Fires Getting Under Control

MANHATTAN — The raging inferno that has burned for five days straight is now finally under control, states NYFD fire chief Alonso Morin. What is considered to be the single most devastating fire since the out of control burning in 2006 has left lower Manhattan paralyzed. The National Guard, NYFD and members from the New Jersey Fire Department have combined their efforts to an attempt to stave off the fire spreading beyond the controled zone of Midtown's ruins.

Early this morning, Chief Morin issued a statement to the press citing that controlled demolitions of uninhabited buildings in Chelsea have served to create a successful fire wall, and the inferno is no longer in danger of spreading. Helpfully damp weather has also contributed to this success, Morin later stated, and it is believed that within a week the fires will burn out of their own accord in Midtown.

NYFD is not willing to risk exposure to the still unsafe levels of radiation in the heart of Midtown and the treacherously unstable buildings to continue fire-fighting efforts inside. In light of this, New York Mayor Harry Bianco has stated that he has every intention of looking for an "Evolved Solution" to the fires, suggesting that his administration is looking into hiring Evolved for the purposes of finishing off the Midtown fires.

More news on the Manhattan Inferno as it develops.


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