First Meeting


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Scene Title First Meeting
Synopsis After dealing with several days of null spots appearing in her apartment, Sparrow goes downstairs and confronts the one making them appear.
Date March 28, 2011

Panucci's Pizzeria

Cloistered in between taller buildings is Panucci's Pizza, an old time pizzeria that has been in business for almost fifty years. Standing the test of time, the place is well known to locals in the area. The worn brick two-story facade showcases a wide window covered by awnings of green, white and red. Above is the fading handpainted sign that gives the place it's name. While small, it's take-out and delivery service is bar none.

Once inside, the first thing to assault a person's senses, would be the mouth-watering aroma of various italian cuisine. That's right! Not only does Panucci's offer a wide selection of pizza, but they also make spaghetti, stromboli, calzone, and lasagna! Oh, Mama Mia!!

Stepping inside, one finds a cozy, yet busy setting. The walls are spackled in a mild yellow color, wooden girders built into the ceiling and reflected in the antique wooden racks hanging above the seating areas, which hold vines of grapes and dimmed lighting. Located up front, there is a collection of tables and booths where diners can sit, the area most often served by one or two waitresses at the most. The tables themselves are covered in the traditional red and white checkered cloths, with the booths upholstered in a matching red. It would appear that most of the business of the pizzeria is found to be in it's carry-out or delivery services. A small buffet isle rests at one end of the counter, offering a select array of italian eats for lunch and sometimes early dinner. To the other end, is where most would order, pay and pick-up their selections. Beyond this counter, the kitchen is found to take up most of the back of the shop.

The place is run by Mr. Panucci himself; a short, fat, Italian guy who's grey hair is fast receding atop his head. He can be heard to talk in a scruffy New Yorker accent as he yells at employees over the din of the back. He's there from opening to closing, and knows most everyone who comes in regularly, down to what their favorite toppings are.

So it's been 3 times this week that she has noticed the little spot, always in a different location. So now as soon as she noticed it, Sparrow makes her way downstairs to find out what is going on. Meanwhile a man who has recently had a shave and a bit of a dye job is chowing down on a bit of pizza that he has been craving for over a year.

Three times it's been, leaving Sparrow quite off-balanced and uncertain. This time, she's ready when it comes, and heads down the stairs and up to the front of the pizzeria where she felt the occurrence happen. Looking up, then back down, mentally figuring out where in her apartment the null space is happened, her gaze comes to alight upon the auburn haired man just sitting down to his meal. Her gaze narrows, and she crosses towards him, weaving her way through the tables towards him.

Trask has just received a double mushroom and black olive pizza with feta cheese and spinach. He pulls one of the greasy thin crust slices up and rolls it into a little pizza roll, taking a nice juicy bite and closing his eyes and he chews on it.

Sparrow continues forwards until… she hits that null area that surrounds the man as he takes that first lovely bite of pizza from his plate. A deep breath is taken, and she steps back again, feeling the connection to the Earth return to her. Oh, how curious she is as she then steps forwards, moving through that odd null area to come to his table, "Excuse me, sir, but have you been here the last few days for lunch?" An odd question to be asked, for certain, but one important to her.

Trask blinks and turns to look at her, "Um…yeah…why…is this a reserved table or something? I'm sorry if it is…I can move to another seat…."

With his affirmative, Sparrow sighs, "Thank the goddess. I was beginning to wonder that the hell was going on." She begins, then blushes as she shakes her head, waving a hand to him, "No, no.. you're fine where you are. Just.. I .. hmm.. nothing." She's blushing a little more now, realizing she's interrupted his meal. "Sorry.. "

Trask nods slowly and smiles "It's personally fine…I mean when cute girls stalk me, how can I complain too much? Will you join me?

Quirking a brow upwards, Sparrow considers for a moment, then nods, "Sure. Let me get something myself quick?" She states, then turns off to fetch herself a slice of pizza and a beer, bringing both back to the table, and once more, shivering as she passes that threshold, feeling her connection pick up and then drop again when she returns, leaving her to drop into the chair across from him to peer at him. "I'm Sparrow.." She offers her hand then to him.

Trask smiles and takes it, after wiping his hand on his shirt to make sure it is clean, grease spots appearing on the shirt, "I was going to offer you some of mine you know."

Accepting the hand with a quiet laugh, Sparrow shakes her head, "I couldn't steal your pizza. You seemed to be having quite the blissful experience with it when I first came up." She says with a grin. "Sorry I just stalked after you.. "

Trask chuckles, "I have a whole large pizza…there is plenty to share. And I didn't complain about it did I? So your special aren't you?"

"I know a hungry man when I see one, and I would not deny you even a single slice of pizza." Sparrow offers, laughing softly as she looks to him as he asks the last so easily. A blush touches her cheeks as she nods her head, "Yeah, you could say that.." Sipping her beer, she places hte bottle upon the table before her, "As are you, in a truly interesting way."

Trask shakes his head. "Nope…I'm spectacularly unspecial." He takes another bit, "In fact I'm so unspecial I make everyone else unspecial just by being around.

Sparrow tilts her head as she studies him for a moment, "Bot true. Well, about not being special." That said, she chuckles quietly, "It's odd.. " She finally states, the look upon her face as if she's trying to figure out if she likes it or not.

Trask raises an eyebrow, "What is so odd about it? I guess a lot of it depends on your gift, some people love when it is…quiet…others hate it…others…well they take time to get use to it, and while they might like the quiet short term would hate it all the time.

"Just odd. I've always had that connection, and now I don't. It's like.. part of me is missing?" Sparrow finally answers before she glances to him, "I can see how some would enjoy having their gifts turned off, how others wouldn't like it. I.. yeah.. "

Trask smiles and nods, "Well…I am sorry…I can't exactly turn it off, but I can start getting my food togo if it is bothering you?"

Sparrow laughs and shakes her head, "No, no.. it freaked me out a little." She motions above their heads, "I live upstairs, and couldn't figure out what was happening." A wry smile is given before she murmurs, "It's odd, but nothing I can't adjust too, now that I know what is going on. I'll certainly know when you come in to have pizza now." A tease, really.

Trask ahhhs, "So more stalking huh? Does that mean you'll be popping down for lunch all happenstance wise each time?

"If I'm not already down here working.." Sparrow laughs as she smiles at him, sipping her beer, "Maybe?" The tease of a suggestion that she might come down to see him is offered, "You never did give me your name though." She points out, "Can't be coming down to see a guy if I don't have a name to call him."

Trask says, "Karl you can call me Karl, if you want." He grins "so you work and live here both?""

"Karl.." Sparrow murmurs, trying out the name, a brow arched upwards as she laughs, "Alright. Karl." Amusement shows, though she nods in time as she lifts her own slice up to nibble on. "i do, yep. Adds a little extra money to the pockets."

Trask smiles and nods, "Sounds like a good deal." He takes another bite of his pizza, his voice still has the latino lilt to it. "So I have been out of town for a little while, what is happening?"

Sparrow laughs lightly, "You're asking the wrong person, actually." A flip of a grin lights her face as she shrugs, "I've only recently returned as well myself a few days ago. I understand that lots has happened, but beyond that, I haven't heard particulars. I haven't gone looking for them either just yet. Trying to get settled back in and pick up where things got left over a year ago for me."

Trask nods, "Well then….I guess we are in the same boat and will have to learn about the recent past together." He leans forward, "So which rock have you spent the last year under?"

Sparrow smiles, "Seems that way, yes. I understand a lot happened though. At least I know White is dead, so that's a relief." That said, as he leans closer, she tilts her head, "New Mexico. Had to go home and deal with some family business for a bit. Took me longer than expected."
Sparrow adds, "And you?"

Trask raises an eyebrow, "White who is that?" He shakes his head, "I was in New Mexico once, for a weekend, kind of a wild weekend actually." Moab….time travel…Elle. "I've been in south America mostly, doing some charity work."

"A guy that was intent on destroying the world. Like usual." Sparrow answers, laughing a touch as he speaks of having visited NM for a short time, "Oh? Did you like it?" No idea of his past, though she ahs as he speaks of his own work. "Interesting…"

Trask smiles, and shakes his head. "I don't think it was the most tourist friendly part of the desert, but it was definitely a weekend I will never forget. Met some people who will be part of me forever." He looks down at his pizza for a few moments thinking. "Destroy the world? Does that happen often around her?" like he doesn't know.

"But it's all beautiful.. home that is." Sparrow offers with a smile, proud of her home state, she is. Still, the last makes her laugh, the sound to catch a few people's attention briefly as she glances across the table to him, eyes to narrow slightly as if she is more than aware that he may know the truth of that. "Oh, no..not often at /all/.."

Trask says, "I'm sure the wilds are, but everywhere has places man has touched that have become…less then ideal to visit. Garbage dumps, Prisons, back alleys. You have to admit that there are dark corners of the world no matter where you go." He smiles softly, "Let's just say it seems to end in New York City more often then anywhere else I know.""

"True. As you say, there's such places anywhere's you go, but you'll find that there are less of them in the wilds of NM." She answers quietly before she glances up at him, "True. I know that is true. At least as long as I've been around New York."

Trask says, "I think the bomb crater attracts the nutters honestly.""

Sparrow considers such, then hmms, "Perhaps. Maybe it works like some satellite and calls them to the city? You now, like the one in hmm…Puerito Rico or wherever it is?"

Trask says, "Like a giant crazy man magnet? Maybe that is why I came back….because it was pulling me in…" He smiles, "every time I think I'm out that hole down town pulls me back in." He tries out an italian accent on that last statement given the setting."

Sparrow cannot help but laugh, her gaze to linger on him as he speaks, "I'm not exactly sure why I came back either. Had a few things I felt needed to be wrapped up, if nothing else. I guess." She frowns a little in thought before shaking her head and dismissing it all.

Trask leans forward, "So your saying your a little crazy too? What is your evil genius plan to rule the world? What mad schemes are hatching behind those beautiful honey brown eyes that look so sweet and innocent?" He leans back in his chair, "Who knows maybe I can help?" He grins, "Narf!"

A slow nod is given at his words, Sparrow to murmur as she leans in closer, "A little crazy, yes, though why should I tell you my evil genius plan?" She asks, only to blush as he speaks of her eyes, glancing to the table top before looking up, giggling, "Narf!"

Trask says, "Every Evil genius needs a dumb sidekick to tell her how smart she is, nyet?""

Sparrow laughs, then glances to him, "Dumb? Somehow, I don't think you merit that description." And yet, she soon leans forwards, placing her chin in her palm as she studies him for a moment, "But I don't mind hearing how smart I am, no."

Trask grins and shakes his head, "you know just because your beautiful doesn't mean you have to give into the stereotypical conceited thing too." He leans forward and looks into your eyes again. "Though I could hardly speak as an expert on your intelligence level on only one meeting."

"But I'm not.. giving in." Sparrow offers quietly before she blushes further as he looks into her eyes. "Does this mean I might expect you to show up around here for pizza again?" She asks of him, teeth to catch her bottom lip before she adds, "I mean, I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better?"

Trask smiles and holds those eyes, leaning even closer, he speaks quietly, pitching his voice to a whisper, quieter and quieter so she has to strain to hear, "I think i could be persuaded."

As he holds her gaze, leaning in closer still, Sparrow strains to hear, though it means she must lean in closer as well. Smiling at his comment, she finally speak, "Good. Consider yourself persuaded then, Karl." And then she dares to be bold, leaning in to kiss his cheek before she draws back, "Perhaps that will work as incentive." A tease, really.

Trask grins and was half expecting the kiss, enough to turn his head and catch her lips with his, in a soft tender, very sweet kiss, he lets it linger a second before leaning back, "I think it just might."

The fact that he turns to catch the kiss with his lips instead of his cheek, brings a pause to Sparrow's actions in which it's allowed to linger there for a moment. When it finally is broken, she's blushing a touch, but smiling as well. Rising from her seat, she nods, "Good. Perhaps.. well.." She catches one of the passing waitresses to borrow a pen from. A number is written on a napkin and handed to Trask, "This is my phone number. Call if you'd like. And well, you already know where I live.."

Trask says, "Careful you make a stalkers job to easy." He winks and rises, having finished the last slice of pizza a little while ago, though neither of you seemed to have noticed. He puts some money on the table. "Latter lovely songbird?""

"Well, if you're a stalker, then I won't mind so much." Sparrow offers as he rises to leave. Nodding, she waves, "Until later, Karl. Take care, hmm? And stay away from the crazy people out there, alright?"

Trask says, "Now now….what fun would that be? Everyone needs a little crazy in their life."

Sparrow is left laughing, watching as he heads out before going back upstairs.

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