First Case Of Non Evolved Evo Flu

Health Officials in New York have reported a new confirmed non-evolved case of a recently identified strain of the "Evolved Flu" (H5N10), the Centers for Disease Control said May 2.

The case is a 4 year-old boy from Greenwich. His symptoms started April 27th.

He was admitted to the hospital April 29th and his condition is stable. Investigations into the source of infection indicated that the boy was recently exposed to an Emergency Clinic waiting room on Staten Island after he swallowed a small toy while visiting his grandmother.

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed the case.

Of the Evolved cases of H5N10 confirmed in New York, only a small percentage have proven to be fatal. Three more suspected cases are currently being tested with the same strain, all with far milder symptoms. All Evolved subjects confirmed to have had the same strain in previous weeks have made full recoveries.

Government health officials have been optimistic about the prospect of a crossover, stating that at less exclusive infection may be accompanied by less intense symptoms and lower mortality rates. According to acting CDC director Richard Jenkins, this may be an attempt by the virus to "settle itself," into a less virulent form to better insure its own survival.

Researchers are working to develop vaccines to protect people from the Evolved Flu in addition to attempting to narrow down this latest strain's source.

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