself. She many times acts as a field team leader, using her acrobatic and seduction skills to get where noone else can. She has a running sexual tension relationship with Alexander and everyone wants them to get together eventually. Her message is that you don’t have to be evolved to be a hero.

Kitten: Brilliant tactician with the power to collect and collate information like a human computer and predict peoples actions up to 3 seconds in the future. She is typically armed with a bow and arrow and carries a guitar.

Con-man: Cajun confidence man and expert thief. Con-man has super senses allowing him to pick locks, spy on people while they open their safes from across the street, and hear guards coming from the other side of a building. He can also listen to a persons heartbeat and work as a human lie detector. He is always considered the almost antihero figure in the group, but the one with the largest heart. He has been compared to a cross between Han Solo and Gambit. Voted most likely to sacrifice himself nobly for the good of the world, as long as he didn’t think anyone would know it was him.


Friends and Enemies

Volken: Volken is an immortal body hopping evil spirit who has been cursed never to die as long as a single living human being survives. He is on a mission to end his own existence by eliminating mankind. He is one of the primary enemies of the Firebirds who have defeated him at every turn so far. He is the one who murdered Cameron by sucking out his life force.

The Chairman: Head of an organized crime ring and international businessman. The chairman is an older figure with white hair and a fatherly smile. He has the ability to bring people back from the dead if he can get to them within moments after their death, but anyone he does this too owes their soul to him. He kidnaps important figures and has his men execute them in front of him, just so he can take their souls and make them his loyal servants. His plot is to rule the world.

The Emperor: A noble superman like figure to the public he took over after the assassination of his father recently. Since then he has created a totalitarian dictatorship where all people with super powers are rounded up and put in death camps. Unbeknownst to the public shortly before his fathers death he was invited to a secret meeting with the chairman and killed and converted, he is now the puppet of his new evil overlord and arranged for his own fathers death.

The Prince: The brother of the Emperor is in hiding fearing his own brother. He has the ability to copy the powers of anyone near him and has fought on the side of the Firebirds before. He is having an on again off again affair with Hellstorm, one they can never seem to get right. His goal is to free his brother from the chairman’s control, and he has passed up several opportunities to kill his brother and take his throne because he is trying to save his brothers soul.

Sylar: Actually a spin off of the Firebirds. Sylar is an innocent man who was framed by the Emperor for the death of the former Emperor. Now on the run he is on a quest to prove his innocence. Every time it seems like he is about to do so something happens to make him appear guilty of additional crimes in the media that he didn’t do. Usually ones perpetrated by the Chairman or Volken. He has had a few crossovers with the Firebirds where they have either fought him, believing him a villian, or allied with him for a common goal. His powers change randomly, and he has no control over what powers come out when he tries to access them, sometimes causing property damage that only hurts his already bad reputation.

Sister Marie: A devoted nun and faith healer. Sister Marie will turn away noone who comes to her for help no matter what their sins or crimes. She will heal both heroes and villans equally. She is a soft spoken woman who does not push her faith on anyone else but leads by axample.

Live Wire: The Chairman’s daughter is an electrokenetic with actually no moral code at all. As a young child her father had her tortured and punished every time she did anything nice for anyone. He molded her into the perfect weapon of his will. She is a remorseless killer and tracker and has been after Sylar, the Prince, and The Firebirds for some time. She has no use for normal people and will typically intimidate them into giving her information, then kill them anyway. She has tangled with the Firebirds on a few occasions and always seems to come out on top against individual members but then loses when the whole team comes together.

Cassandra: Blind prophetess who was once a member of the team. She left because noone would listen to her prophecies. She occasionally till teamed up as a background character during later missions. She moved around by remembering her visions of the future, thus Sergei's immunity to Destiny always made her very uncomfortable.

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