First Day On the Job



Scene Title First Day On the Job
Synopsis Lola starts work on the new assignment given to her from Cardinal - killing the Locos.
Date October 09, 2010

A suburb outside of NYC

A nice two-bedroom on a lot with some trees around it outside of NYC.


Because what else do hit men use? Lola's stopped trying to fight that label - she stopped fighting it a lot longer ago than now, but now is when she really notices it - and has embraced it. Her theiving is a nice tool, but it doesn't seem to be what pays the bills anymore. Well, it does, she steals some money. But it doesn't earn her keep. Work like this? Work keeps her in line with Cardinal, and Cardinal keeps her safe. Ish. Kinda. Well, close enough.

So she's dressed in black, black pants, a long-sleeved black top, black military boots and black gloves. A black cap that she can pull down over her face, if need be. But because it's night, she's not overly worried about it.
There are no cameras. She's checked. It is a nice house in a suburb outside of New York City, and it does have a burglar alarm system, but no cameras. That's enough for Lola. After all, this is 17.

Lola was fortunate - or unfortunate enough - to spend a whole month and a half locked in Mortimer Jack's secret underground lair with the locos during Snowmageddon. She knows a little bit about each one. Like 17, for instance, is a yuppie business singleton who likes to drink - like most young business guys. She isn't worried about there being a wife and kids at home, not at this address. Thank god for them internets - she knows some of their names, too. So she slipped into the back, and kneels there now. She has just completed picking the lock, but she doesn't push the door open. Oh, no. That will set off the alarm, how silly! Now she plays the waiting game, but she only waits a few minutes before he comes home.

As 17 walks up to his door after parking his Porsche, he unlocks the door and pushes it open, and the alarm starts to give that warning beep - in 15 seconds the alarm will go off unless it's disarmed. And so 17 disarms it - while he's doing that, the back door is pushed open and closed. By the time the code is inputted, the back door is closed, just like the front door. No alarms. 17 is none the wiser.
In his own house, the man doesn't flip on the light. Instead he tosses down his keys with a tired sigh. Bathroom. Maybe bed. Who can say? But the man makes the choice to start walking up the stairs. Lola, in the kitchen, weapon now in her hand, hears the stairs creak as he starts to go up the steps. She peers around the corner into the sitting room, where he came from. His feet are just on the steps, moving him up.

It takes only a few seconds - or a step or two, when 17 cna no longer see the living room because he is too far up the stairs - for Lola to pick up a throw pillow from the couch. Now she's at the base of the stairs. The gun is held behind the pillow, to muffle the sound.
Lola, being the professional that she is, never misses. The bullet explodes the back of his head and he collapses, crumpling down a step or two before finally becoming tangled in his own dead limbs. Blood drips down the steps, making a tiny waterfall down the wood. Lola sees it, and manages to step back and watch it pool on the hardwood at the base of the stairs. Ewww.
Not wanting to cause too much upset in the house besides this mess, Lola kindly places the pillow right back where she found it. And now comes the getting-out, without resetting off the alarm. Instead, she has to go up the stairs. Mental note made - don't kill people on steps that are your escape.

Well, they're all learning experiences, aren't they? How does one become a good killer without learning? She's lucky it's gone this well. Yes, that's right. Lucky it's gone this well. She shouldn't be complaining. Of course, getting up those stairs without stepping in that mess. And boy, if there were anyone here to see, they would laugh.

Stepping over the pool of blood is easy enough. Sidestepping the bloody waterfall - which has now become more of a constant dripping-fall - isn't bad either. But then there's a body. A god-damned body. Who put that there? So there's only one thing for it. Mary Poppins.

That's right, Mary Freaking Poppins. Lola steps onto the banister, swings a leg over it, and clings to it with her belly. She starts to slide up. But then there's a horrible, terrible sound. A creaking sound.

Apparenly Lola needs to lay off the full-fat beer. That creaking sound is the banister giving way. And then there's the final crack, and it gives way entirely, tumbling down into the living room.

Once again, Lola gets lucky. One hand shoots out and manages to grab the steps above the body, and she kicks off, tumbling just a step or two above the body and the blood. She kicks a little, scrambling up a step as the entire banister falls, crash-landing on the sofa and knocking over a few nick-nacks from the nearby shelf. Lola covers her face. But oh, it's about to get worse.

Apparently 17's corpse was relying on that banister. So first it's a leg, and then it's an arm, and then the entire thing is sliding on it's own blood, falling right off the steps. "No, no, no!" Lola hisses, reaching out in a no-hearted attempt to stop it. And then it's gone, impaling itself through the belly on the wood of the broken banister. "Fuck it," Lola grunts with a sigh, her voice very soft as she turns and walks up the steps. She planned on how she was going to get out.

In the bedroom, there is a deck, a porch, whatever you call it. And there is a sliding glass door. And, just as Lola had intended, it is not locked with the alarm. Who does that on the second floor for a porch? No one, that's who. No one who uses their porch, anyway. Lola opens the glass door, then closes it. It's easy enough then to climb over the porch and climb down the porch-leg, down to the grass. She lands on her ass, rather hard with an oof. But she's out. It's done. Now she just has to get out of here.
She moves through the trees around the man's house, finding the large purse she left there. And inside? Some normal clothes. She changes clothes, swaps them out, and walks through another few trees along the edges of other properties before she hits the road again, walking along to get back to the town roughly half a mile away, where she can pick up a cab and then a train and then get back into the city.

One down.

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