First Customer


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Scene Title First Customer
Synopsis Aimee finds a little more than just Trevor when she seeks him out at the Foundation.
Date July 24, 2011

The Symbiosis Foundation

When someone like Aimee has her boyfriend disappear, with no word, no sign of him, it tends to make her worry. When there's no word for quite some time, that worry only escalates, and by now, Aimee is beyond simple worry, though part of her does have to wonder if he'd intentionally disappeared. First love jitters, gotta love them.

Because of that worry, however, Aimee has gotten the address for Trevor's work, and has shown up at the Foundation. She pauses outside the building, listening with her superhuman hearing, before she goes inside and starts up to the floor that holds the charity. Again she hesitates, this time with her hand on the doorknob, listening once more, to see who's inside before she goes in.

The building is ghostly quiet at this time, as most people are at home on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the last day of freedom before getting back to the grind on Monday. And Aimee has the right to worry. Normally Trevor would be enjoying his day off with her, but he didn't show up last night and didn't call. Sunday morning came and went, and still no word.

The door of the Symbiosis Foundation is ajar, a simple push is enough to gain access to the greeting area. The electronic droning of computer equipment can be heard in one of the small offices. It doesn't take superhearing to know that the place seems empty, but Aimee can pick up Trevor's slow, but steady breathing that seems to be coming from the office with the computer equipment. At first glance, nothing in the greeting area seems disturbed and the door didn't seem to show signs of any forced entry.

Aimee pauses, listening for a moment before she follows the sound of breathing . She frowns a little, glancing around before she opens the door and pokes her head in. "Trevor?" she calls out.

Trevor lies face down on the floor in the office, the rack of server and networking equipment towering over him. He doesn't seem to indicate that he's heard Aimee call for him. A closer look would reveal that he is indeed unconscious, with a nasty cut on his forehead that has since scabbed over and looking like a nice looking, bruised knot.

"Trevor!" Aimee cries, scared to find him like that. She rushes over, dropping to her knees and gently running fingers over his head to search for hidden injuries, and to check that knot on his forehead. "Trevor? Please, wake up, sweetie. Please wake up," she whispers, trying to very carefully roll him onto his back so she can better see the wound.

Eyes flutter open as Aimee moves Trevor. "Uuuuuh. Aimee?" His eyes gain focues and a weary, but happy smile appears on his face. "Hey, darling." He closes his eyes for a moment. "Oh, my head! Where am I?"

"Oh god, you're alright," Aimee says, eyes closing for a moment as she tries to fight back tears. "You're at the Symbiosis Foundation. I haven't heard from you in ages. You're laying on the floor. Who hurt you?" she demands, gently inspecting the wound with soft fingers.

Trevor slowly starts to sit up, but the pain in his head prompts him to lay back down. He winces at the pain, which is unlike any headache he's ever had. "I don't know. One minute I was working on the router…" He pauses, glances up at Aimee, excitement gleaming in his eyes. "I fixed the network. I fixed everything, even things I didn't know needed fixing! It was like the servers were just…telling me what was wrong with them. Everything from bad settings I had put in to software flaws that needed patched. It was amazing!"

It's also noticeable that there's some dried blood under his nose, as well. Trevor rubs at it and examines the crusted dark read on his fingers. "The nose bleed. I started getting these headaches too. But the progress I was making was unbelieveble. I thought the bleeds would go away after awhile. Melissa had some Advil stashed in her desk, so I took that and kept working. I meant to call you, love, I really did. But once the servers started…talking to me, I guess…I forgot. Then…I don't know what happened. I blacked out, I guess."

Aimee listens, brow furrowed in concern, and she places a hand on his chest, to hold him on his back. "You blacked out? No one hit you? You don't remember that?" She glances at the dried blood, sitting back a little as she considers him and the situation. "What do you mean the servers were talking to you, though?"

Trevor breathes out a sigh. "I guess. One minute I was standing in front of the server rack with the keyboard out, working on re-configuring the router's access control lists, and then everything went black." He glances up to see that the keyboard was still out. The keyboard itself has a flip screen which shows the command prompts of the system currently being worked on with several buttons above the keyboard itself to switch between systems. The screen can flip down like a laptop and be slid into the rack along alumimum rails that glide the viewing unit into the rack for easy storage.

"I don't think they were /actually/ talking to me. But all of a sudden, the web server, the router, the database, the firewall…I just started sense something wasn't right with all of them. And not only that, I knew exactly what was wrong with each of them. It just happened all at once, like they each had an alarm going off that demanded my attention." Trevor glances up at Aimee, as if he's starting to catch on to the possiblity that this was a moment he's been waiting years for.

That very possibility was what prompted Aimee's questions, and she smiles, moving to slide an arm behind him and help him slowly sit up. "I think you overdid it, love. Too much for your first go. You'll need to slow down, limit your access to computers until you learn to control it."
"Then could you help me up? The database still needs some work, and it's not helping this headache I've got," He sits up slowly, holding out his hands for a help up. "We've got a comfortable couch in the lobby area."

"I think you need to go home, somewhere with food and a bed," Aimee says, with some lingering concern. But she rises to her feet, taking his hands to help him up. "You're coming home with me, so I can tend to you, until the headache's gone and you're well rested."

"Yes, dear," Trevor says with a smile. He walks gingerly, his head still pounding. "So, in other news, I talked to my dad about the place in the mountains. He said he took a week off of work and drove up there and put some work into the place. But he said it's ready for us to drive up there and take a look if we want to before we buy it off of him."

"If it's as wonderful as you say, we'll buy it, whether we go see it or not," Aimee says, smiling. "Maybe we should spend a few days there, leave the computers at home, while you recover. Because you do need to recover, love."

"That sounds like a plan. Fresh mountain air cures what ails ya. Or at least that's what Dad used to say," Trevor says. "I'll just call Melissa tomorrow and let her know I'll be gone for a while." He glances around the lobby for a bit, chuckling. "Who knew that I would be the Symbiosis Foundations first costumer?"

Aimee smiles, an arm circling him, to help steady him as she leads him out of the office. "There you go. Once I get you home and resting, I'll make all the arrangements. I don't want you to worry about a thing."

"Where did I find an angel like you again?" Trevor asks, a warm, gooey smile on his face. "Oh, that's right. A goth bar." He says, answering his own question with a chuckle. "And I'm very happy that I did."

Aimee laughs, her arm tightening slightly around him as she continues leading him outward. "At a date auction, no less. But it has worked for us, hasn't it?"

"It definitely has," Trevor says, he closes the door to the Foundation behind him and locks it, breathing out a sigh. "It already feels better not being near the equipment. But I'm so ready to rest and relax with you." He lets her lead him downstairs, taking it easy down each step as they head out to the street and Aimee's car parked outside.

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